Could Gerrard make stunning January decision on £3.2M man?


As Rangers fans know only too well now, January will see some critical additions to a squad which has flirted with competence this season while at times sinking into some very poor performances as well.

It has been reported that Steven Gerrard, as well as a defender, midfielder and striker, is looking for a new creative playmaker to ignite a bit of spark up front and provide the craft that Graham Dorrans might have been able to furnish.

Fans will know Ovie Ejaria, while doing quite in general, has been unable to produce much in the way of telling contributions in the final third, so Gerrard clearly seeks someone who can.

However, there is someone on the payroll who, if Rangers were to finally get him to settle, to finally produce the quality we saw in glimpses last season, might just finally start to pay back the reported £3.2M fee Rangers shelled out for him:

Carlos Pena.

Now, before you chuckle at the back, in brief spells Carlos Pena did produce some excellent technical football, some quality touches and visions, clever use of the ball, and crucially, goals.

His mental health issues are well-documented and admittedly his loan at Necaxa hasn’t gone terribly well (albeit he’s played out of position in nearly every appearance), but with Steven Gerrard not on a king’s ransom with regards budget this winter, could Carlos Pena’s creativity be worth hauling back to Govan if the guy can get the off-pitch support he clearly needs?

Rangers shelled out a lot of money for this player, and he’s regarded as good enough to play for his national side 19 times, and while we accept it’s a long shot, we saw, fleetingly, enough from Pena to suggest there is a player in there.

It’s whether we want to get that player out and delivering on the pitch.

It might be worth considering, because the alternative is loaning him out, paying his wages, and waiting till May 2020 before we can free him without cost.

Unlike Niko Kranjcar Carlos Pena’s problems are not physical – they’re mental. And again, perhaps some psychological support could be useful as it may with Eros Grezda. And if Rangers can do that, and consider it worth it, Pena could actually turn out belatedly like a new signing for Steven Gerrard next calendar year.

Crazier things have happened.

NB: this article was written only hours prior to today’s breaking news about Pena’s loan being cancelled and his impending return.


  1. Surely you're not serious – he's absolute shite, has a drink problem, doesn't speak a word of the queen's english and likes to blow his snot into his Rangers gear! Enough said..

  2. Come on mate get a grip you were one of the first to want this joker papped. Remember what he did with those shorts the guy is a booze jockey and you know it. We are meant to going and moving forward and all we do is go back the way. Our goalkeeper Lafferty Davis getting a mention Docherty come on get a grip.

  3. He has a drink and drug problems. It's a joke if he comes back. We should cut our losses and get rid. Play Middleton as a number 10

  4. Interesting One
    …Id like to see him get another Chance but Im on the Fence with this one

    He COULD be the playmaker we have been looking for
    …..But it could also End in Disaster

    But we wont know until we try and plus no one is going to buy him from us if he is just sitting on the bench.

    ..and we paid £2.75m for him 🖒

  5. I'd like to see him get another shot at it,may as well we're still paying his wages,not any worse than that shower of shite lastnight

  6. I'd give pena another shot. The boy clearly has issues, but also talent. In future if we don't already, we should be putting a clause in contracts that any drinking that threatens their ability or drug taking results in termination of their contract.

  7. Just checking. This is the same Pena who failed at Rangers then failed at his first loan club then failed at his second loan club? Have I mentioned he's a FAILURE. Not to mention his choice of handkerchief!

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