“Dominated” – 8, “Ineffective” 6 – Player ratings v Dundee


Another stroll of a 90 minutes with a Rangers in sumptuous form, and even though the foot came off the second half gas again, Steven Gerrard’s side are hitting glorious symbiosis at exactly the right time.

Ibrox Noise has some ratings for you to disagree with:


We can barely remember a save he made – a punch or two, the odd clearance, but another quiet day for the number one. 6


Good overlapping runs again as he always does, hardly called in at the back again. Solid and good with his link up as usual too. 7


Didn’t have a great deal to do again except pass out of defence – quiet night again for the on loan man. 6


Some misplaced passes forward but pretty much strolled it. Hardly pushed of course but was polished in what he did. 7


Barely noticeable – a good tackle near the end, but a lack of good overlapping runs or crosses and if there’s an understanding with Kent, we’re not seeing it. 5


A very neat display from the new boy – not physically rough but more subtle with his defensive work and neat use of the ball. 7


Another great display from the birthday boy, Jack dominated midfield and is becoming Rangers’ Mr Consistent. Good work in both advanced and defence and we can say he was one of the men of the match. 8


Superb first half till succumbing from injury, this lad really is what makes Rangers tick. Maybe the most underrated player in the squad, his experience and quality are invaluable. 8

Ineffective night from Kent – tried and ran and passed but most of it missed its mark and he didn’t seem to have much connection with Barisic at all. 6


Another hard-working enterprising display from the Portuguese who is probably in the best form he’s been since he arrived, including his POTY season – quality touches, a return to his deadly crossing, he’s in the zone right now. 8


Annoyed Dundee so much O’Dea wanted to deck him, the Colombian was a total pest again and for a player who wants to leave, he sure leaves everything on the pitch. Took his goal well, won loads of fouls and we’re happy to see him playing like this. Just wish he didn’t keep on saying he wants to leave! 8



We’ll hand this one to Robrob57.


Great goal, some good linking up with Morelos, and he’ll be happy with what he’s giving even if it’s all as sub. 7

Steven Gerrard:

Did the right thing sticking with the team that’s working so well right now. It might not include everyone’s ‘fan favourites’ but the system, the team and the tactics are right on the money and while it took a long time for Stevie to find his best plan, it seems he’s done it. It’s really gelling right now. 9


  1. First thirty minutes was delightful to watch. Messi would have fitted in well. Hate to be a knit picker but Barisic is a weak point and our only danger will come from both our full back positions. Kamara, Jack, Arfield and Candeias superb. I'd like to see Andy Halliday in at No. 3 for Wednesday. Eastenders are there for the beating. So, so close and against ten men. C'mon the Gers.

  2. I think you rate Tav too high as he had a terrible second half. Overall another fine win and now we are set for another epic battle on Sunday.

  3. First 30 mins was sublime. Thereafter we were complacent and gave away some sloppy balls.
    Of course I will take the 4-0 win, however, we must build up our goal difference when given the opportunity.
    Consistency is key here! We must play with the same urgency and passion in both halves, do it not, and we will lose on Sunday as every sheep will burst a gut in both halves to beat us! It's all well beating a 10 man Killie, then Hamilton and Dundee, the big test of consistency and will to win comes Sunday!!

  4. McGregors save from miller towards the end of the game to maintain the clean sheet?
    We hear a lot about Tav and morelos being linked with other clubs. If Jack keeps these performances up he'll be next.
    Didn't mind the complacent second half as we were experimenting with different formations.
    Seems like you have added Davis into the Lafferty and Flanagan slot. Can't do anything right.

    • The Lafferty slot that we scored 7 against Hamilton? Ok. And Flanagan didn't even make the bench in February following his nightmare v Cowdenbeath. As for Davis, that was a joke – we wanted to see Rob's view of Davis – curiously he didn't provide one this time… we'd give him 5. Tidy enough but made no impact again. Arfield gives us a tonne more and anyone who would prefer Davis in there on current form is a point of view we lack countenance with.

    • IN, you seem to have me pegged as some kind of Davis spokesman. For the record I, like most, was a huge Davis fan first time around but wasn't really in favour of bringing him back on the basis that if he couldn't get into a poor Southampton team then he wasn't the same player that left us. On Sunday I thought he was excellent and provided insight into why I thought so. I agree that last night he had little impact but that doesn't get away from my main point that Davis can still make a big contribution if we can get more game time into his legs. That wouldn't be instead of Arfield but could be alongside or as a sub or if Arfield isn't available or needs rested.

    • Rob, like we said, it was only a little joke – in our defence you spent over an hour analysing his performance to show why you disagreed with our score, so we wanted to give you the floor on his latest cameo. Consider it a compliment!

    • I feel well and truly complimented IN. In fact I was initially reluctant to respond in case I fell off my pedestal.

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