Steven Gerrard confirms potentially big change at Ibrox


Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has confirmed there is a very high chance Rangers are switching to a front two following the signing of Jermain Defoe.

As posited by Ibrox Noise some days ago, we acknowledge minimal chance that the new signings, Defoe and Steven Davis especially, would be happy on the bench, and in Defoe’s case the manager has confirmed utter willingness to go two up top in order to accommodate the former Spurs man and existing star striker Alfredo Morelos.

It’s a major potential change at Ibrox, to see a possible 4-4-2 – this would hark back to the 9IAR days and the formation Uncle Walter frequently deployed, but it’s a system which has lost favour in the past decade in preference for the more commonly-used one up front or three-pronged attack.

So with Defoe arriving, we did suggest the new signing would likely be accommodated and quite frankly you don’t sign Jermain Defoe not to use him.

So while Rangers’ management have been disappointed that Morelos has had to take the burden of responsibility for Rangers’ goals, now he will have the help they sought.

The question is who makes way. How does the new striking partnership alter the midfield?

The four in midfield surely have to be Davis, Arfield, Kent and Jack, but then that’s not an especially balanced winger system unless it’s a diamond, and what about Candeias, McCrorie, Grezda et al?

Either way we’re glad it’s Stevie with the problem and not us, but his confirmation of willingness to switch to a two up top (now and then?!) is something we’ll be very interested to see.


    • Curtis,

      Surely with 3-5-2 you would use 3 midfielders in the centre. Surely the losers would be that only 2 of the current 4 full backs and wingers would be utilised.
      Ideally I would like us to use different formations. 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 4-1-3-2 all have merits depending on whether we are home or away and the strength of the opposition, whether they sit in or come at us.
      I don't know how many systems can be used before confusing the players, but some variation would also enable us to rest players and keep opponents on their toes.

    • Was down at the Tenerife training session today… Boy does Defoe look sharp… He was BANGING them in from all angles. Meantime El Buffalloo was doing good BUT paled in terms of success rate.

  1. It would be a total breath of fresh air to see an full out attacking and ruthlessly winning Rangers as you like 9IAR Obviously it will shape around what we have to play against . It's funny I was thinking that Brenda is going the same way with the Rotten Mob …. Exciting times…we will make a good go of it

  2. Defoe and Morelos together fuckin awesome whos gonna stop them 2


  3. Perhaps im just old fashioned,but ive always preferred the 2 up front formation,it always worked for years !!!

  4. Gerrard has also factored in the 20% injury status of just being in Scotland in football. So the names you mention will appear in games.

  5. Can't wait to see Alfie and Defoe up front Together 😄👍🏻
    …I think they will be an Awesome partnership

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