£4M plus – should Rangers break the bank for this big January signing?


We know, we know, we’ve gone on about this a lot, but if you ask us, and no one has, we truly advocate going the extra mile to make Ryan Kent a permanent signing.

And by that we mean paying the big money if that’s what it takes to secure a player who has shown frightening ability at his best.

This is a player who has destroyed Rapid Vienna, top of the table Hearts, and Celtic – borderline on his own.

He took our collective breaths away when he slaughtered Celtic’s backline, and made us frankly smile when he destroyed Scott Brown with almost comical ease – and these are attributes which don’t come cheap.

We’re well aware the clubs are working on an extended loan to take his stay at Ibrox beyond the summer, and having seen his quality when he’s in form, we’re talking a player with the potential to be one of the best wingers this club has ever had.

He’s not been super consistent, of course, but then few in his position ever are – but when he’s been on form, and it’s been more often than not, he’s been an asset – on other occasions when he’s been completely in the zone, he’s been totally unplayable.

And that kind of player costs big money.

Should Rangers pay a fair asking price? We’d be laughing to get him for £2M, and the reality is we doubt we can manage to convince Liverpool to part for that – we’d proposed around £4M would be a more reasonable sum and more likely to secure him, but we’re not even sure it’s enough either.

The point? Ryan Kent, for pure venomous attacking ability, may well be the best player we have – and that doesn’t come cheap.

But are we willing to fork out what it takes to get him?

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  1. Day one a face like a ….. but what a turnaround says the rights things and definitely a talented
    Please please Klopp can we just have him for free ?

  2. Q.Is he worth so much more than jordan jones, not my point of view just asking the question based on ur observation that they tend to be incosistent. 4m is ok if you take the view that he signs a 4 year contract thus effectively paying 1m a season for a player with that ability, not to mention a huge offer coming for him if he performs under contract. we could certainly offload a few to help fund it.

    • jordan jones, can run….. so could the fella that we signed from killie
      I'd never be signing JJ…… but perhaps our coaches can make him a LOT Better ?
      I'm Hoping so.

  3. You won’t sign Ryan Kent for £4m I’m sorry but never going to happen. Liverpool see Ryan Kent as a possible replacement for either winger should either leave. So why would we sell Kent for a fifth of what we got for Solanke when he is about the same class but Kent has proved what he is worth at Rangers. I would be surprised if Liverpool let Kent go for any less than £10m, when you think Liverpool has to pay £8m for Solanke as a youth player, why would we sell our youth for any less.

  4. Id pay 5million easy. How often have we had a sniff at am exciting player like Kent. The signing of Middleton BTW thrilled me too

    And GersMan Defoe, Allan MacGregor. Alfredo Alfredo Alfredo Alfredo

    Fuck. Let's pay the wonga
    We'll get it back and more
    With exciting times in between

    • Agree with most of what you say but for me Middleton is a 'one-trick-pony' and unless something Amazing happens with his Game, he's not gonna be making it with us….. simply not good enough. (imo like)

  5. Explain why Liverpool would give this player to us for free. That's like another club coming up to us and saying can we take Morelos for nothing. The type of players cost cash big cash. Let's get real here.

    • Well tbh, he isn't ever consistent and for me isn't nor ever will Be, good enough for L'pool FC….. and neither will thon fella Ejaria.

  6. I've said previously. If we can het £7m+ for Tav we should put that towards kent. Competent RBs are easier to get on the cheap than wingers who are up for it. Kent will only increase in value

  7. Seems too inconsistent for me and I would like to see him turn it on more regularly before spending even £2m. I can't see Kent going back to Liverpool and into the first team squad. So surely we could convince Liverpool to extend the loan. It's in theirs and the players best interests to develop at Ibrox playing in front of full houses, competing for trophies and playing in Europe.

  8. I think £2 million is wishful thinking.
    Liverpool just sold solanke for£19 million.granted he is younger and appears to be highly thought of down the road evidently more so than Kent as is Harry Wilson.
    If he continues to perform a lower epl side or top end championship side would be willing to pay £8-10 million for this guy.
    Hopefully we can get him cheap but may not be the case.
    Also Kent could be the number 10 we require with jones , Middleton or grezda playing in the left !

  9. He's really good in this league.
    Four Million Quid though, nah.
    All we've seen thuis far from him is him ripping the filth's RB , the self same RB that brenda doesn't deem worthy (same as us, lol) and the filth are trying right now, to replace him.

    Kent thus far, In Real Terms has YET to set the heather on fire truth be told.

  10. Wish I had the 4 million i would give it to king and tell him to go and buy Kent. King is a big pool fan (so am I) so could make some sort of deal.

  11. This probably won't be a popular view bt why on earth would we buy him ?
    The current deal gives us use of a player we don't have funds to afford and gives Liverpool a chance to get a player they won't use the kind of experience that may make him a Liverpool 1st pick some day an extension works for all party's imo

  12. He's young, he's only going to get better, and right now he's absolutely white hot. This is a deal I'd like to see get completed before the month is out. Young Mr. Kent loves being Govan… Hopefully we can clear any financial hurdles we need to to lock him down for at least the next three seasons. I completely agree with the IN staff… This is a player we need to open the purse for.

  13. I'd be more worried about where all this cash is coming from, if they're prepared to waste 4m plus, on Kent. He's not worth that, quite yet. We didn't pay that, for Alfredo.

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