Steven Gerrard’s made an impressive confession


Steven Gerrard has made a telling confession with honesty, humility and candour by suggesting that if he is going to enjoy the praise of being top of the league, beating Celtic and great European results, he must also embrace the criticism losses like the cup, results like yesterday’s and losing to Celtic will attract.

Regulars know we’re not convinced overall yet by Gerrard, albeit we’ve seen a smidge more positivity this campaign, but we do admire some of his soundbites of willing to take responsibility for things which go wrong, even if his most loyal backers among the fanbase admonish him of that.

He said:

“I’ve put this squad together and I’ve picked the team and tactics, so I’ll take full responsibility for it. I’ve sat here on a lot of occasions and took a bit of praise and accept that, so I’ll sit here and take responsibility for it. Those players go out there to represent the players and myself first and foremost but anyone connected with Rangers can’t be going away with any positives. It’s a big problem and challenge for me now. If a result and performance puts the spotlight on me, that’s fine. I’ll take it on the chin, I’m man enough to accept that.”

If we remember Mark Warburton, he refused to ever hold his hands up for a single thing that went wrong. Even his exit was the club’s fault, and he never spoke to Forest, no. Pedro took a long time to admit any culpability but he did eventually, whereas Gerrard, a rookie manager is holding his hands up and saying what should be said. It is his squad, his ideas, his construction, his formation – and when it works he rightly gains good press and plaudits.

When it doesn’t, he is mature enough to accept responsibility – too many managers don’t, and the telling fact is he admits that if the work is his, then the problems as well as the benefits are too.

It’s not like we want to be sitting here praising a manager for admitting he’s made mistakes, we’d rather the mistakes didn’t happen.

But it’s frankly an absurd waste of everyone’s time if those who work for our club cannot accept when they get things wrong.

You won’t improve if you don’t accept you made a mistake in the first place.


  1. ive been shouting for his head ,as hes had 3 shots at silverware this season came away with nothing ,but now he knows what hes up against ,i,e the cheating and the rest of scotish football are one big smelltic team , i know hes going to deliver lets get right behind stevie ger ,its going to get ugly next season ya beauty , r,t,i,d

    • Agreed💪Yes another classic example today keep playing as long as it takes for septic to score fuckin joke a corrupt diddy league,
      Stevie's not one for givin up he likes a fight he must be given another season to sort it,now he knows hes playing against the septic establishment

      NO SURRENDER WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  2. What makes you think things will improve after even admitting his mistakes?!
    Gerrard has said we need a better class of player, a "marquee signing" if you will.
    I have been to every home and some away games this season and can count in one hand when I have went home really happy with the way we played. Has Gerrard underestimated scottish football, or did he genuinely think his signings were good enough to win the league?!!
    Gerrard is a very inexperience coach as his backroom staff. I do not think he will improve our team at all.
    January's window signings were dreadful. The window was so important for the second half of the season and Gerrard failed miserably. Gerrard is on record saying he makes the final decision on signings. Rangers fans crowed for Davis signature and he has been terrible. Defoe is just simply too old, he just does not have the speed and needs the ball to his feet or head to score. Something our players just constantly fail to deliver! Kamara? Best of the lot Id say.
    First mistake Gerrard made, was making Tav Captain. Should never have happened. Should have gave that to Goldson. Tav is never a leader and that shows on the park. I don't like keepers being captains, there unfortunately I wouldn't give it McGregor, as he is the only one who plays and acts like a winner!
    Yesterday was gut wrenching frustration,,again!! The exact same frustration as experienced under Warbuton and Pedro!! But what make this worse, Celtic were catchable, and our players did not rise to the challenge. All huff, puff, tippity tappity dross. No bottle for the challenge, totally impotent in front of goal.
    The second half of the season is all about gaining points for prizes for all teams in the league. While all the other clubs are fighting, passionate, scrapping, rolling up the sleeves to get every point,,,, we just simply saunter through games expecting the points will come to us!!
    I would get rid of Gerrard. He obviously thinks his theory of play (Warbuton anyone?) is the right way to play, he just needs a higher caliber of player to deliver his theory??! Really Gerrard!!? He picked the players, he tells them how to play, he is in charge to motivate and instill urgency into the players, but,, he has failed!
    This won't change folks! Our season is finished. In interviews its all talk and no action. Halliday said prior to the Killie game that every game is a cup final now?!!! Yes Andy, didn't realise it was the cup final we handed to Hibs in the last minutes of the last final we were in, that you were talking about.!
    Gerrard is not the answer and will never be. Thanks to him we have handed Celtic the treble treble, 8 in row and possibly 9 in a row if Gerrard stays! Handed Aberdeen wins in all three competitions for the first time against us,,, Between Warbuton, Pedro and Gerrard, we have made history for all other teams who have played against us!
    Nothing will stop me going to Ibrox, but I know it will be to watch the tripe I watched yesterday. Season is over! Time for the Season ticket marketing team to drum up promises for next season!!! same shite, different season is my report!!!

  3. Totally back steven gerrard to get it right as rangers manager.Next season is very big for us and with it gerrard's time as our manager.Changing manager's isn't the answer for me,as we must adopt a commonsense approach,as continuity may be everything here.We must give gerrard time and at least another full season rebuilding the squad and improving us.We have got good players and without doubt,there's players who just can't continue with us.With another 2 transfer windows,we will improve under gerrard big time.We proved with the performance against celtic,that type of performance is within us.If we played like that everyweek, celtic would have a massive title challenge,on their hands.We destroyed them with our midfield trio of jack, mccrorie & arfield that day back on the 29th of december,last year.
    For all out there bears who want gerrard dismissed pronto,who then is the manager you entrust to replace him?
    For me i'm more than happy to stick with steven gerrard for now.Truly think he will be a very successful rangers manager given time.When he came in last may, everyone of us bears, surely to god knew with the changeover of playing staff,that it was going to take time,ie.certainly more than ONE season to mount a massive challenge to them across the city,for every trophy.We will become more consistent over more time together,as a team.Thats the majority of our ills,ie.inconsistent.

    • Robert – another 2 transfer windows? What has Gerrard fixed or made better with the first one except bring better players than Warburton did? Can he be trusted with another 2. Incosistency is down to a managers inability to get stability and Gerrard has failed within himself to sort than in almost a whole season! You are right about the Celtic game, but ask yourself why we didn't keep playing like that, and why the team was chopped and changed with the manager not knowing or understand what his best 11 are(even now) how is he gonna fix it?,it certainly isn't going to be with these marquee signings he is blabbing about. I agree about not chopping and changing managers so I don't know what we do except cross our fingers Gerrard will quickly get to the level required to manage this club!

  4. Fully agree, Steven has nearly everythng maybe money could be an issue but me and Bunter are paying as much as we can and I'm sure Doctor King will keep doing the best he can with all our financial support.

  5. Well done gaffer accept mistakes made but the key is not to repeat them. My main hope is that he can influence games from the side & hope with a few better players next season will be one to remember

  6. Gersjimbo, if not steven gerrard,who should be the rangers manager to replace him then?We just can't keep ripping this up chopping and changing manager's, otherwise it will never work.

    • McInnes? Fook Naw!! Then who will you shout for at New Year if we are not winning the league? We need to stop swapping out managers. Give SG another season to show progress

    • Robert, I have said many times previously on here, to sign Jurgen Klinsmann. I am a great fan of German football and Klinmann as a coach. Our players would be fit, skilful and disciplined to have a winning mentality. At least Klinsmann knows where the goal is.

    • Gersjimbo – Dunno if that would ever happen but what a great shout! – I love German football myself and Klinsmann deffo knows his stuff.

  7. Derek mcinnes you say,Bigjim1872?Not for me pal,absolutely no danger.He will never be the manager of glasgow rangers.Never good enough and after the last fiasco over a year ago,he'll never be asked again.Total bottle merchant,
    who shit himself to take the job before.Not the answer and once you turn rangers down once,he won't ever be asked again.So behave yourself with the wanting of derek mcinnes.Never a rangers manager and never will be.

  8. McInnes had his chance…doesn't have the bottle for the challenge. Bears need to stay loyal and together.
    Stevie G is a fighter and a winner and will prove that given time. A few more players with winners mentality to replace some of those who can't handle the pressure of playing consistently well for a massive club who every other team raises their game against and we will do well next season.

    • He has the bottle to come to Glasgow and beat us 3 times in one season!!SG-Winner??What has he win as a manager??Excatly!!Do you know why McInnes didn’t take the job?I didn’t think so.

  9. Steven Gerrard may be a fighter and a winner unfortunately that means absolute zero when he moved into a different realm as a manager. What he needed is fighters and winners on the park is true…how many did he sign?

    And there is your problem. Too many fans looking at Stevie G the player and not Stevie G the Rangers manager..

  10. If he's saying he has made ALL the decisions himself, then he MUST, start taking more advice fom GM, from now on.

  11. If Stevie G proved one thing this season it is how to talk a good game and convince people he's better than he is. Can no one see he does that most AFTER poor results. it may seem positive and get fans onside but in truth it is no good to man nor beast really is it!?

    He can come out till the cows come home banging on about what will change or take responsibility for this and that. Have we forgot the time it was just a given the manager takes responsibility for their failings? I have absolutley no interest personally in Steven Gerrards words. They have already proven to be nonsense! Some fans are simply hoodwinked into believing Gerrards playing ability and leadership equates into his managerial ability. Did that work for Roy Keane or even Barry Ferguson? Management is a different ball game altogether..Sir Alex was never a world class player, neither was Wenger, Walter or Advocaat for instance. So fans really need to start judging Steven Gerrard as a manager!

    Had Stevie G been brought in as our head of youth then yes we possibly would see progress over the next couple of year from the academy. Because this is where his strengths are at this point in his management career and where he has experience!
    A decent run in Europe and beating Celtic is ONLY progress if the standards are kept, where they? Don't tell me winning a European game or beating Celtic only to be absymal against Livie or St Johnstone for instance the week after that and after that is progress because it is garbage plain and simple. Progress is measured over time not over one old firm win and a few good results in Europe.

    Let's put it to bed on how far we have come and even imagine we weren't even looking for silverware from him at first.

    Mark Warburtons Rangers:(brought in players from mostly lower English leagues)

    His team had no heart, No spine, no spirit, no leaders, no consistency, no regular 11, too many loanees,got suckerpunched too much by pushing up the park too far, his substitutions didn't change games, his assistant seemed useless,his team played too much 2 yard triangle football in areas that didn't hurt opposition, his team never got enough goals,and he always talked a good game after the fact!

    Steven Gerrards Rangers:(Brought in a higher calibre of player, but getting Warburtonesque results) His team had no heart, No spine, no spirit, no leaders, no consistency, no regular 11, too many loanees,got suckerpunched too much by pushing up the park too far, his substitutions didn't change games, his assistant seemed useless,his team played too much 2 yard triangle football in areas that didn't hurt opposition, his team never got enough goals,and he always talked a good game after the fact!

    If anyone thinks by August Gerrard will have all of a sudden become a better manager(which is what we need before we need to spend more millions on higher calibre players. There is enough in the group we have to beat the likes of Aberdeen, if their isn't then look at Allen and Gerrard and ask why!)

    In no walk of life does throwing money after a problem you failed to fix already is the right way to go about things. Gerrard failed to fix the problems we had, he's now telling us he can fix it with more money and better players. How much higher than what we have do we need to beat St Jonstone at home?

    He may become a good manager but please nto pretend the boy has done anything better than fail in the same terms(with even better players)than the last two managers..

  12. I was at the Kilmarnock game and was horrified to see Gerrard and Gary Mac sitting there watching Halliday often run up into the heart of midfield and often at the same time as Tav was doing it on the other flank, leaving MASSIVE spaces behind them. At one point Halliday was in the middle of the park, a Diagonal ball was played over his head into our half. Halliday ended up running back from a defensive midfield position(20 yards from where he should have been), Katic had to run out to where Halliday should have been(20 yards from where he should have been)and Halliday was now sprinting back to where Katic should have been leaving massive space all around them to be exploited. And it happened constantly and has done all season, except against lower half clubs who don't have the savvy or confidence to exploit it! Don't blame Halliday or Tav or Katic or anyone else that gets a game one week then not the next..blame the manager who sits and watches it and allows it. Don't be hoodwinked into believing the manager when he comes out and passes the buck saying he needs better players or the players let HIM down because I am telling you all right now, it is the other way around. If Halliday and Tav can't keep position then he needs to tell them, teach them or replace them..Did he? So he certainly can't now whine and pass the buck when it goes pearshaped and we slip up like we have done all season .A problem that should have been fixed the minute he walked through the front doors in my book if he was up to the job!. Now an experienced manager would have made sure players weren't all over the park like a youth team and we would have probably came away without Killie getting a stupid goal. Those are things that are progress towards silverware and since we already have better calibre players than 99.9% of Scotland then I'd suggest it isn't calibre of player we need to change its style of football..Can Gerrard do that? Doesn't seem likely by how he is talking like an inexperienced manager wanting to fix all our problems by bringing in marquee signings does it!?

  13. Whilst it is good that SG can admit to mistakes, his problem lies in that he doesn't know how to change them. He speak exceedingly well but it is the same rubbish every week.

    Re McInnes, has anyone ever thought that he might have looked at the squad, realised how little real monay was available & decided that it was a poisoned chalice? It might prove to be the best decision he ever made.

  14. Bigjim1872,yes i know the 2 main reasons why derek mcinnes didn't take the rangers manager's job.Firstly rangers only wanted him and not his no.2 docherty,who mcinnes was adamant about bringing.Rangers wanted murty to work under mcinnes,as his no.2.Secondly mcinnes wanted full control and didn't want any interference from our technical director mark allen.There you are mate.

  15. Bigjim 1872,he still bottled it in my eyes to take the rangers manager's job,
    as the pressure of managing rangers compared to abaaadeen is tenfold mate.
    Night and day.

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