England joins in the Rangers, Gerrard and Defoe obsession…. fans will love it….


Rangers fans are not the only ones excited about the signing of Jermain Defoe – on top of the player himself’s obvious excitement and desire to win the SPL title at the first time of asking with his new manager and ex-team mate Steven Gerrard, both players’ national side also took to Twitter to praise the former England cap and wish him luck on his new journey.

Obviously Defoe and Gerrard are absolute legends of the national game south of the border, and played in many a big tournament together. On top of Defoe’s intent on winning the title up here, his country tweeted him a very kind and inspirational comment and we have to say it’s clear to see now the Gerrard Effect kicking in further:

Whether Rangers do win the title this year or not, this is a signing which has rather scared Scottish football – ‘game changer’ has been used by many a Celtic-minded individual and while Defoe is no spring chicken any more, you never lose your scoring touch and hopefully he’ll gain fitness and regain his sharp edge.

England is watching…


  1. He doesn't need blistering pace, as much as a good eye for the goal and the creativity and bravery, to have a go. I'm excited to see him in action up here. If Celtic really are 'sweating cabbages', then all the sweeter.

  2. Its all good for the Rangers,Now we can win the league🏋️‍♀️🏆🍻

    WATP LETS GO 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  3. Kris Boyd was the SPL's top scorer last season and hes fat and slow. Defoe might not have pace but he looks as lean and hungry as hes ever been. I'm excited to see what effect he has in the title race. He's definitely a huge upgrade on Umar Sadiq.

  4. I really hope SG finds room for Morelos and Defoe in the team, although I'm not sure who loses out between Jack, Davis and Arfield. Maybe he'll move Arfield to the left like the job he did for Burnley and Kent on the right. Otherwise rotating Davis and Defoe due to their ages/fitness and when suits a more attacking approach.

  5. As a long suffering Bear in a small Yorkshire town with many English septic fans who have no idea (I’ve changed a few) the future is looking brighter and a lot of the young team in the town are Blue Thanks to Mr G ����

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