Rangers start talks with PL regular – is SG planning a big sale?


Rangers have stepped up their interest in Fulham’s Kevin McDonald, casting major doubt on the future of Ross McCrorie.

The Scottish international, 30, has been tracked by Rangers for well over six months now, and it appears the powers-that-be have initiated preliminary talks with the defensive midfielder with advanced negotiations set to follow, but the continued monitoring of the ex-Wolves anchor man suggests Steven Gerrard may already be looking to cash in on Swansea’s interest over McCrorie. If the price is right.

It also equally puts a cloud over Jordan Rossiter, who after over two and a half years at Ibrox still remains relatively out of favour and cannot seem to quite nail a consistent place in the match day squad never mind the starting XI.

Does Steven Gerrard view him as a dead rubber? Or is he intending to sell McCrorie? Or does he instead hope to have four DMs (Jack, Rossiter, McCrorie and McDonald) at his disposal.

We shall see.


  1. I think we need to see exactly how the managers transfer plans play out over January.

    I personally think he has been forced to play 4-3-3 due to the players he has. Its possible a 4-4-2 system with 4 premiership midfielders is his plan.
    No matter what In my humble opinion Mr Gerrard has earned the right to do whatever he feels he needs to with the team and I will feel sorry in some instances I'm sure but back him 100%

  2. I have been a fan of Rossiter since he arrived, but I think his time is coming to an end. We have moved beyond him as he has been unable to improve due to injury.
    McCrorie is another matter altogether. He must stay, McDonald may be decent, but is not going to improve with age, will demand a big paypacket and doesn't look any better than Ross who will improve, earns less and will increase in value. No brainier.

  3. I think selling Ross McCrorie could be the biggest mistake of the season he has captained Scotland youths at nearly every level knows what Rangers are all about and is improving every game

  4. Buy the man and keep all 4 DM's as we'll need them for in the CL group stage games away from home to avoid the types of humiliating defeats the CFC have had every year.

  5. I cant believe that we are remotely interested in signing McDonald he is not in the same class as McCrorie he is slow lacks mobility he would not improve our squad having watched him playing for Scotland where he was one of the poorest players and at Fulham not much better this would be an almighty mistake if we sign him why not just bring back Docherty

  6. McCrorie has struggled for game time this season but has done very well in his last 2 games. However I do get the feeling that Gerrard just doesn't trust him enough. Same applies to Docherty. For that reason I wouldn't rule this out. Looks like Rossiter just isn't going to make it.

  7. Wouldn't sell a youngster showing promise to replace him with a 30 year old who is bog standard! MCrorie does a very decent job for us when played just now. A season or two from now he will be at a higher level of ability than Mcdonald who will be on his way out! Makes no sense. If we want an extra DM then bring back Docherty. Talking about Midfielders, I'd like us to take a wee punt on Stevie Mallan. Excellent young player who will get much better..

  8. Have we not been linked with Mcdonald since Warburton's 1st season? This seems like the usual paper talk to fill pages during the break. Unless there is actually a reliable source? I'm not convinced Mcdonald is so good, that Warburton, Pedro & Gerrard have all thought " that's the player for me"

  9. He Better not Sell McCrorie!!

    McCrorie is Double the Player and McCrorie has got Time in his Favour

    McDonald is the wrong side of 30
    Big and Slow, Can't Pass The Ball
    …Need I go on

    McCrorie is a Future Rangers Captain!
    McCrorie could be our Version of Scholes.

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