Steven Gerrard now has no choice but to move for 23-year old


Regulars to Ibrox Noise will know we have advocated the signing of Ayr United’s Lawrence Shankland a few times.

It’s mostly been greeted with a 50/50 split – positivity, and ‘Nicky Clark Mark 2’.

Watching Rangers once again fail to convert chances today (Morelos’ goal was fine but two goals at Ibrox in the past three league fixtures is a deeply worrying state of affairs) summed up Rangers’ current malaise in front of goal and we would have to argue there is barely a single case against Shankland.

In at least, giving him a chance.

Valued last summer at around £250,000, the best striker in Scotland outside the SPL is currently on absolute fire, and scoring in the Championship via the barrowload.

As for that Nicky Clark argument, it is beyond unfair. First off, Clark only excelled in the-then second division, now League One, with QOTS. Sure, he scored a lot, but at a much lower level.

And he had the very strange situation of moving in the same lower league to a colossally bigger team – and yes, he couldn’t handle it.

Shankland is a different kettle of fish – a player with ambition in the Championship wants to move to the SPL. And to a big team. This is what football is about – progression via the divisions and club size.

So, already, not only are the situations different, but the league is too – Shankland would be going from Championship to SPL, whereas Clark went from League One to League One.

And at a modest six-figure sum at worst, it is a risk worth taking.

If we can essentially waste £700,000 on Kyle Lafferty (no offence Kyle mate, it’s not worked out) then surely half of that can be gambled on a player with the world at his feet?


  1. I agree that Shankland is worth a punt, and would like to see him at Rangers. But we also need to sign a striker who is proven as a goalscorer at a higher level than the Scottish championship, because we have seen others such a Nicky Clark who also scored a barrowload of goals in the championship, but didn't cut it in the premier league.

  2. And how will Shankland score the chances we aren't creating? And how will Shankland score from the second row of the dug out because Morelos is clearly our lead striker. That, after all, is the reason Lafferty isn't scoring.

    • Totally agree Robroy57! IB you are far too harsh on Lafferty. He's not been given any change. In every game he's came on, he's made a difference and created, by himself, one or two excellent efforts, saved by an in-form keeper. Yesterday and St Johnstone being two games that demonstrate that. It's not his fault that Gerrard doesn't trust his defence and ALWAYS has to play 2 defensive midfielders, rather than 2 strikers: which has always been the
      type of formation that Lafferty strives on. Give the guy a chance!!! Something Gerrard hasn't given him!! As for Shankland, yes he's worth a punt but only if we get 2 new attacking midfielders in who can create chances. Otherwise, why bother buying any other strikers.

    • What is wrong with our own kids. Need to find out sooner or later. For Shankland remember Nicky Clark. Also Martyn Waghorn scored goals for fun in the championship

  3. why does rangers goalkeepers not come out and catch the ball when its at the highest point 5 defenders and hibs still score

  4. dont think kyle has had much of a chance and cant understand why so many changes game after game for the rest of the season id like someone like Defoe to play with morelos and take some pressure of him and he'd also learn Id also like Ryan Jack as captain think if tav was playing right back and was in that position hibs cross for goal would never of happened 2 points gone cos we cant finish teams off If we beat cellic then my guess is they will spend big

  5. Would Love it if we Signed Shankland
    Always Been a Fan and we would Basically be getting him for Free!

    Better than Lafferty? …Yes
    Better than Sadiq? …Yes
    Better than Herrera? …Yes
    Better than Kyle/Sandaza etc? …100%!

    If Ayr didn't want Straight Cash, Throw them Hardie/Mebude/Dallas on Loan

    Could He Score Regularly for Us in SPL?
    …Yes!, The Boy is a Goalscorer 💪⚽

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