Thursday, 11 October 2018

What is really going on with Barisic and Katic?

In recent days we’ve discussed the oddity of the puzzling injuries sustained by Croat pair Borna Barisic and Nikola Katic, especially in light of Steven Gerrard confirming on Friday there were no new injuries at all within the squad.

As mentioned earlier in our similarly curious piece focusing on other squad intrigue in the form of Eros Grezda and the soap opera that appears to be surrounding him, we were intending to cover the Croat pair as well today.

A comment on site about Barisic and Katic got us thinking; conspiracy theory alert.

In short, what if neither Barisic nor Katic are injured at all, but wanted to focus on getting their Rangers places back, their fitness levels up, and simply wanted to prioritise their club rather than the risk that comes with international football?

What if Steven Gerrard is well aware of this and gave both his blessing to withdraw on ‘injury grounds’ from the national team on this occasion?

We haven’t had any reason on what is wrong with Katic, and the best we have for Barisic is a ‘muscle rupture’ which is about as vague as it gets.

Both players have been regulars in training so Stevie will be well up to speed on their fitness status, and these days players definitely prioritise their clubs on a number of levels – sadly, playing for your country isn’t the honour and privilege or even priority it used to be.

Instead, the club who pays your wages is number one, and if both Croats withdrew purely to prioritise Rangers and getting fit for selection; we’d admire that entirely.


  1. The words mountain and molehill springs to mind

  2. they have time off to sort out moving to there new homes in scotland. moving your life to a new country is not easy, the lads have done well and hit the ground running. the club are looking after them.

    1. I said this about Morelos last year. People think that it must be the easiest thing in the world to move the UK, but it's usually a massive culture shock for most people and takes time to adjust to the food, weather, culture etc

  3. Umm..I read your articles every day but I'm not entirely sure why you've chosen this path. You may be right,maybe there is more going on than we're led to believe. However,maybe there isn't and Gerrard is happy with the players he's been picking and doesn't want to disrupt the squad with constant changes. Time will tell I guess.

  4. I think the idea has merit beyond cheeky conspiracy bants. Perhaps it is simply minor knocks that one would prefer not to turn into major injuries on international duty. Would explain why Gerrard said there was nothing major to worry about. I would like to think that if players have a dead leg or a bit of tightness, they would stay at home to avoid making matters worse. I would prefer to take the gaffer's word for it.

  5. The first thing in writing a statement read it back to front before posting...saves a lot of time.

  6. Liverpool have history with pulling "injured" players out of international so maybe that's what Gerrard is doing. However, here is another conspiracy theory for you. Maybe the players are actually injured. It seems a bit extreme to not play players for 3 or 4 games before an international break so you can then claim they are injured and need to be pulled out.


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