Tommy Wright will be deeply worried by these Rangers numbers


History favours Rangers for Steven Gerrard’s men’s trip to Perth on Sunday, with very few omens in favour of the home side, but Rangers will be aware only too well that Motherwell loss aside, the Saints haven’t lost in the SPL since Celtic destroyed them in early October.

While the hosts are bang in form, history favours the visitors; of the last 15 matches between these two teams, St Johnstone have only won one of them, and it’s eight years since Rangers actually lost at this venue.

Furthermore, it’s now five unbeaten in a row on their travels for Rangers, whose form under Steven Gerrard on the road has taken a solid improvement after the extremely poor first portion of the season under the new manager.

However, in some better news for Tommy Wright, they haven’t lost twice in a row at home in the SPL since the very start of 2018, and having lost to Motherwell there, they’ll be keen for that not to happen again.

History does lean towards Rangers, but as one comment on the site accurately suggested – all teams raise their game when they face us, and Gerrard’s men will be on their guard against that, plus the potential loss of three key men for this one will certainly weaken the visitors should that deficit materialise on Sunday.

We shall wait and see!


  1. I think the figures Tommy Wright will be concerned about will be 35 corners and 34 shots in our last 2 games. Surely at some point we will start to convert these opportunities? Surely?

  2. If Tommy is reading this IN then he could well be laughing at us for taken his team for granted. I don't think we give teams the respect they deserve and as I have said before we set ourselves up lovely for a fall. Which only leaves people laughing at us I can see it being a difficult game tomorrow and i would be happy with a point.

    • We aren't where we would like to be and I for one always encourage realism but when we start accepting a point at St Johnstone before a ball is kicked then we really are finished.

  3. Article title – "Tommy Wright will be deeply worried by these Rangers numbers",,Really!?

    No one is deeply worried about our team. Why don't you publish how many goals we have scored in the past few games and how that we are struggling in the final third of the park!

    Teams have us sussed. Tight man for man marking, park the bus, then counter attack! Crap and negative tactics, but regularly takes points from us!

    Deeply Worried IN?, We should be deeply worried about not scoring goals!

    • Jimbo, would you say that Hibs or Hamilton had us sussed? We created a host of chances and on another day could've won both matches by 4 or 5. I agree we need to more clinical with the chances we create but our attacking play isn't always as bad as it seems. You wouldn't make the same claim about Ceptic and they have just just a few more goals than us.

  4. I respect them as a side, but not as much as I want us,to get three points. We need points,so they all need to stay 'switched on'.

  5. Aberdeen have gone from 7th to 2nd in a couple of weeks. Now we have gone from 1st to 3rd in a couple of days. If this is the slide we are on and we don't beat the filth on 29th I want Stevie G gone by the start of the transfer window as we will slowly slip down to 4th and who knows what else.Stop the halt now and bag him. Get Clarke in for the start of January and give the transfer kitty. As I have said before only my opinion.

  6. well we did it abeit a bit nervy towards the end but we did it
    If we could just lose this negativity that follows everywhere
    & just play with more confidence & swagger we could destroy a lot more teams

    Also if we could lose the goldson/worral combo we would do a helluva lot better

  7. Correct call by Steven yesterday to turn that crap around,i thought he was gonna batter someone he was raging at that first half dross,even in the tv interview after we won the match you could see he wont be fucked about,
    And hes correct we should be winning those diddy team games easily

    Credit where its due,nice one Stevie👍🇬🇧
    WATP LETS GO 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • You see mate there you go with your arrogance attitude the same as our manager he and you do our club no favours with statements like that. If Brenda and his team beat us 29th and then make that statement about we should be coming here to places like this and taking 3 points you would be the first to go off your nut So get a grip a d start to show some respect it's a two thing other wise you look stupid and almost timmy like.

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