“Much bigger team” – key Rangers man looks elsewhere


Alfredo Morelos has today (again) confirmed he wants to move on this summer, and has suggested he wants a ‘much bigger team’ than Rangers in quotes which are sure to displease some of the support.

The 22-year old striker has had his eyes on a move for over a year, and has again repeated his desire to move to England, but first and foremost he wants a ‘bigger’ team than Rangers.

He said:

“There are a lot of people watching me from other clubs, but now I’m only thinking about Rangers and the national team, I’m focused on that.”

Which seems fair enough. Then he adds, as always:

“I’m only 22 but in five years who knows if I’ll be in a much bigger team. Hopefully, it will be in the Premier League because I have a lot of ambition, but if I have to go to another league I enjoy it.”

Morelos has repeated ad-nauseum his aching desire to leave, and we truly do get it. After the 400th repetition it’s hard not to grasp the concept he’s expressing by now.

Unfortunately the notion of ‘much bigger team’ is certainly unfortunate wording (if he’d said ‘better’ perhaps we’d reluctantly accept his point) and we’re not sure too many in the fanbase will appreciate how he addresses the club.

He has also now admitted he’s happy to go to Germany or Turkey (Fenerbahce finally confirmed today as being back interested, something we told you on the site weeks ago) but this summer we can be sure if a good offer comes in, Morelos will go and frankly with our blessing.

There are only so many times we can hear from a player how much he wants to leave.


  1. I agree as he's becoming a big headed pain in the arse,i think we will be a better team without him,cash in the summer and replace💪


  2. Old news! We know he wants to play at a higher level. He has ambition. "Bigger team" clearly means a higher level, as we obviously know there isnt a bigger club than ours! Enjoy him while hes here and accept that anytime anybody asks about his future he will say he wants to move at some point. He did also say he has Rangers in the head, the only 2 things hes focussed on is Rangers and Columbia. Hes happy here. When he eventually goes we should thank him and wish him all the best…at his new smaller club! Buffalo is here for 55!

  3. I have great admiration for the determination Morelos has to reach the very top level, and Rangers have certainly benefited from having him in our team. I would be delighted if we could get another season out of him, but that of course will depend on what offers are made in the summer.
    Everyone should remember that Morelos speaks very little English, so I am extremely doubtful if Alfredo actually spoke the words "much bigger team" in English. Much more likely that he made comment in Spanish and someone has translated the words literally, rather than the meaning which I suspect was "to play with a team at a higher level than Rangers". I say that because I have a lot of South American friends whose first languages are Spanish and Portuguese. It is extremely common for them to think in Spanish (or Portuguese) and then when they translate the Spanish words they are thinking into English, the meaning is different from what they were trying to say. It can be quite amusing!
    Alfredo clearly enjoys being at Rangers, let's enjoy and support him while he is here!

    • Curious (and this is to Stevie too) – the translation refers both to the team/club and the level as clearly separate entities. A lot of fans trying to spin this positively and make out he only means level, when clearly he means and has explictly said both.

  4. IN. The guy is ambitious, he wants to be the best he can be in a better league or team. He doesn't hide it and we should appreciate it, by his own desire he will win that move while helping Rangers. Unfortunately there are now far bigger clubs than Rangers. History is history, we cannot survive on that going forward.

  5. I just love how we make money from shite players that they think big of themself he came from a shite club to be a ger bigger than his past club he aint happy with scortish football does anyone because scottish football is a washout i rather watch 3rd devision english teams to be honest he thinks hes going to go to a bigger club fire away we will take out 20 mill and you can be shite down england or germany or turkey cause i cant see you getting the same amout of goals you did here and that you are a first team player you will be benched and then sold to some other team cause they wont have the time of day with your diving act dont get me wrong i love morelos but if hes greedy and wants to go and waste his career in some other club bye bye cause like any other ger that leaves doesnt last long anywhere else and then they moan about being pushed out the door by rangers we dont want people that dont want to be here so good riddence pal

  6. Gerard take the money and get rid he wont stay good cause he will be fed up staying he will not play for the shirt if he is kept he clearly wants to go so its time for hom to say cherio great having you but we will find someone who wants to stay

  7. BUT in five years who knows IF I’ll be in a much bigger team or still at the Famous Its not just refs that don't understand him

  8. BUT in five years who knows IF I’ll be in a much bigger team. I Don't see anything there that says he is leaving imminently.When he does eventually leave He will certainly have my best wishes

  9. He will have to play much better and more consistently than he has recently if we are to realise the huge sums that we've been quoting recently.
    Actually apart from the financial aspect I believe it is important we move him on. We currently play in a style that suits him as the lone striker but have no one else at the club who can play that role. So if he is not playing, or isn't playing well, or perhaps more likely is playing within himself because he has been booked the we really struggle. We need to have a group of 4 strikers who can play alone or as a 2 and can interchange with each other. That would give us the flexibility to try different formations and make positive changes when things become a bit sticky. At the moment we are entirely dependent on Morelos and everyone knows it.

  10. Better if he had said he wanted to play on a bigger stage. And even at that why would he have to say anything at all. If he scores goals in a winning team against top of the league opposition his move might happen. As good as he is he is not great.
    Be careful with what you read in the media, more fiction than fact, except of course in the IN.

    • Very kind AMcC. We never report anything we know is false. We do make honest mistakes and always admit them. As for Morelos, we’d say you’ve nailed it. His wording was bad, and yes, why say anything in the first place. Oh yes, because he just can’t help himself.

  11. If I was a player, I'd want to play for a team that was capable of beating Aberdeen and Kilmarnock. Seems like he just has common sense. Don't see it as disrespectful at all.

  12. Is this not the reason why a new extension was signed? The management know the situation and have done well in keeping Alfredo here. If someone does come in for him in the summer they'll have to pay what the club want. Been following Rangers since my late dad lifted me over the turnstiles in 1972, from many countries abroad, Morelos is right up there with the very best strikers we have had. I'll miss him as will the club but it is inevitable, when he goes I wish him the best, in the meantime he'll give it all for us.

  13. We will sell him for a handsome profit. The key now is to find 2 replacements and a creative midfielder and another RB once we sell Tav the lad from Millwall Romeo looked half decent .

  14. The boy has done good for us ,great striker and his work of the ball is second to none . Don't blame him for wanting away ,because the way he is treated by referee,s is a disgrace . Wish him all the best when he goes .

  15. I say take whatever we can get for him and ship him out, pronto!! his head is the size of a buffalos right enough

  16. The corwardly attack on Morelos by a Kilmarnock player as the players came off at half time crossed a line!

    Arguably it was worst than the attack by a fan on Tavernier.

    If the Football Authorities cannot police this issue it should go to the courts like the Duncan Ferguson case.

    Morelos is being hounded out of Scotland – does this representive the level Scottish Football as plunged.

    I read Rangers’ opponents have had 22 yellow cards in last 4 games 14 (?) against Morelos alone. (Unsure of the comparsion leading up to the Rangers matches but none considered dirty teams (?)).

    There has been no media coverage of this point. No wonder Gerrard is calling for protection.

    I also read the rule changes next season – what a lot of mince.

    Until football follow Rugby laws nothing will change for the better! Eg

    1) lose ten yards speaking back to referees

    2) yellow card offenders leave the field to “cool” off ten minutes.

    • That cowardly attack was by one of our former players Kirk Broadfoot. The same player who got Ryan Jack sent off last season. Time we started giving him some stick.
      The word is that the Compliance Officer will look at it but with Morelos in the firing line. Don't be surprised if he's offered a ban.

  17. Let him go. Even for 15. A liability and only plays for himself. Doesnt want to play for the 'biggest club' in the land then why keep ? Will he let himself and more importantly the club down again next season? Probably . Bye bye.

  18. He's getting a huge head and thinks he's actually better this he really is. Running before walking comes to mind although he's a decent player there have been many others who looked great in Scotland but couldn't cut it on a bigger stage and scored lots of goals. Marco negri scored 50 goals in one season for us then what became of him? If its true he keeps making these statements in foreign media then he should be put on the bench and defoe starting games I think defoe looks more likely to score anyway and knows how to get into good positions whereas morelos seems to play for morelos and squanders alot of chances. He's going to end up at a "bigger" club and then finding himself on the bench because in better quality leagues he won't get anywhere near as many chances to score and he doesn't take the ones he gets often enough plus with his poor discipline he'll get dropped then shipped out to an even "smaller club" than us then wish he'd have stayed at ibrox.

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