Myth-busting – common misconception about Stevie’s Rangers debunked….


In a surprising twist for Rangers fans, a long-standing myth about Steven Gerrard’s team has been well and truly busted following an eyebrow-raising reveal.

Supporters have been long complaining of Rangers (even before the Gerrard ere) for ‘overplaying’ things and not just plain shooting from distance. Indeed, Scott Arfield’s stunning 25-yarder at Hamilton appeared to be a rare thing, with most goals from Rangers players being close range.

In fact, that is absolutely untrue.

Rangers, with 10, are the Premiership’s highest scorers of goals from outside the box – more than Celtic, Aberdeen, Killie or Hearts, which puts into perspective the concept that the likes of Morelos, Kent, Arfield et al don’t take shots from distance enough.

Sure, maybe the team can be guilty occasionally of slightly overdoing things, of overcooking the broth a tad – but stats are stats and they prove categorically that the most enterprising and successful side for shooting from distance in the SPL is Rangers.

So there you have it.


  1. Your stats are not explanatory of the concern though, something Gerrard himself pointed out. It doesn't matter if we are ahead of the others on this, they could all have worse issues than us. The point was about overplaying and having a shot when it's on, especially with Defoe around to sweep up rebounds etc. I reckon some of the draws at home could be made into wins with a decent bunch of additional goals outside the box past a packed defence

  2. I was at the SFA centenary cup final in 1973 when Tam Forsyth scored the winner against Septic from 6 inches. 6 inches, 6 feet, 60 feet, it didn't matter. They all count and that goal won us the trophy.

  3. Tbh its not rhat straight forward imo. We've been chasing games i.e St Johnston and weve spent 70 minutes crossing inyo the box (or out the park) and its fail-repeat-fail-repeat… if you have 70 minutes of the ball on their 25 yard line and are desperate for a goal have a go. Passing into the box isnt helpful with 10 defenders. Also celtic this season hace opened up defences better and dont find themselves chasing goals like us…mostly

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