Gerrard/player controversy deepens….


First off we at Ibrox Noise hope all our readers had a lovely Christmas, and our best wishes for the new year. However, back on the football, following the incredibly topsy-turvy win in Perth, Rangers fans had much to chew on. Obviously we were delighted with the win given the performance which preceded it, but we have Hibs today and this raises a pertinent worry.

As we know there will be no Borna Barisic, following the hamstring pull which laid him out at McDiarmid, which in itself is a tragedy as the Croatian was starting to slowly show the form which persuaded manager Steven Gerrard to shell out for him.

The further problem is Gerrard’s abysmal handling of the plan B to this – Lee Wallace.

It started out that Rangers’ board were handling this one poorly, casting Wallace out – Gerrard came in and appeared softer and more willing to use the left back.

Over time we’ve discovered he had no interest in using the ex-captain, stating we had better options there. That’s options, plural, folks.

So there were now questions hanging over his dealing of the situation and player. This was man-management at its worst, or so we thought.

Pre-St Johnstone Steven Gerrard not only slightly attacked Lee Wallace, but he made it abundantly clear how unimportant the fullback was to him. That he was a mere squad player, and knew this, and understood the situation. And that if he was happy with that it was his (Gerrard’s) position. And that Barisic was the number one.

Ergo, wonderful man-management especially given he ended up having to use him, God forbid.

The way Lee Wallace is being singled out right now by everyone at Ibrox bar the fans is quite simply a disgrace.

The supporters chanted his name when he came on, and rightly so – he’s not perfect, and he’s only human, and he like the rest of us has made errors.

But the way Rangers as an institution, now including the manager, is dealing with the ex-Scotland international’s increasingly fraught spell is completely, utterly, and hopelessly unacceptable and absolutely un-Rangers like.

We now have to likely rely on Wallace today, who, incidentally, was evidently playing not for those who directly employ him, but for the fans and the club on Sunday. And he’ll do it again this afternoon, if Gerrard can swallow his pride enough to select him.

Lee Wallace knows the fans are on his side, including us here on the site.

We know he’s not going to be Arthur Numan (in truth he struggled on Sunday given his in from the cold nature) this afternoon either, but we know he’ll give everything for us.

And that’s what all True Rangers should do.


  1. Gerrard is another expensive mistake – worse than even Le Guen. We will be lucky to finish in second place and will get gubbed by Celtic. We can't even beat Hibs at home.

  2. gerrard out guy has no idea another season over before turn year 50 players at ibrox all mollycodeld 49 duds ,weve been destroyed all because we refuse to stick with our own kind ,our last 3 managers all support eastenders ,were in deep crap now ,most gerrards players have no desire to play for gers ,while your real rangers are treated like crap,wallace, big laff, e,t,c well gerrards bubble has burst now , hes not gave us one good result ,hope hes got the brains to walk .

  3. Some of the people who comment on here are an embarrassment to all loyal and sensible Rangers fans. Yes I agree the club have treated Lee Wallace poorly, but Gerrard out? WTF???
    The club is going in the right direction but I'm guessing most of you weren't around over the last few years to appreciate how far we've now come.

    • Well said. Some fans are an embarrassment and know nothing about football. Disappointed today but let's stay behind the team and understand we are playing for second place. That would still be progress from last season.

    • im a loyal rangers fan ,but im not loyal to managers who aint got a f, clue about our club ,pedro, murty, gerrard ,they aint even got respect from there own players , ive been around for last few years i dont see any improvement same poor results as previous managers ,may i remind you our players have allways been very well paid even in difficult times .no trophies in blueroom yet ,i appreciate how far weve not come ,

    • Just emailed my mate who lives in America. Last time he was here we lost 2-1 at Ibrox to Peterhead. I can also recall being at Stirling Albion when we lost and Alloa when we ma aged to lose 3-2 having been 2 nil up with 15 minutes to go.
      We have come a huge way as I for one found it difficult to see a day when we were back involved in big European games and challenging at the right end of the top league domestically.
      We are all disappointed after today and we can all see some the current players aren't cut out to be Rangers players but let's all calm down and stuck together.
      The mhanky mob who spend all their time trawling Rangers sites will be pissing themselves at some of us shouting for the manager to be sacked.
      Come on now…stay loyal and remember We Are The People

  4. We should have come a lot further than this. It's not negative , fans should expect a lot better. Some of these guys bring to mind the days of Capucho, Slionko, Sebo, Svennson and co. Gerrard sticks with players who just don't try hard enough. Like I said fans deserve better than the shite today.

    • I think you are contradicting yourself. You readily admit we have had bad players and bad teams in the past even pre 2012 but complain that's we havent come far enough in 6 years. That's 4th tier Scottish football to 3 points off the top of the Premier League in just 6 YEARS. It seems to me that nothing less than the 9 in a row team with Laudrup and Gascoigne will do. Those days are long gone and will never be seen again my friend and were long gone well before 2012.
      The best we can hope for in the short term is to put ourselves in a position to challenge Ceptic. That's exactly what we have done. In the medium term we compete to win and in the long term we take our rightful place at the top. It won't be this season and possibly not next but it WILL happen.

  5. So it seems we challenged in Europe, not close, do you think European nations are interested in how well we seem to think we have done. But wait, we are donig better in the league, only reason, results and league this year make us look better, we are up and down in performance, while you could suggest if we stick all our chances away we would be well ahead, that is football, most teams can say something similar. Bottom line, not convinced Mr G is any better than previous recent managers and doubt he has the ability as a manager to succeed, hope I am wrong J

  6. Call yourself fans, SG has spent buttons and had players together for 6 months, countless injuries means we haven't had a best 11 on the park continuously, and squad depth of "quality" to handle the amount of games played in Europe and domestically. Hang your heads in shame at some of these comments… Rome ain't built in a day… you bring problems with this attitude not solutions, this guy with time will get us back…

    We are 2/4 players away from being an awesome side… with our best 11 on the park to choose from…

    • 100% agree WB. What is about our fans. They constantly sing WATP and No Surrender and have the defiance of a goldfish. And I don't see any of them offering too many solutions.

    • Spot on William. Unfortunately some who call themselves Rangers fans don't stick with the team or manager when things aren't perfect. We aren't far away from being a really decent team and unfortunately going from where we were to where we want to get back to takes time and everyone pulling in the same direction. It doesn't happen overnight.

  7. It's Absolutely Disgusting!
    He's Done Nothing Wrong…
    Gerrard needs to get his Head out his Backside…
    Wallace is The Best LB at The Club

    He's Given Everything for Rangers,
    He would Run Through Walls for The Club


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