Best to worst – redux – Steven Gerrard’s winter signings rated

Best to worst – redux – Steven Gerrard’s winter signings rated

Having taken a look at the summer signings, let’s now have a look at the winter ones. We only spent £100K, but managed five players (including Jordan Jones). How do they rate after a few months?

Steven Davis:

This is a sad one – Davis looks absolutely finished – slows the game down, doesn’t influence much, and just lacks any sort of impact. He’s thankfully only a loan, but he’s not even giving much as squad depth. His coming on v Aberdeen wasn’t exactly the ‘he’ll save us’ kind of moment we need from subs. Exceptionally poor. 2/10

Glen Kamara:

We’re not his biggest fans, but he did have a better one at Easter Road, before undoing it all with a hapless error v Aberdeen. We just prefer Ross McCrorie in his position, even if Kamara is arguably ‘tidier with the ball’. Which he is – he does retain the ball well and tends to find his man. The point of a DM isn’t just to be composed though, but to defend in the middle – and it’s our contention McCrorie does that much better than Kamara. Still, a Finnish international for £100K is still a bargain and perhaps he’ll develop into something very special. 7/10

Jermain Defoe:

He’s a bench player with impact when he comes on and comes alive in the box. He’s never going to affect games deeper than the 18-yard line, but he will get goals. He’s been decent if not stunning and seems happy enough to be on the fringes. 7/10

Andy Firth:

Literally nothing we can say about a Barrow Town signing brought in as back up. N/A

Matt Polster:

Again, he hasn’t kicked a ball in anger so we won’t judge. N/A


The ones who can be judged, only Defoe and Kamara can be regarded as successes, relatively speaking. They’ve by no means set the world alight but they’ve been ok. Davis has been awful. 5/10

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