Saturday, 26 January 2019

This unbelievable stat will make Rangers fans sit up....

With our previous article which discussed the notion of Kilmarnock being a contender to win the SPL title, while some replies agreed with the concept, the majority made a mockery of the very idea.

It’s Killie. How could they possibly win the title. Indeed, in a recent poll, 67% claimed they couldn’t, with the 33% minority accepting they could.

And in a further damning stat released today, over the past 12 months it is irrefutable proof that Kilmarnock, despite only topping the actual table on merit for one week, have in fact been Scotland’s best team.

As this image shows, admittedly with two more games played, Killie top the lot over the past 12 months since 2018’s winter break, with Rangers level on Aberdeen a significant five points behind the Rugby Park men:


Even more stunning is the poverty of goals from Steve Clarke’s men, showing their defence is the difference and his tactical nous of stifling opposition while knowing how and when to take their chances has propelled them justifiably to the top of the table.

Rangers might not be a million miles off but Kilmarnock really have to be taken seriously these days with a level of performance and consistency which shows they’re the real thing.
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