Mystery of player disappearance from Auchenhowie…


If the conspicuous silence on the topic in the media and from Ibrox is anything to go by, Steven Gerrard decided not to make a move for NZ international goalkeeper Stefan Marinovic.

The All White (yes, they’re really called that) stopper was at Auchenhowie for a week’s trial in January, but Gerrard bizarrely signed up Barrow Town’s Andy Firth and even though the Kiwi remained in training for a little longer, he has now disappeared and we do kind of wonder why he was even there in the first place.

It’s possible he just didn’t impress, or it’s possible we got it wildly wrong and he’s being offered a contract as we speak, but with number two Wes Foderingham remaining in Govan till the summer at least, the addition of Firth and the potential return this June of Jak Alwnick, Marinovic’s trial seems odd and an ultimate failure.

The further caveat about the whole affair is with Allan McGregor’s suspension now official, Marinovic would have been a half-decent deputy to put in between the sticks – instead now it’ll be Wes Foderingham with Firth on the bench.

We do wonder why the goalkeeper situation was managed so strangely in January. We’ve ended up with an unhappy number two who thinks he should be number, rather than a Jak Alnwick who was accepting of being deputy and eager to take any chances he got, and a strange temporary deputy to him who doesn’t strike us as being good enough to be on our bench, never mind playing for us.

But hey, what the hell do we know, right?


  1. I disagree with your final comment , Alnwick wasn`t happy to be No 2 , he asked to go out on loan in August and said he didn`t want to come back in January .One of them had to stay and it was Fods.Firth is known to S.G so he was obviously seen as a better back up then signing the NZ guy, who again obviously did not impress on trial .We wanted McCrorie to get regular games , so we needed a new third choice.There is no mystery and it all makes sense to me.

  2. Jesus christ IN this is like 5 articles in 3 weeks about this non-story trying to make it out as a complicated mess when it really isnt.

    We wanted young Robby to get mins so he goes out on loan so Gerrard brings in a young guy he knows on 18 month deal to be 3rd choice. Everyones a winner here.

    The kiwi guy was brought in on trial for 2 reasons, 1) So we can evaluate him and 2) Wes was being strongly linked with an exit and he would have been a direct replacement for the deputy spot. Wether he didnt impress or we simply didnt need him due to Wes staying its not rocket science.

  3. The fact both of you provide elaborate (and slightly differing) explanations to 'clear it up' rather justifies the piece. Peace 🙂

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