These four players have linked with January moves to Rangers


Transfer news is now coming into us thick and fast here at Ibrox Noise towers, and we thought we’d run through a bitesize list of the main names we know of who have been strongly linked with a switch to Rangers come the new window.

Hang onto your hats!

Martin Skrtel:

He’s re-emerged in the past 24 as a player Steven Gerrard ‘refuses to give up on’. Curious one given his wages could easily afford Rangers four or even five fine new players, but we do need our one massive defender and leader at the back. Skrtel wasn’t against the idea in the summer but this is a deal we’d be shocked to see brokered.

Adam Lewis:

This Liverpool youth defender is a left back and Steven Gerrard admires him so much he made him captain in his youth coach days. Can also play midfield and is an international for his country, but Rangers aren’t the only ones who seek his services. If Gerrard is serious about picking him up, he’ll need to get in there fast.

Steven Davis:

This one has been hyped since the dawn of time, and some fans think he’s the answer. 33 and out of favour at Southampton, he’s reported to be keen on the return to Ibrox and reaction to such a move has been mixed. He is certainly a quality player, but as one keen observer said on our site recently; we expected Lafferty to tear it up at Ibrox as well.

Dominic Solanke:

This is one we could really use – despite competition reportedly from Palace and West Ham, Solanke hasn’t shut off the idea of coming north, and would love to be coached properly by Gerrard, who’s the idol of so many at that club. But he is still young and while we got Kent and Ejaria, that’s no guarantee Solanke will also be able to come here.

Which ones do you want in Govan?

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  1. We do need more quality no doubt about that. But again more Liverpool players as Victor Meldrew would say I don't believe it. And once again instead of going forward we get Steven Davis for me that's us going backwards. A don't see this 14 million quid debt getting smaller it's only going to get rattled up even more so when would we see our famous club back in a healthy financial state.As long as we keep bringing in players like Skirtel on 60k a week we only bring these financial matters and pressure on ourselves.

  2. stevie d is not the same character as kyle lafferty.
    he just bossed the game in dublin-and a republic fan said that.
    this one makes sense

  3. Out of Those Players
    …Only Solanke to Glasgow 👍

    Skrtel … Never Gonna Happen!
    Lewis … No! #LeeWallace
    Davis … No Hes had His Time #ForwardNotBack

  4. Can't see any of these players making a significant impact:
    Skrtel – wages too high and too old.
    Lewis – another loanee we don't need. Already have Barasic, Wallace, Flanagan and Halliday or go with a back 3.
    Davis – of old absolutely yes but if he was still that player he'd walk into a very poor Southampton side. No fee and small wage maybe worth a punt.
    Solanke – seems a favourite of this site but I've never seen him play and his stats aren't that great. Can someone please explain to me where they get to see him play regularly to think that he can cut it at Rangers. What are his attributes and what will he bring to Ibrox?

  5. Why are we chasing another left back we must have at least 4 if not more for that position crazy. We would than have half a team that are fighting to play that position not one bit of sense in it.

  6. More loanees is maybe just the price we need to pay, to get back on our feet. In some ways, it's a win-win because Liverpool get experience of the big game atmosphere, for their young players and we, save £££. Taking on players like Skrtel with massive wage demands at our current juncture, is just financial irresponsibility. If we do buy players, there is going to have to be real value in our purchases. Unlike Pena, who has been and continues to be, a burden and a massive waste of £££. He must be got rid of, asap. I don't care how much weight he's lost.

    • Maybe but at EPL level they are poor and if Davis can't get into that team then he is not the player that left us. That makes it a gamble in my book.

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