Predicted Rangers XI for Celtic – two changes


With Rangers’ injury concerns mounting up, predicting tomorrow’s XI is shooting fish in a barrel.

The definite misses for the top of the table clash are obviously Graham Dorrans and Jamie Murphy, with Borna Barisic now added to the casualties.

The likely absences on top of them include Connor Goldson, Ryan Kent, Glenn Middleton, Gareth McAuley and Scott Arfield.

The possible misses are Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Jack, given the former took a sore one against Hibs and the latter was a big doubt for the same match, managing to get through it, but unknown if that includes unscathed.

As such, the definitely fit members of the squad in line to feature are:

McGregor, Tavernier, Katic, Worrall, Halliday, Coulibaly, Rossiter, McCrorie, Grezda, Candeias and Lafferty.

To say Rangers’ resources are being stretched to breaking point right now is an understatement but we at Ibrox Noise will give you a projection of what we think the XI will be.

McGregor, Tavernier, Katic, Worrall, Halliday, Jack, McCrorie, Coulibaly, Grezda, Candeias, Morelos

We don’t think this is necessarily the best team we have, not by a long shot, but defence selects itself if McAuley and Goldson aren’t to be available, while there’s not a dog in hell’s chance in our opinion Wallace will start at LB.

In midfield Gerrard has a bewildering loyalty and fixation on Coulibaly, while Jack hopefully is indeed fit enough to start and McCrorie has earned the place.

Up front we just can’t see Lafferty starting, and can’t see past Candeias and Morelos being selected. Ultimately it’s only two changes from the Hibs failure, which we’re not quite sure is enough.

Is it a winning XI? Time will tell.

Perhaps Gerrard will stun us with a completely left field selection. We’ll see.


  1. Do we not win the game?

    Flannigan & Wallace at Right & Left backs

    Lafferty supporting Morelos up from front.

  2. Three defensive midfielders… again !! Worrall … And Halliday at left back !! Ffs … they'll run that team ragged. There have been some bewildering decisions at the club of late none more so than the way Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace have been treated and young Docherty being loaned out … how we could be doin' wae these guys on Saturday.

    • We didn't have the spine of the defence we have this season ( if SG would stop chopping and changing it week in week out) and I'm not saying they would be my first choice but imo we could be doing with Kenny Miller in that team on Saturday for his experience and guile … three defensive midfielders in the one team may be your idea of how to play football … it ain't mine !!!

    • Imo none of these guys in midfield are good enough to play for us … again it's only my opinion but if you have skilful footballers you don't need to have an out and out DM in the team at all … it pains me to point out the difference in Ceptics performances when they dropped Brown and played with five attacking forward thinking players who could all contribute to scoring goals … where the **** are our goals or even forward creative passages of play goin' tae come from with those three in midfield !!! … apart from the obvious.

    • I'm sure Gerrard is not inclined to play with 3 defensive midfielders but with Murphy, Dorrans, Arfield and Kent out injured outvattacking options are limited. Given those circumstances who would you play and where?

    • PS Miller was a fine player for us but the general consensus amongst fans and on this site last season was that Miller was washed up and had stayed a year too long.

    • I'd play 4-1 4-1 … goalie, Wallace (bombin' forward link in' wae Lafferty), Katic, McAuley,Flanagan(reluctantly)Jack(sitting in front of back four to track their breaking runners and help oot the midfield. Tavernier( wide right) Candeias(inside Tav) Rossiter (forward midfield) Lafferty(oot left mid) and Morelos … A completely get what you say re SG would only very reluctantly play 3 dms … but for me … a want us tae have a right go at them, we can't sit in and let them attack us … they'll batter us if wae do that… Rr… it's all aboot opinions and I'm only givin' mine … we're at home let's have a go … PS as you know Kenny Miller scored a hat trick the other week then scored against us … and imo we could be doin' wae Kenny Miller in oor team today. Anyhooze Rr awe the best today and if wae do get cuffed today I'd prefer that wae at least had a go at gettin' tore in tae them.

  3. Why not play Flanagan at r.b. And allow Tavernier to play midfield. He can create and score goals and help Morelos with good crosses.

  4. I agree with Roland! Push Tav to RM, Flanagan in at RB (his natural position) & with Tierney looking doubtful for them he will have an easier shift dealing with Izagurie…. Never been a big fan of Halliday at LB so for me, Wallace has to come back in to play LB in the absence of Barisic! Katic back in at CB, there was no reason why he should of got dropped earlier in the season when he did! This could be the game for him to reclaim his place at the heart of the defence! In MF I'd move Candieas into a more central role with McCrorie deployed as the anchor if Jack is struggling & Grezda on the left….Lafferty & Freddo up front! Coulibaly must be dropped! He struggles in the games where the intensity is high, & we can't afford any passengers tomorrow! Its gonna be a long 90 minutes if we don't turn up & as much as I feel Gerrard needs time to get it right, a bad performance & defeat tomorrow could spell doom for the Liverpool legend! The majority of fans & Media will pile too much pressure onto him! Cmon the Gers show us the heart & desire we have seen on occasions this season! Let's not let that shower of unwashed bastards go 13 games undefeated against the famous Glasgow Rangers

    • Chances of a victory may be slim tomorrow but no way will it affect Gerrards position. The manager has improved us but needs more time and will get it.

    • Completely agree with you on the manager, it'll take another 2-3 transfer windows but I think we'll get there. SG knows what we need, it's just that for us we want it yesterday such has been the pain of these last years … not tae mention the bitterness and bile from that shower being intolerable.

  5. We can`t start Grezda in this game , he has shown nothing in his time at the club so far .I hear that Goldson and McAuley both trained today so maybe both will play which helps the defence .I would prefer Wallace to Halliday but if he was going to play he would have played against Hibs .

  6. Get Coulibaliy to fuck as he's shite,has been for months and play young Rossiter further forward like he played in the 5 5 game against the spoon burners also play Katic on the left and not on the right to save him bangin into the DONKEY worral,would also play Wallace as Halliday will get run ragged with forrest,get Lafferty up front with the Buffalo,got to try something different and not the same repetitive shite

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