Huge twist emerges in major January transfer saga


An unexpected twist has emerged in the Steven Davis transfer saga after it emerged recently the deal is expected to only be a six-month loan contract.

After the interest was confirmed by Southampton and the negotiations advanced, it had been widely mooted as a bosman, with the Saints freeing the NI international from his contract and letting him go for free, but the latest reports are that the 34-year old will only be coming to Rangers on a half-season basis.

As yet any possible clauses are unclear, and we’re equally unsure if it was Rangers or Southampton or Davis himself who insisted on this type of transfer, but it is certainly surprising after all the hype that Rangers will be taking on a 34-year old on a loan basis.

The chances are Steven Gerrard will have first summer refusal on the ex-Fulham man, but in the here and now, Davis would only be coming to Ibrox for five months.



  1. Hardly a huge twist. Clearly Best deal for Davis getting full pay for remainder of his contract then signs new deal with us in the summer. Also allows us 6 months to make sure he still has it at the level we need. Win win

    • Spot on. So he won’t be taking pay cut. All this makes perfect sense. Couldn’t believe any player would take a cut from £100 000 per week to £20 000. Even for extra 12 months. Do arithmetic. So Saints save £20 000. per week till season ends. Davis has chance to earn a contract for next season. Good business all round.

    • Curious then how none of you posited this when we put out repeated articles about it as a free transfer.

  2. How is it suprising. How much is he on a week currently? How much is he going to get at us? Do you think its possible he’s saving us money and making more money for himself over the next 6months?

  3. Not for me.
    When he ' went in the sick before leaving on the first place to mysteriously recover we didn't want him back. Not for playing reasos.
    Now this 'mystery' No thanks. He RANGERS want treated with more respect .

  4. Totally agree Scott. 60k a week dropping to 12k as reported when let's be honest Southampton have to pay him either way. Might make our wage packet an easier one to give in the Summer depending how he performs if he's not up to much there's no point paying 15-20k a week if he doesn't show enough it's a win win. Having watched him not long ago though for N Ireland I have every confidence he will do well and will be with us until 2020.

  5. Disagree Brian, Southampton could have got Davis on a free transfer, Davis refused to go for free so Southampton paid Rangers a fee, sadly this cash would have been syphoned off like all the rest of the clubs cash.

  6. Good deal for the club and good deal for Davis.
    Only loser in my view is Southampton who have to pay £60k for 6 months before he signs full time. Similar deal to Murphy's which worked well.
    Sorry Brian I cannot understand your post but anyone saying Davis not coming back is a bad move is seriously misguided.

  7. Where's the optimism and excitement. Such a negative article mate. Davis will be a rangers player again soon.

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