Rangers summer signing admits he’s made a mistake


Rangers defender Gareth McAuley has admitted he made a mistake this summer by not having a pre-season and has hinted this error has led to such a long road back to fitness before finally making his debut as a sub against Spartak.

The 38-year old Northern Ireland international was freed by West Brom earlier this year, but elected not to maintain fitness and instead sought a new club without the aid of a pre-season, something he declares now was an error.

Speaking to RTV he said:

“In hindsight I should have went in somewhere and done pre-season properly but I’m here, I’ve done the hard work, feel fit, ready to go.”

For a wily old veteran we are surprised he made such a rookie error – perhaps he didn’t expect to find club football again, but for such an experienced international with bags of EPL matches to his name, surely he’d realise getting a gig wouldn’t be that hard.

Nevertheless, we have him now, after a long road of recovery and Rangers fans will get to see a lot more of him over the coming months.


  1. Off topic here guys but our chairman has just lost his Take Over Panel court case. Over on follow follow they are laughing at this saying nothing to worry about The King will sort it out and deal with it. Also saying it's nothing to do with Rangers when it does it's shares in our club to think there won't be consequences to the club we need our heads looked at. Honestly sometimes a don't think our fans are playing with a full deck.

  2. Scud

    Panel result means King will have to offer to buy outstanding shares at 20p. As they are currently worth more than this, nobody will sell. So, it is a pointless exercise in futility which will only cost Rangers money. I think that is why King fought it. He will now have to make the offer which nobody will take up, but earning fees for lawyers and accountants

  3. They shareholders that are left and that King is trying to chisel got their shares for buttons look at McCoist 1p a share he got and others as well. Now the bottom line is 20p at least they will take that 20× their dough if only to see King suffer remember these are the guys that King has left behind so they will be looking to shaft the CHISLER.

    • Time will tell who is right. If McCoist and others wanted to sell their shares, why would they take 20p from King when they could get 28p elsewhere?
      Next, why does selling King a 28p share for 20p make him suffer? He buys at 20p, sells some at 28p and keeps the profit. Yes, that will really teach him.
      I am a shareholder and I can tell you I will not be selling my shares.

      Not sure where these facts leave your arguement, but sure you will think of something

  4. Still waiting on your answer scotswhahea. While we are on about King disappointed with some posts on follow follow there one nugget said he has no fears about King losing the court case today as never loses a court case. Oh dear I do wonder and have concern for fans like this I have 2 words for him that thinks King does not lose court cases Fatman Mike.

  5. Sorry to keep you waiting Scud, I have a life outside the internet
    I don't know exactly what I paid. I honestly can't remember. It was a few years ago, when there was a share issue. It was not 1p.
    But as you are keen on answers, why don't you answer my questions?
    1)If McCoist and others wanted to sell their shares, why would they take 20p from King when they could get 28p elsewhere?
    2)Next, why does selling King a 28p share for 20p make him suffer?

  6. It's been 20p for the last few years have not seen anything to back up 28p mate.But I do find it rather dodgy that you bought something that you cannot remember for how much so if that is the case then how would you know if you made any profit on the shares when you where to sell them then. You could maybe end up getting ripped off mate.

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