“I’m going to f****** nail you” – opponent makes threat at Rangers star


Dundee’s ever popular Darren O’Dea appears to have threatened Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos during tonight’s clash at Ibrox.

Following the Colombian harassing Dee’s backline and a direct altercation with the ex Celtic man, he appears to have warned the striker of an imminent ‘attack’:

“I’m going to f****** nail you”

The defender struggled all match to handle the hitman and decided the best solution was a bit of ‘banter’. 
Nice craic… 


  1. O'Dea is a product of that well known team from the east end of Glasgow which always says religion has no place in football. The guy detests anything to do with Rangers and makes no effort to hide it.

  2. I was a centre half in my younger days. Said and did a lot worse to my opposing striker. That was 25 years ago, so glad ODea showed scottish football has moved on from then, he is not the only player to threaten Morelos!!!
    Morelos needed an operation after the game to remove Odea from his pocket!! Odea is a neverwas wannabe. Glad BBC never showed it, it would only raise his ego and standing with the shellic fans. Guy is a fool!

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