“**** him” – some Rangers fans fume at club announcement


Rangers and Kilmarnock have today announced a testimonial
for current Rugby Park and ex Ibrox striker Kris Boyd, and it’s safe to say
some Rangers fans haven’t exactly reacted to this news with a lot of
The prolific front-man broke all kinds of records in Govan
and while starting his career at Rugby Park, is regarded as a Rangers fan
through and through and spent three spells at Ibrox including the dark days of
the lower divisions.
However, his media performances in some papers and some
broadcasters have attracted a touch of ire from some fans given their
criticisms of certain aspects of Rangers and our conduct. His reaction to the
Jordan Jones deal was rather stinging at best and it certainly didn’t endear
him to Rangers fans.
However, he gave more than he took for sure, and certainly
didn’t have to come back when we sank in the lower divisions; so we don’t
completely have ire for him.
Other fans, not so much. Here’s the best of what they said:
“Then write ***** about us in his column on Monday.”

“Has a hard on for us every other week on tv but knows
exactly where to turn to earn a few quid. **** him.”

“Pie at the gate?!”
Thankfully a few were a little more positive:


  1. Thought you had to be at a club for 10 years to get a testimonial?
    Is that c*by not getting paid enough from the daily record, BBC, sky and Kilmarnock. Seems like he wants us to top up his wages.
    Can't say I will be there. Got some grass to watch grow

  2. The testimonial has been on the cards for months – you must be sleeping to think it was announced just today. It isn't the current team he's playing either but a bunch of his old team mates managed by McCoist so the club has almost nothing to do with it.

    • True to all that, but it was 'confirmed' on the club website today so unless we're going into semantics, it was only today that fans could react to an official announcement about it.

  3. Think Boyd has burnt his bridges with us. Can't see a big turn out. Another example of the audacity of Scottish football who kick us at every turn but then turn to us when they need fans to turn out in numbers. Also there is something distasteful about players who have done very well out of the game having testimonials to earn even more at the expense of hard pushed fans.

  4. The guy is a complete and utter nugget. Talks through a hole in his arse and the state of that Tony Blair of his he needs to get a grip. Even the Turkish Delight he spoke about a split in the Celtic dressing room when asked why or how he had known of this his answer BECAUSE a just know. Bit of a horses banger if you ask me.

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