A hedge to heroes – why Rangers mustn’t forget The Journey


When we watched Thursday night’s Europa League clash with Spartak, the first thing which came to mind wasn’t the selection, it wasn’t the players, it wasn’t even the unbeaten run;

It was the absolute, inalienable, pure, unadulterated and staggering reality of appreciating European nights again at Ibrox at some of the highest levels compared with sprinting out to Brechin’s Hedge in 2012.

It’s often a line fans use – ‘think about where we’ve been’ when trying to defend a bad result, and it’s often met with ‘how long can we use that excuse for’.

But sitting there watching our Rangers, managed by the legend that is Steven Gerrard, facing Russian giants Spartak Moscow at Ibrox, surrounded by Europa League regalia, sponsorship and even the theme tune made us really, really think about the recent past.

That not long ago we were getting destroyed by some howling SPFL teams, in the lower echelons of the Scottish game adorned with players who were barely good enough for Sunday league.

Times… have changed.

Yes, our team isn’t quite nailing the SPL yet – we won’t be able to say it is until six months have elapsed and it’s truly looking the part and fighting for top spot again. But when we look at travelling to Annan, or Elgin, or Alloa, and then we compare with hosting one of the biggest names in Russian football in a competition on equal merit, there is little doubt it’s easy to forget just where Rangers fell to and rose from.

This European run has been stunning. Rangers are yet to taste a loss in 11 games. That, even from pre-Gerrard is staggering never mind stumbling over the ball at Clyde.

And yet, the results are only half of the appreciation. Thousands of Bears have experienced this journey in full – we’ve all aged six or seven years since the troubles of all those years ago.

And now seeing our men at one of the best levels in world football, a marquee European competition in the group stage again… these are the days and nights we treasure.

You don’t know what you have till you lose it, and somehow, by the hardest route possible, Rangers got it back.

And that’s why we must keep it.


  1. Excellent article. We have a long way to go.But the bigger picture is the club is being governed properly. Scottish football disgraced itself in its treatment of Rangers. But we are moving in right direction. But we will still require patience. We have been unlucky with injuries but other clubs can say same. We have some outstanding prospects but only on loan. But little doubt next summer we will be able to attract stronger players. I don’t expect us to win league this year but expect us to win next season. Ibrox is an exciting place again these days. Much better than Hampden watching Scotland. I followed Scotland to 3 World Cups but wouldn’t pay you 2p to watch them now. The SFA have reaped the rewards of their disgraceful treatment of Rangers. Scotland are now a laughing stock. The irony is the only hope of recovery is a strong Rangers built on , in the long term, a great academy. Meanwhile let’s get behind the Gers.

    • Scotland being crap has nothing to do with us getting put down the leagues Alan!!We are heading in the right direction under SG. Let’s hope we get a result today. Why can’t we win the league this season Alan?

  2. Well said,the wife and me and the 3 friends we go with never gave up for a moment, every bloody crap game. Every time that muppit green game out to talk bollocks to us, the Mitchell brothers from greenock. Sanza ? Warbs no defence policy. That utterly bloody useless git from the back of beyond. Black ?. But now ? Can't remember being this happy in a long time. A real manager who behaves and sounds like a Rangers manager should. Players who are now playing for the jersey. We are coming back, sooner than some would like. Great to be a Glasgow Rangers supporter again WATP.

  3. It will not be forgotten but it seems the man who led the club through that mess has been…

    Only One Lee Wallace! 💪💙

    Deserves another Shot
    Would be a Good Solid back up to BB

  4. Europe apart. I’d rather do down in the bottom leagues again. Yes we weren’t playing the best of teams. But their hearts were there. They actually appreciated what we could do for them, none of this arrogance that most spl teams treat us with. And none of the cheating that goes along with it. Yes I’m meaning some of the results at the end of last season, or how Aberdeen were able to pay McInnes an extra 2 million to stay tax free

  5. That photo will and should become iconic, it should be displayed with pride outside the stadium as a constant reminder that despite whatever happens, the fans will ensure (there will always be a RANGERS). That last sentence nearly had me burst into song.

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