Is this the standout factor of an incredible two days at Ibrox?


We’ve seen many a crazy day or two at Ibrox over the years, but we have to say very few compare to signing four international players in the space of 36 hours.

In barely two days, Steven Gerrard has signed Finnish international Glen Kamara from Dundee, Northern Ireland international Jordan Jones from Kilmarnock, his countryman Steven Davis from Southampton and former England international Jermain Defoe from Bournemouth.

We can rarely recall a level of signing this intense, with four players we all know extremely well and most of us significantly rate.

Harking back to last summer, while many of Gerrard’s signings have worked out very well indeed, who had heard of Katic, Goldson, Coulibaly or Ejaria, to name just four.

The previous summer, other than Bruno Alves, not a soul in our support knew who the hell Fabio Cardoso, Carlos Pena or Eduardo Herrera were.

But in January 2019 the Steven Gerrard effect has had its biggest impact by a long way – obviously massive credit to Mark Allen who did much of the groundwork in these transactions, but it’s the reputation of Gerrard and the Rangers name combined together that has rewarded Ibrox’s finest with four international-quality players, and four players who pretty much all Rangers players already know.

And in most cases, rate.

It’s inspiring. It’s what we expect to see at Ibrox. We want good players, players we can trust to deliver on the pitch, and a combination of the best of the SPL’s weaker sides and some high quality EPL fodder pretty much works wonders for us, with the potential for another in the shape of Fulham’s Kevin McDonald potentially still to arrive.

It’s been one of the strongest January windows we’ve ever seen, and it’s only six days old.

Extraordinary stuff.


  1. Good start to the window.
    Not the high end internationals of time gone by such as french and Dutch etc.
    However solid pro’s who have experience in Scottish/uk football.
    Kamara for me has ability and composure, been very impressed anytime I have seen him.
    Jones suffers from inconsistency as most wingers do. That being said he is the best left sided forward/midfielder outside Kent in the league.
    Defoe and Davis will bring the savvy that is required to win the league. Watp

  2. What Steven Gerrard has done for our club is unbelievable,its hard to keep up with it all,financially must be better off too its all for the good👍


  3. What Gerrard has done is amazing yes I cannot take that away from him Defoe Davis Jones n Kamara all great singings …i am a rangers fan thru n thru blve me but you have to wonder we are paying 2n a half million alone for the 18 months we have Defoe n the rest of the loaned in players too coulibali kent ect… Why doo we not go out n actually buy players instead of loan if u look at the deals most are on pre contract of free (not to say this is a bad thing as Gerrard has us were we should proudly b again) just wondering why are we loaning n taking free agents n pre contracts n paying a lot in wages due too previous managers if u can call em that…we have 1 of the biggest squads in the spl but we are still singing players get rid of the riff raff Stevie g n bring home 55 IN STEVIE WE TRUST WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 any thoughts or knowledge into this matter anyone ?????

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