Rangers have just saved a few million


Hot on the heels of Eros Grezda’s ‘announce’ display yesterday which may just have given manager Steven Gerrard a brand-new option as striker was the perfectly-timed return to form we’ve been anticipating from Scott Arfield.

This was a composed, hard-working display from the midfield grafter, and his use of the ball was much more like earlier in the season – but his two goals have opened up something Rangers have been seeking for seasons, if not longer: a goalscoring midfielder.

Rangers have lacked quite a few ‘specialty’ players for quite a long time, and one of those is the rather desirable attacking midfielder who can get goals – aka ‘the Frank Lampard’.

And until yesterday we’d believed the out-for-the-likely-season Graham Dorrans to be the only real possibility there.

But Arfield has now presented his case rather than a £2M+ January signing (that could be used elsewhere now), and believe us, it’s compelling.

His first goal especially was a wonderful display of balance, coordination, awareness, experience, composure and clinical finishing.

He couldn’t take the shot first time, and waited for the perfect moment to bend it round the keeper and into the back of the net – a truly clinical strike, and it set the tone for the match for the home side.

Someone who can get goals from the middle of the park has been a drastic absence in Rangers sides of recent times. Even the legend that is Barry Ferguson struggled to score as many from the middle as his ability suggested he should.

But Arfield, while admittedly a very different player, has now given Gerrard goals from central, in a position that just hasn’t been producing anything clinical at all this season.

Rangers’ display yesterday was excellent, and a joy to behold – even an 11-man Motherwell would have struggled to keep the score down.

And Scott Arfield’s credentials as a midfield goal machine were done no harm at all.


  1. You shouldn't get carried away after a bad result but just as importantly don't get ahead of yourself after we have a brilliant performance. 2 goals against Motherwell doesn't make arfield our goalscoring midfielder we desparetly need. We still need a clinical clever number 10. Having watched Macaulay for years in England it doesn't surprise me he looked by far our best defender in his 45 min appearance. He should be 1st choice, he will cruise it and be a massive threat in opposition box.

    • Well said. There will be good and bad days but not 365 bad ones like we had with previous managers. Gerrard first has to make Rangers a strong 2nd, I think he has almost done that but not quite. A good display against Celtic at Ibrox or even better if you ask me – progressing into the next stage of Europa would do along with 2nd place…. or better…..

  2. Arfield has been quite up and down this season even allowing for injury he can disappear at times. I think we need to spend that money and if it makes him hungry to get in the side, great! He's not got a game changing ability for me. Thats what we lack.

  3. Not with you on Arnfield not doing it enough for me you left him without a name not so long ago ibrox noise now he is back to being flavour of the month again . Our big test is yet to come against Celtic if they put us in our place which they have done for the past 12 games or so yesterday's result is just papering over the cracks and we know it. Let's see how the games go leading up to Celtic.

  4. If reports are true and we are 14 million plus in debt and we need another 4 million to get through the season where is the cash coming from to buy players in january only a thought.

    • Spud most of the 14 is loans that will be converted to equity Mr King has already committed to the continuing loan. Next set of figures for next year will be 100% better with Euro Money ..Hopefull H more retail….and League Winning Payment WATP

  5. For those that criticise Gerrards signings, and in particular a lack of goal scoring creative players, it must be remembered that Arfield was expected to do more and we lost both Dorrans and Murphy. Grezda was also expected to contribute more and hopefully will now kick on. Middleton has started to contribute and while Kent has performed well he can still do more on the creative and goal scoring side. This type of player is thin on the ground and every club in the world is looking for them so let's hope the ones we have can all step up.

  6. Bill there is only so many times you can ask people to put their money in to the club for equity before it be ones embarrassing King has done more tapping than a blind man's stick you know that and so do I.

  7. Love Scotty Arfield as a Player.
    Was a Boss Performance!

    Planning to get my New Shirt printed with Arfield 37 🖒

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