Does ex-Ranger have a big chance to prove club wrong in 2 weeks?


After Rangers fans reacted with displeasure at seeing first Dominic Ball switch to Aberdeen then Emerson Hyndman hightailed it over to Easter Road, yet another recent Ranger has returned to the SPL in the form of QPR’s Sean Goss.

We all remember the sterling start the deep-lying playmaker made at Ibrox, and the superb partnership he formed with Greg Docherty at the heart of midfield – before one bad result at Ibrox against Celtic saw he and Docherty scapegoated as the cause.

It was poor, it was unfair, and it even made the hapless Graeme Murty drop Goss like a lead balloon. Unsurprisingly, he never recovered and his loan was not extended.

Goss is now back in Scotland, this time with St Johnstone, and we can’t help but feel he’ll thrive at a club with lower expectations and quite honestly we hope he does.

Goss wasn’t treated well at Ibrox – and yet he looked for a time like a player in the mould of Barry Ferguson, a visionary playmaker to put his foot on the ball and pick out a pass.

Arguably his being loaned to St Johnstone does suggest that perhaps expectations were too heady from ourselves and others, but equally this is a player we feel that needs a run of games and to become a major part of an XI.

Something we suspect he’ll get in Perth. It’ll be fascinating to watch his performance at Ibrox in two weeks when he returns.

It’s been an interesting weekend for former Rangers loanee players.

Once a Bear always a Bear?


  1. I was a Fan of Goss

    The way Him and Doche were treated by Murty was Atrocious.

    I'd like him to do well are St Johnstone but not too well when it comes to playing Us.

  2. I really liked Goss a little lack lustre defence wise but could definitely pick a pass . Be interesting to see how he goes with Saints …he looked ok in spells against the Rotten Mob on Sunday …They looked ordinary and some what stale !!!

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