Rangers ready to spend £2M on 21-year old in January?


Rangers could be ready to splash the cash on star winger Ryan Kent following the 21-year old’s increasingly outstanding displays this season at Ibrox.

The on-loan Liverpool winger has confirmed his interest in staying in Govan, and manager Steven Gerrard has made no secret of his admiration of the ex-Freiburg man, and with the speed machine unlikely to usurp Liverpool’s famed attacking trident any time soon, the moment could be spot on for Gerrard to make the deal permanent in January.

Kent’s market value is estimated at between £1.5M and £5M, but with Gerrard’s obvious links to Anfield, he may try to get the player at something closer to the bottom end of that spectrum.

If he was to manage to secure Kent for around £2M, it would be considered an excellent acquisition to set 2019 off with a bang, and if Kent’s recent form is anything to go by, he is a true star in the making.

After a slow start at Ibrox, the tricky dribbler has got up to speed and then some, and completely justified and vindicated his manager’s comments on him – fans and the club alike will be hoping we can retain those services permanently.


  1. If we get him for 2m it will be the best news I have had in years
    I can't believe he's attitude when I first seen him he looked like he had been put on the naughty step!
    Now he puts hair up on my neck absolutely a must

    • Agreed. Couldn't see why we wanted him to begin with, looked average. Not any more.
      Now looks like electricity on fire!! Kind of player that gets fans out of their seat when someone passes to him, before the ball gets to him.
      You can see defenders kacking themselves screaming over their shoulders for backup as a second players runs to support them.
      Phenomenal player, seems to want to be here too. January signing, please

  2. Come on guys get real do you think liverpool will let us have this player who is playing out his skin for 2 million and within a year or 2 we could punt him for 10 plus it aint going yo happen .

  3. I believe there is a chance we can get him but perhaps not as cheap as 2m. He’s a fantastic player and is very exciting to watch. If Kent is expressing he wants to join permanently then that could push it through, he won’t want to be going back out on loan to somewhere else when he’s settling here so well and the chance of him breaking into Liverpool’s 1st team is probably still a way off. The SG link is key here , and based on that I think we will secure him on a permanent deal, but I believe as the season goes on and he is as consistent as he is now it’ll only drive the price up. Even at 3-4m he’s a steal. Those kind of funds being spent though on one player may boil down to our EL run continuing by the group stages.

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