Starting XI place for attacker deepens mystery over £2M signing….

Starting XI place for attacker deepens mystery over £2M signing….

If the mystery over the apparent injuries sustained by Borna Barisic and Nikola Katic wasn’t odd enough (more on that later), we must admit further bewilderment over the developing Eros Grezda situation.

The Albanian winger has been effectively AWOL since he signed for Rangers, having in itself been a curious scenario given he’d been injured last May in the first place.

He has managed an entire 53 minutes of football since arriving in the summer with just two brief cameos to boast of, and given this was a very ample outlay of a reported £2M, it’s hardly been a good return.

However, the biggest oddity is not only did he fail to make the match day squad on Sunday, but he did play for Albania last night!

This seemingly unfit player was called up for his country’s friendly against Jordan and managed the first 45 minutes indeed – as a striker(!)

We are more than a bit confused as to what is actually going on with our summer capture from Osijek.

Steven Gerrard did say some weeks ago that Grezda would be likely to feature against Ayr in the cup and it was a case of trying to get the workload up for him, but the Albanian hasn’t played a second since then and has arguably regressed, not even making the match day squad for Hearts.

But he has been playing for his country (albeit many observers argue his May injury has destroyed him and he isn’t the same player now, which is just great).

So we wonder if Gerrard was in fact eager for him to play for his country to help out with fitness, perhaps, or if this was a call up Gerrard didn’t endorse. Only Stevie can confirm that one.

The Grezda situation is an odd one. It has so far been a complete waste of cash, and appears to have been a gamble on an injured player in the belief he would regain his previous form.

But then we really have to ask the question; how on earth did he pass his medical?

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  1. Mr Gerrard needs to come out and give us the truth on this one same as the injuries to Barisic and Katic, what is happening ??

  2. Maybe it’s more to do with his level of fitness that Gerard expects. He expects our players to be closing down all the time.

  3. Grezda is a new player in a new team in a new country who needs to be given time to adapt to our style of football and living in the country. Some people are better than others. I'm sure he'll play a part at some point but is he better than Kent (Messi in disguise) or Candeias who despite me not really rating, does exactly what Gerrard wants with the closing people down?

    • Same blunder we made NOT signing John Hartson because of injury look how that turned out for us🤔
      I think the boy will come good and as the report says he only played 45mins so maybe there was an agreement in place that he only plays half a game if anything. He needs time to adjust to the culture and his new team.
      Maybe he has been bought with a view to the second half of the season, there could be any number of reasons as to why this situation is the way it is all I know is we need to trust the manager he has shown that he deserves our trust and faith in him and his team


  4. I Really dont know what to make of Grezda
    I mean obviously id like him to do well and get his shot.

    To be Honest, Stevie G needs to make a statement about what the hell is going on with Katic/Grezda etc

  5. I smelled something wasn't right about Sadiq weeks before it came out that he just wasn't matching up to expectations. I'm starting to get the same feeling about Grezda. I hope I'm wrong.
    The guy is fit but Gerrard seemingly lacks confidence in him or he's just not buckling down and doing enough. Either way it's worrying but at least he's not gettting thrown in before he's ready just because we paid £2m for him. He has to earn his place.

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