Steven Gerrard has just dropped a major revelation….


Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has made a telling admission about the Rangers job, which may be true, but supporters will be surprised to hear a man of his confidence admit it despite what he said when he was unveiled all those months ago (that he believed in his own ability).

Gerrard will be featuring in an upcoming biography about his career including Rangers, and was speaking about Jurgen Klopp and how much he learned from him, but tellingly let slip that not only was he not expecting the call from Rangers, but that he does believe it may have come too early for him.

He said:

“I wasn’t expecting the Rangers offer. Do I think it came a bit early? Probably. But when it’s a club as big as Rangers you only get one opportunity to manage them.”

It’s a fair point – it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and only Walter in recent times got to do it twice, so we cannot blame Stevie for admitting he took it because of who we are.

But equally it’s the first time he’s admitted his confidence in his ability isn’t 100%, given he’s nowhere near a fully-fledged manager – and he clearly has made errors since being appointed in the early summer.

Did it come too early for him? He’s done a lot right, especially in Europe, and a lot wrong, so a mixed batch – but with Rangers second in the league having walloped Motherwell, the recent bad run of October and early November may be a thing of the past if the XI can keep the performances and results going.

Then it won’t matter if it was too early or not.


  1. Brilliant, a luv im in a manly way tbh, he's gonna be like Gold-Dust in a few years time, I'm Hoping that stays for the LONG-Run.
    See-off the weird looking brenda for a start, then we count the Titles Won… 🙂

  2. He also went on to say that's why he recruited people with the experience he was an open honest interview, use it all not just 1 line to try and create doubt or whatever the agenda is. The rangers manager job would come too early for people with years of management experience… Gerrard has the stature to be our manager!

    • No agenda. It's a clear statement. And we're reporting it. If you read the article fully you'd see we didn't even allude it as a negative. Perhaps you're the one with the agenda?

    • What agenda have I got?? Im pointing out you picked out 1 line of a whole interview and made it a headline! "Major revelation"

    • I don't think the job coming a little early for Stevie G is a major revelation. Also think Stevies comment is fair enough

    • Stevie is right here this is nothing but a transparent, honest interview. Everyone already knew it was a big ask of SG to come in and manage Rangers. We all knew mistakes would happen. So really NOT a 'major revelation' at all. Personally delighted with the progress. Compared to Warbs and Pedro ….night and day better. Reminds me a lot of Souness, just wish he'd pull his boots back on.

    • You’re both entitled to your comments. But the fact you’re attacking an article which is mostly defending SG suggests you’ve both missed the point. And we’ll leave it there.

  3. Of course the offer came too soon. As many on here like to point out he came from youth level to the famous Glasgow Rangers. That's a huge leap for anyone and it must've came straight out of the blue. I think it was an inspired choice when you consider all the deadwood we were considering at the time, McInnes, McLeish, Wright, Clarke, Pardew, Allardyce, Warnock etc. Which of these managers would you have instead of Gerrard. Leaving aside what is happening on the pitch I think he has raised the level of awareness and professionalism about our club. On the pitch I think he's doing great but I know not everyone shares that opinion.

  4. The rangers managerial position is a once in a lifetime job and he’s absolutely right about taking it. It may have come a little soon in his career but I feel he’s had a great start , you only need to look at the results, squad , league position etc to see a definitive improvement. Given more funds in January I think the majority of us are confident that he will add the right players we need. The fact there’s an overwhelming confidence in him and how the fans have taken to him shows were in a much more happier place. A European campaign was laughable not so long ago , never mind chasing new records for unbeaten runs, we will grow stronger under SG and I admire his honesty in all fairness. Results and success will ultimately determine any managers reign and he’s certainly chosen a club where both are mandatory. I think we can all say that we’re much happier watching rangers 2018 team than previous ones and that’s down to SG. Long may it continue

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