Alarming times at Ibrox – another “failed experiment”


Ok, so where do we start with this one.

Now, we will affirm the starting XI wasn’t actually that bad, with only one shambolic selection in the form of Coulibaly over Jack (what the hell Stevie, why?) but it was evident throughout the 90 minutes that a match Rangers should have comfortably won let slip and our manager had no answers for it.

26 games this season, 13 wins.

This is simply no better than any of his useless predecessors and there is no defending it. The players are supposed to be better than we had before, but it’s not apparent on the pitch.

The defence tonight was an absolute bombscare, which was ironic given Moscow were themselves a defensive mess going into the fixture.

And Rangers have now finally been exposed by a very poor team and we must be worried for the first time about the direction we’re going in.

The football is rubbish, more Warburton tippy-tap. The selections are about Stevie’s favourites and not the best. More Warby nonsense.

And we just don’t trust the manager and his judgement.

He knows more about football than you and I and the whole Ibrox Noise readership put together but it doesn’t make him a great manager. And he certainly sure as heck doesn’t know more about Rangers than us fans do. We’ve lived our lives supporting this great club so don’t give us your garbage about an outsider knowing more about Rangers and the SPL.

Gerrard is not learning on the job. Things are getting worse. It peaked with those two fine displays v Rapid and Hearts, but has dramatically sunk since then.

And we can’t be the only fans who facepalmed at the sight of Gareth McAuley on.

Fans will reply with ‘we can’t keep changing manager’ – they’re right. Because we should be able to appoint the right ones in the first place.

We are incapable now of appointing the correct manager for Rangers FC or signing the right players.

Seven years of the wrong managers and players and we see zero hint of improvement.

We tried to be positive recently with a more constructive article, but sometimes you have to call a spade a spade rather than a digging implement and recognise this Rangers regime and squad are as rubbish as always.

Hurl abuse if you like, we’re past caring.



  1. Well said ibrox noise a few home truths in there some won't like it. He is no different from Murts a youth coach and let's not beat about the bush King the chisler conned us again with this signing. I dread the next 4 or 5 games Hibs Aberdeen Celtic etc especially Celtic they cunts will pish all over us and we won't have a reply to it. Get him out now disaster.

  2. SG was brought in to sell season tickets. He was world class as a player but he hasn't even got his coaching badges yet. It was always going to be a risky appointment. Then bringing in so many loan players, especially young players on loans, was just increasing that risk. The annual accounts were shocking. It's not looking good.
    This fall's squarely on the board. Look what they have done or haven't done. We were told last year to much triumph that we were finally rid of fat Mike Ashley, which then turns out that we paid the fat c*nt £3milllion and signed on to a worse deal with him. You could make it up.
    We have a Sunday league manufacture for our strips. Plus the sheep have more money coming in each year through commercial deals. That's just embarrassing.

  3. Sunday's game is more important but that was an absolute joke! Ejaria is woeful! Coulibaly has lost whatever he had, pedestrian is an understatement. Flanagan should never play at left back again. Goldson and Katic were amateurish. Gerrard is raving about Middleton but other than the goal he was terrible. If tav isn't capable of a decent cross then he's an empty shirt because he can't be relied on for anything else. 80th minute substitutions again? Gerrard the world class player would struggle to influence a game in the last 10 minutes so why does he expect these far far far inferior players to be able to come on and do it?? Wake the fuck up!!

  4. A don't like to talk about Celtic but hey they got the job done tonight and that means trouble for us they mean business and they are coming for us as the song goes there maybe trouble ahead.

  5. Have to agree with everything said and more,but unfortunately you will have many bears responding by saying its still work in progress which is complete utter shite…..The shambolic defending that we all witnessed tonight is not acceptable and Gerard has to be held accountable by continually playing Flanagan at left back
    (He's a right back Stevie) and to be honest this defence isn't good enough to take our club forward and we need stronger/ better defenders in the January window and if Gerard doesn't sort this out come January then am afraid we won't be winning anything/anytime soon….. Score 3 goals away and still get pumped??? watp

  6. I said exactly this 3 weeks ago and people were having a go….Glad to see others are now seeing the Warburton similarities!

    • Hahaha 😂 Hi Martin. Yeah was pretty dreadful mate eh? – something needs to change. It frustrates me as I think we have a good pool of players, certainly good enough to perform better than they have domestically.They need to get the finger oot. WATP

    • At full time yes it was dreadful. I feel the offside goal was massive. 2-4 at half time and its a different game. Recently our attackers have been letting us down by not taking their chances but the same cant be said of last night. Its shame the second goal for us was class. The offside goal was class. Half time i am sitting happy , though disappointed we had lost 2 goals. We just fell apart the second half and i could say they had some luck but in truth it could have been 7 or 8 if not for the goalie. A missed opportunity and yet again we are not consistent. Need a good performance on Sunday and result, gutted Daniel is missing. WATP

  7. Having read what you have posted a lot of it is right but lets look at this in perspective he has taken us further in Europe than expected and we all were shouting he is the man the financial guys were all rubbing their hands but forgetting that our first priority is in the domestic competitions and mainly the league so what you are implying is that on one hand he is not good enough and on the other we cant get rid of him so in your opinion what is the way to go forward

    • I have been commenting to Ibrox

      I have been saying for weeks our midfield is shambolic and the manky mob midfield and forward line is far superior in the attacking sense but their defence is suspect. Well tonight no class in midfield and defence abysmal. The best signing to date is McGregor by a mile. Gerrard needs to learn quickly. He is making rookie mistakes

  8. In 46 years watching The Rangers I've never seen a captain of our team run around like a fucking headless chicken who can't defend,get him to fuck to West brom in January,why the fuck was flanigan not taken off at half-time instead of 80 mins same with coulibally,least said about that petulant child and his strops,get him to fuck in January as Well,could go on and on but my heads fucking bustin,off to get wasted,not looking forward to the next 2 months…No Surrender…

  9. Sorry, don't agree
    Take away the hurt and examine it – we defended very badly. But SG brought Katic back, which we all wanted. I would rather have had Halliday at LB, but that's my call. I would also have picked Jack over Coulibaly.

    But at halftime we would all have taken that result. It was Goldson, not Katic, who cost us a goal. What exactly would you have done differently? We blew it, but who would have changed the defence excepting Flanagan? Or the midfield? Without SG, we would not have got some of these players. We are not Barcelona. let's admit it and move on.
    RTID, and right now, I still believe in SG

    • We’re pretty stunned you’re praising SGs rep as the reason we got joe Worrall, Gareth McAuley and two Liverpool kids. Who’s the big signing you think SG made the difference on?

    • I think SG was a world class midfielder who has won the Champions League. That is a decent reputation. I think that, combined with Rangers reputation, may have been enough to secure Goldson, Grezda, Katic and Barisic. I didn't see any Neiderkorn players coming for Pedro after we humped them – oh, wait:-(
      I think his Liverpool connections secure Ejaria and Kent, and that persuaded Forest to give us Worrall and Angers to give us Coulibaly.
      I am not claiming any of these guys turned down Barcelona for SG. I I didn't claim it was SGs rep, if by that you mean as a manager, I am stating it is his name as a player. But I suspect they could have got more money playing in England. Not sure what your definition of a big signing is. For me it is someone who improves the team.
      I repeat, we are a work in progress. If you don't want to defend the manager, that is your right. But if you want to attack, bring something positive with you. If you weren't against SG in the summer, explain where we would get the money to pay him off, and his signings, then tell us who you would bring in to replace him. Guardioa? We have taken a chance. He has made mistakes and will continmue to make more. Its a learning process.

  10. Can’t remember warburtons team playing Spartan Moscow rapid Vienna or Villarreal. He struggled against Dumbarton ffs. Get a grip ibrox noise that is shameful. Really shameful. Talk about knee jerk reaction. And yes it is a work in progress what the fuck do you expect. Disgusting piece to be honest

    • How long will you use the 'work in progress' line Shug? Have Leeds Utd been using the same patter since 2002 as well?

    • Don't you remember the disasters that were Pedro and Murty. We were saying then we were years behind Ceptic and it would take years to get back to the top. Yet here we are 3 MONTHS into the new regime and you are calling for heads to roll. You may not like the term but that's exactly what we are. A work in progress.

    • Robrob, I agree. If IN want to decry 'work in progress' perhaps they could share their vision. The one that will bring instant results

    • Exactly. You tell me you seem to know best. Big eck ? No. Mcinness? No. Pardew? No. Allardyce? No walter unfortunately an old man no. So go on tell us. Whatever you think we have improved by a country mile but by calling for his head you must tell who can take us to a level we can be no where near after 3 years back in one of the worst top leagues in Europe. Will be interesting to see who you come up with

    • Shug, you're absolutely right. There is no one else we can seem to bring in. So we went with a non-manager. What now? Where does this leave us?

    • Statistics! Is it 13 wins from 26 or is it 4 defeats in 26? Don't forget 12 of those games have been in Europe against mostly decent sides.
      A completely gutless article IN.
      You say "zero hint of improvement". Really?
      We are miles better than last year. Fact!
      Agreed we never laid a glove on Ceptic and it could've been 5. But last year we DID lose 5 and it could've been 10. Then we were absolutely humiliated in the cup.
      So what we lost a semi-final. Wasn't the first and it won't be the last. Get over it.
      Livingston was a bad result but we beat Dundee comfortably. We drew with Motherwell but I think you'll find that the 9IAR team LOST to Motherwell regularly.
      Every manager plays favourites. Get over it.
      Every manager plays players out of position. Don't you remember Walter playing European Cup winning centre half Basil Boli at right back. Likewise Gattuso one of Italy's finest midfield players.
      Every manager will make the wrong subs at the wrong times according to fans.
      And if you're going to make comparisons with Pedro then do it right. How did he get on in Europe last season. Yes that's right 2 games against the 4th best team in Luxembourg bringing total humiliation and our worst ever result in Europe. Likewise Murty look at the disaster he was.
      Think about it. You're calling for the managers head because 4 games into the Europa group matches we lost a game that would've kept us top of the table. How many fans actually believed we would get anywhere near the group stages.
      We've sorted out our home record and our away record isn't as bad as you make out. Sure it hasn't always been pretty but we are still finding our feet and dealing with key injuries like Murphy, Dorrans, Barasic, Jack, Coulibally, Rossiter. We have also dealt with shocking refereeing decisions and appalling pitches.
      It's way too early to give up on Gerrard and I for one am standing right behind him. What else can we do? I see a lot of people with questions but no answers.

    • Robroy your clutching – That statement is ridiculous! We could have lost 5 but didn't so that makes us better than when we did lose 5 because that game could have been 10? Eh. 5 or 10, the performance was the same! we went to Parkhead and ran about scared mate!

      Let's take Europe out – Explain why we are better than last year!? If we were better we would have progressed further than last year in the cup! Yes we have lost in semi finals and will again…Losing because we hit two shots at goal in 90 mins isn't acceptable. And before you bang on about having no strikers, the problem was our so called attacking players who couldn't cross or hit a shot or a free kick or get by Aberdeens defenders. And the one striker we did have was Gerrards signing and he looks worse than Dodoo! It's not good enough, nowhere near it…period!

      Our away form isn't that bad? 10 points in 7 games or whatever it is to date and we aren't even near Christmas!

      It isn't only the fact we are dropping points at an alarming rate in the league or getting put out of semi finals. It's the manner in which it is happening…As mentioned, running around at Celtic park totally lost and bullied, running around at Hampden against Aberdeen totally failing to find a way through. It's the games against Motherwell, Livingston, Aberdeen where we are totally devoid of leaders or anyone standing up and being counted and instead wanting to start the nervous little 2 yard sideways passes or camping at the edge of our own box. All traits of a Warburton or Pedro team and not the kind of team that will take us back to the top of Scottish football!

      Gerrard has brought in over a dozen player is it? yet failed to find a proper RB, failed to find a proper captain, failed to find a creative midfielder and a midfield leader that has epitomised every single successful Rangers team in history. You know who's Rangers teams didn't have a midfield leader or proper attacking Midfielder of calibre…Yep Warbs, Pedro and Murty! Until those things are addressed then this team will continue exactly like it has been doing and that is nowhere near good enough for Rangers football club..

      Let's see how he goes in January..WATP

    • Robrob57 How is life in cloud cucck00land
      Get your head out of the sand -NO QUALITY -NO HEART -NO TROPHIES -NO FUTURE
      For **** suck fans can u not see this man is leading us into the abyss

    • William,

      Why should we take Europe out? Why not compare the two seasons in Europe? Because it destroys your argument?
      Our defence is unbeaten, if you take out the goals they have lost!! You can't take out Europe. It has paid for the summer signings, improved Rangers' and Scotland's European ranking and raised our profile.
      Our centre backs are better than last season's, or any time in the last 6 years. Katic is young and will improve, Goldson too. they will make mistakes, show me a CB who hasn't.
      -We have too many midfielders, agreed. But SG has not bought any, just brought in on loan. If they do well, we can offer, if not, they go home.
      -You cannot reasonably expect to bring in 15 players and have them gel immediately. It takes time
      -It is not clever to sign someone and make them captain, I suspect that is why Tav has the armband. I don't htink he will next year. Suspect he will be sold if we get a big bid which will pay for new players. But keep attacking him, that's the way to drive the price up(smacks head emoji)
      -Creative midfield? Dorrans out, Murphy out leaves only Arfield and Ejaria, who has not delivered yet. Please name the guys you wanted in the summer to fill that role.
      I won't waste my time replying to Scim, its pointless

    • My opinion is one held by many Scim so need for the derogatory tone. We are all Rangers fans here wanting the best for our club. Some, like me, do see progress and don't see the need for change. Others like you and WH see a different path but don't seem willing to share it with the rest of us.
      I hope Gerrard proves to be a great manager and some day leaves us for a Liverpool with 3 league titles in the bag. Actually so do you but I'm not sure you can see past your hatred of King.

    • rob rob 57 If I was derogatory i duly appologise

      YES i do have a Hatred of King which really is unacceptable to think that of your club Chairman but i love this Club and this man is an Imposter
      As for Improvement rod – That only comes with Quality and Trophies of which we have Zero
      Everybody wants the best for the Club , i agree so bring our Chairman to account AS SOON AS POSSIBLE PLEASE

    • No Scim – No it doesn't destroy my argument, it simply can't be compared. If Pedro got through then we would have games to judge against wouldn't we?(Smacks head emoji)Take Europe out because we didn't get in last year! jeezo. What games you gonna compare? We have done excellent in Europe so far, that is undisputed. I made the point let's take Europe out of the equation because they are uncomparable because Pedro didn't play enough games to see how his team was doing in Europe did he? It really isn't hard to comprehend is it?

      So what is comparable between both? How about Domestic football, you know where they have played same teams, faced same managers, same stadiums, same cup competitions, same style of play from opposition etc…makes sense no?

      Yes the two centre halves are better, who said they weren't? Goldson for me is the best defender in Scotland and Katic can be a pure gem, even Worrall Isn't as bad as some are saying in my book, Unfortunately it's a team game and as a team this defence is still leaking silly goals and being cut open far too easily..that's a fact! Nobody is talking about Goldsons individual mistakes, we're talking about when it matters ie in the semi, against Celtic, against Spartak he has been part of a defence that has performed poorly. Mistakes happen, not bonding or being able to perform in a defence when it matters shouldn't happen! or at least shouldn't as often as it does.(is it down to Gerrard chopping and changing? perhaps)

      It's not good to sign someone and make them captain? It is if firstly we DON'T have a captain and secondly we NEED one. I'd have thought Gerrard out of all the ex players in the whole of the UK would have fixed that. But as you clearly pointed out…He didn't sign any. Hence one of the major problems I'm talking about!

      As for Tav, Keep attacking him? Im not attacking Tav, I'm very clear when it comes to Tav, he can be good going forward against weak oposition and I'd be happy to keep him at Rangers as a squad player for right mid, but he is one of the worst defenders I have seen at Ibrox since the late 60s by a long way! He is simply not good enough to play rb for us, he has never been! He also should never have been made captain(which was an error by Gerrard clearly).

      So your logic is Gerrard came in Didn't sign that leader and captain that we are have been desperate for since Walter Smith but that's okay because we don't want to risk doing that, And instead he made Tav captain even though you don't think he will be captain next year..You're totally destroying your own argument mate!

      So to reiterate my argument – Warbs, Pedro and Murty if you want, Failed to bring in a proper captain, failed to deal with the fullback problems, failed to bring in a proper creative attacking midfielder and as a result failed as Rangers managers when it mattered most such as Cup semi's, Old firms and so on, because their style of play was too tippy tappy and unconfident and we got cut open too easily by teams we shouldn't be getting cut open so easily by! That is what I am personally seeing with Gerrards team. No leaders, No heart, No creativity in the middle of the part, Tav still getting to play out of position, defence still getting cut open too easily…And im my opinion from watching the team for over 40 years then we will NOT get back to were we were until those problems I pointed out are sorted. Do I want Gerrard to be the guy to sort it…100% yes and I thought he would be and I was happy when he came in. Hasn't happened in my eyes.

    • Rob – I'm with you, we are all Rangers fans and all want the same thing. I disagree with you mate but as I have said previously, I am only giving my opinion on what I think we are missing and what I'm not happy with. You might be right and I'm wrong, fair enough if so. I 100% don't want Gerrard sacked and have never said so. I want to see him fix the problems that I think we have that's all. I was happy with Gerrard and I'd love in January to see him improve and become a great for us. As I said I though he would be closer to a Souness or a Smith but for me(in my opinion) it seems much closer to the failed Ranger managers of the last few years! Let's hope he turns it round. WATP

    • PS ScotsWhaHae – You say Ejaria hasn't delivered yet..How long have we to wait? so many games and what 2 goals? not set up any? Himself admitting he doesn't know his best position! As for who I would have brought in. I don't know..But we have a fantastic scouting network who worked with some huge clubs down South, We have players and assistants who know football inside out but they identified Ejaria who by all accounts struggled at his loan away from Liverpool as the type we needed in the middle to compete domestically! Remember Warburton identified Zelalam and Oduwa!?

    • William, I don't know if Ejaria was brought in for that role. I think the plan was for Murphy and Dorrans to challenge Arfield for it. We don't have that option now. But three options for one jersey is usually enough.
      If not, yes, we have a fantastic scouting network, so if they can't find anyone better that we can afford, maybe it doesn't exist. Happy to listen to others' suggestions though

    • ScotsWhaHae – Fair enough, you have a point. I totally agree about Dorrans and Murphy. For me on his game Dorrans would be one of the best In Scotland by a long way as would Murphy and Rossiter so I take your point fully and perhaps that midfield problem would have been sorted!. My issue isn't the players we have(Tav included), it's the players we don't have and the style ect that I don't see much change. Man for man I believe we have mostly the best players in the league and we have finally have some depth, we need that midfield sorted though. I'd like a 442 formation. Stronger at the back and 2 up top in Alfredo and Lafferty we would score against any team. Stay in the mix till January and who knows a good window and Gerrard maybe having that wee bit longer to suss the league out and we can push on to another level. Fingers crossed fella. Cheers, WATP

    • William,
      I think we have been a little unlucky in the creative department. I think Arfield should be looking over his shoulder. Creating for a team playing on the back foot does not come with the same demands and pressure of creating for a team usually playing on the front foot.
      I would be interested in a 4-4-2 as well, but wonder if we have the strength in the middle given most teams would have an extra man in there. It could be worth a try against the weaker teams, trouble is SG,like most, prefers a settled formation.
      Cheers to you too, happy to have a decent conversation with anyone

  11. My only differences tonight – I’d have played Worrall instead of Katic and jack instead of Coulibaly. We have two keepers who are great shot stoppers, but don’t try and tell me that McG is better on crosses than Wes. The third equaliser started with Katic giving them a free kick near their byline and a cross into our six yard box.

  12. Calm yer jets IN..couldnt even finish that article! Stevie G will and has taken us forward and you know it! Watp

  13. The only reason our European results are better is we have played absolute rubbish, our actual play might have looked good at times, but only when playing poor teams. Think about this, is the level of performances we have seen this season really any better than what we have seen from our last 3 managers, not really, we are deluding ourselves again with Mr G and continuing to believe that Mr K will deliver on his promises, he will be gone soon J

  14. Spartak were their for the Taking!
    Should have Beaten them.

    Once we had gained a lead we should have gone to Walters Defensive Style and just parked the rest of the match 👊

    13 in 26 is not good enough!

    We are in worrying times Again! 😣
    …We cant seem to catch a break

  15. Ibrox noise you do have to take the flak right on the Vera Lynn you where spouting some amount of pish when we got Stevie G. Now people are having their say you don't seem to pleased but it's time for you to hold your hand up and admit you got it all wrong.

  16. Last night was a huge disappointment, but we need to get it into perspective. It was game 4 in the Europa group stages, and we lost by one goal to Spartak Moscow away in Russia. Please compare that to losing to Progres in 1st qualifying round, and then tell me that doesn't signify significant progress has been made?

    SG has consistently said from the moment he walked through the door that there will be bumps along the way, and it certainly is a bumpy time. We have had a problem in the previous few games with a lack of cutting edge in the final third, but we certainly didn't have that last night. Our back four was a shambles! Not a single supporter would have not chosen Goldson, who was a disaster last night. Bringing Katic back was definitely a mistake, despite the clamour for his return. Worrall would have been a better choice. Tav was his usual self defensively, and Flanagan was poor although he at least contributed a stunning pass for Candeias to score. I also think Jack should have played instead of Coulibaly. But of course it's easy to be wise after the event.

    The very fact that everyone is so disappointed that we lost away to Spartak shows how much our expectation has risen this season, but we need to be realistic that we are still a long long way from where we would like to be. The gap between where we were and where we want to be could never be fixed in a matter of a few months. But seriously, we are a lot further forward than we were at the end of last season.

  17. Chopping and changing the defence is a recipe for disaster, what did halliday do wrong to get left out for Flanagan who cannot even get goal side of the attacker.

  18. This has been excellent reading today…Yes it was a strange game with odd goals for both sides and a very dissatisfied and disappointing outcome . But last season we got beat first qualifier by pish !!!! Not this season …by the way on completion of what ever ends up we will have made a few million for the club too so please !! …also the ability to actually change the team because of injury and the like it's also an big improvement. I care much more about the League and that should be our focus . Steven Gerrard is a Good Appointment …he needs at least 2 seasons….We have to be realistic please IN and fellow Real Bears . Would you swap SG with either of the 2 previous ballons …Fucking No Way .Player quality is improving ..unfortunately couple of bad injuries beforehand Laffs and Kent . Blaming the current board now and the backing they have given is a low and pointless criticism as they have backed SG with money and are building a decent base for the future Again would you rather we had those other Charlatans !!!!…. Let's enjoy the European Ride for what it is and see where we end up this season… WATP GSTQ Onwards

  19. Iam still with Stevie G,only been here since June of a 4 year deal,he needs to be given time,yes hes making mistakes but iam postive he will sort it out,we're still in Europe and 3rd in the league so still all to play for,so whats the panic ffs,calm down

    WATP LETS GO 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  20. Bit harsh to compare with warbs etc. Those teams were getting bullied by everyone. We're not getting bullied anymore. Just have to cut out individual errors and get better quality in the final 3rd. Domestically teams are now sitting in and hoping for the counter. We need to work out how to mitigate that.

  21. No matter how you viewed Gerrards appointment it was always going to be another huge gamble. So far it doesn't look like paying of. The team overall is very average and with Celtic now starting to get into gear it would take a massive improvement from us to keep up with them this season. I do think we have to give SG until the end of the season at least but to be honest it doesn't look good!

  22. We’re all entitled to an opinion. I honestly believe we will get through this group and will do better in the league. A knee jerk reaction with comments is easy when emotions are high. Trust me I was fucking raging last night.

    But what I will say is at the start of the season we were gushing over the Gaffer and getting into Europe. We’ve had a hard month and the next minute we’re asking for his head on a plate ffs!

    We can’t keep chopping and changing Managers or Teams at a drop of a hat – we might as well lock the gates and give Celtic the titles. We must be ready for a bumpy season and see what happens after January. Not even giving him a full season is embarrassing.

  23. Talk about goin overboard ffs. Last season we struggled to beat Dundee we've lost our 1st game in Europe in 11 + yes the defending was poor but we've improved + have a manager who will make mistakes but will get it right. What do u expect of a new team 7 month into the season2 late goals away at Aberdeen + motherwell from bein level with celic in with a chance of Europe after Xmas. Ffs with friends like ibrox noise who needs enemy's.

  24. Let's give it some time. If people want to criticise what SG has done, fair enough. I think he makes mistakes, most people would have had Halliday for Flanagan and Jack for Ejaria on at halftime to stiffen defence. I think he takes too long to make needed subs.
    But give it time. See where we are at the end of the season, 1 yr into a 4yr deal. If you want instant results, get your hand in your pocket, find the £20-30 million to buy the club, £10 million+ to pay off the manager and all the players you want, then say £30 million to buy the great players you believe will win everything.
    Now, all of you with that money please form an orderly queue behind Scim Bob with his dosh and then please tell us where the fook you have been for the last 6 years!!

  25. This case is now closed your honour all in favour of the defence SWH.. Well said mate!

    Bring on the Well the morra ����⚪️����

  26. SWH, £20 to £30M to buy the club (have you seen the balance sheet!)£10M to pay off the manager(1st appointment, his first challenge and you think we would get £10M if we sold him!)then £30M to buy great players (so who will you find for £30M, how many and what positions, positions won't be hard as all our loan signings head off back to Liverpool etc!), just feels like the same old, like the last 6 years in fact on that point you are correct there! J

    • Unknown, I think if you reread I said £10 million to pay off the manager and all the players you want to get rid of. If you want shot you may have to pay up their contracts. £10 mill would be cheap, looking at all the players people are not happy with
      I think we have stabilised and moved forward. I think some people forget just how bad things were.

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