Steven Gerrard reveals astonishing injury shock update

Steven Gerrard reveals astonishing injury shock update

We almost sigh in exasperation as we begin this breaking news, but, yes, Steven Gerrard has once again confirmed Graham Dorrans ‘has had a setback’ and the prognosis is unknown.

Dorrans was expected to return at the end of last month, but having managed some training sessions has found himself back in the injury room and quite honestly we’re bewildered if we’ve ever seen anything like this before.

The playmaker has had more potential returns than HMRC and frustration has become intense over his inability to stay fit for more than about a week.

Of course sympathy goes to the player who is suffering in a dark hell because of this, because of the apparent breakdown of his body and inability to retain fitness for any length of time.

Gerrard said:

“Graham Dorrans has had a setback but we’re not sure the extent of that just yet.”

The Dorrans saga is an injury tale we can only compare with the likes of Daniel Prodan (RIP) and in the year and a half since he joined Dorrans has only managed 23 appearances, up there with Jordan Rossiter.

We continue to be lost for words over the former Scotland international.

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  1. Rangers need to be a lot more careful in signing players with known injury problems. Some players seem to be much more injury prone than others. Both Dorrans and Rossiter are on big money with Rangers and have contributed very little–not good value for money. Get rid of both as soon as possible.

  2. Dorrans has really been unlucky I'm not sure he was given enough time to get really fit since joining his boyhood heroes . It's a shame cause on his day he's as good as most in that role . I wish him the best.

  3. Frankly now with the striking problem I fear the lack of taking small risks in the January siging window is coming back to haunt us.

    I hope manager does not compound the problem by playing players out of position today.

    No wonder the road to the top has been slow when we carry so many passengers in the squad.

    SG has not won anything yet how can we expect he does with the “proverbial both arms tied behind his back”

    What a mess we still are ….. I think the board have made some poor decisions for us.

    Ps Naismith would have been a better option than Lafferty for us but I fear too many “small” minded people looking backwards.

    Do we have the stomach to win this league?

  4. It's a shame on Dorrans because he is a decent player when he's fit

    He can score, he can link, he can create

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