The Parkhead meltdown continues as fans lash out….


Ibrox Noise noted with amusement last night’s banner at Tynecastle. While Steven Gerrard’s Rangers were tearing Dundee a new one, Celtic struggled desperately to clinch a win for interim manager Neil Lennon, but the banner unveiled before kick off was as laughable as it was extreme.

Don’t get us wrong – we were never exactly big fans of Rodgers and there was plenty of Celtic-esque hypocrisy to bore holes into with his general conduct, but as far as Celtic managers go, he definitely wasn’t one of the most hated by Rangers fans in general, compared with past ‘luminaries’.

And he certainly was successful there, whether we like it or not – which is why the meltdown at his departure has been so hilarious, and the banner last night one of the most comical things we’ve seen in a long time.

Suddenly, now that a manager has ambition to manage again in the most prized domestic league in world football, he’s a fraud? Plus nice to see such an attack on Leicester too!

Don’t recall too many banners alleging he wasn’t a ‘true Celt’ while he was winning them pretty much everything – no, this public meltdown at Parkhead is frankly a touch of karma.

But for a late late show at Tynecastle last night it could have been even funnier for those of a Bluenose persuasion, and in general we find their staggering whataboutery to be almost impalpable.

They’ve lost one of the better managers they’ve had to a midtable team – a man who jumped ship first chance he got.

And now he’s a fraud! Apparently.


  1. We can have a good old laugh at the EastEnders but the bastards keep getting results and that's nothing to laugh at. Leave them to get on with their own shit and focus on our own team. Only when we are champions and winning cups then we can gloat and laugh at them until then we get on with the job in hand with our own team. Or else the beggers will be the ones laughing at us with the middle of a doughnut to show for our season . And if that happens I want Stevie G gone of the premises.

    • And who do you want SG replaced by Scud? Who do you want sold and who do you want your new manager to buy to replace them?
      And how long will your new manager get to win the league before they get sacked? At a cost of millions in transfer fees and compensation.
      One season? Really?
      Do you not think we have improved, that there is not a plan for continuous improvement?

  2. We will finish second in this league,Celtic have been poor thank god or we would be more points behind them. Stevie G must go in my eyes,guy hasn't got it. And heard today we have put more of our assets to get more loans.

  3. Bit extreme to want rid of a manager who has taken us closest to our dream 55, everything takes time and on present results it will be next year before we prevail.Stevie has given us Europa League football , best position in league, victory over Celtic , take a breath, this is the best for some 10 years lave faith and lets go

  4. I thought after the game last night we played good but just 4 goals# and another thing celtic have by far the best layers in scotland
    I just hope we can get the money we are looking for for our striker## if we can get 4/6 million I would be happy.

    • 1) Not sure what Celtic having the best layers means, is it a sexual reference?
      2)4-6 million for Morelos? FFS, what a tube

    • If you think Celtic don't have the best team of players mate no wonder our fans are happy the way things are. They bastards have won the last 7 out of 7 trophies and you say their players are not the best well god help us if they bring in better.

    • 1-0 WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧💪

      WATP LETS GO DEFOE 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. Definite mhanky mhob on here for a wind up…we are miles better than we've been for years…the other mhob are coming to the end of a cycle and if we support Stevie G and the team then we will finish above them next season. Loyalty people…don't act like that mhob.

  6. Get a grip scud.Steven gerrard has most definitely improved us and will continue to improve us,given another couple of transfer windows.Of course we all want to win the league this year,
    but if being honest,we all knew this year was going to be a little too soon.
    We stick by gerrard without a doubt and i most certainly think he will win us the league title,within his 4 year contract.He's going to be a very good manager for us and in general.We have to have stability and can't keep changing manager's continually.Lets give gerrard the time he most definitely needs and deserves,in his rebuild of the famous glasgow rangers.
    He'll get us there.In gerrard's first season as our manager,I will accept a clear 2nd in the league this season and winning the scottish cup.That will give stevie G the platform,to kick on for us next season!Get right behind him,back him to the hilt."LETS GO".

    • Exactly Robert. I want a clear second place. I would love a Scottish Cup, but that is not as important. League progress is the main thing. This league is not yet beyond us. If we could win in the Knew Camp, and we could, this league would be very tight.
      Like you, I believe SG will win the league for us. Look at the quality and depth of our squad, bears no comparison to the last 7 years.
      We are on the march. Incidentally, as someone who is not a member of Union Bears, I cannot see why there should not be a safe standing area. Has the club given their reasons?

    • I suspect the current climate of sectarianism on display in recent weeks by both sides of the Old Firm will have something to do with it. The Police would want to easily identify people and they can do that better in allocated seating. Until we cut out the unwanted songs that won't change.

  7. Why are so many Celtic followers obsessed with commenting here? Go away Manky mob and find you own website.

    • There are quite a few handwringers among our support. It means when Celtic fans show up, some of the language can be worryingly similar to certain tones from some of our own fans. Therefore weeding out the green and whites is not always overly easy.

  8. 😂😂
    Was Hillarious

    I mean let's face it ok…
    Leicester are not competing for trophies but are still a step up 👍🏻

  9. He failed in europe big time embarrassing to scottish football,they never gave him 2 bob to spend right enough 😂😂😂👏👏👏