Increasing mystery over fate of Ibrox star trio…

Increasing mystery over fate of Ibrox star trio…

After today’s stunning victory over Hearts, we will have analysis and post-match reaction a-plenty for you tomorrow, and don’t worry, it’s all positive…

But we are a little puzzled as to the increasing mystery down Ibrox way of what we can only describe as the ‘Croatia Crew’.

Pre-match once again fans reacted in disbelief as former fan favourite Nikola Katic once again found himself benched, but there was no place on the bench for either Croatian left back Borna Barisic or Albanian winger Eros Grezda (signed from a Croatian club).

Naturally we can have no complaints over the past two matches over how things have gone – it’s been probably the best two sequential 90 minutes since 2011 in terms of gravity, so Stevie Gerrard can feel completely justified in his management and decisions since the Livi shambles.

But we nevertheless a touch curious as to why these three seem to have been…well…axed.

Only Katic seems to be close to playing right now, and Gerrard confirmed pre-match there’s no injury concerns within the squad at all now; meanwhile both Grezda and Barisic were at training in the build up to the Hearts match but neither could find a place on the bench.

We can’t help but wonder what the issue, if any, with these three is.

We have to applaud Gerrard – all decisions he’s made recently have worked perfectly, and we cannot criticise a single thing the past 180 minutes of football, so we do wonder what the thinking behind the apparent axing of the ‘Croatia Crew’ is.

Any ideas?

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  1. Katic is basically just out the youth squad as it was. And I’m assuming Gerrard doesn’t want to over play him, and basic was injured before coming. He even played against us with a bandage. I sure they will all feature after the break

  2. I'm sure Katic will get plenty of game time. Barisic is a better attacking player than Flanagan but needs to tighten up on his defensive side. Grezda is a mystery. Is he proving to be not quite the player Gerrard thought he was getting. A bit like Sadiq.

  3. I'd play Katic before Worral all da long – he's faster, stronger in the tackle & better in the air . Flanagan is a better defender than Barisic & would tackle a tank without a 2nd thought. Grezda injured before he came and looks like he's struggling to get match fit – Kent & Candeias have played the two wide roles superbly

  4. I Hope Katic and Barisic get back in the Team
    …Not a Fan of Flanagan or Worrall

    And I Hope Grezda gets a Shot and Comes Good 👍⭕⚪🔴

  5. Katic will play plenty and has a massive future. His attitude was spot on when he was asked about being left out. Barisic has been ok but not great, poor defending in Villarreal, poor against Livingston. Flanagan hasn't put a foot wrong and deserves a shot, upto barisic to win his place back and keep it. Grezda not completely fit, he needs to be sharp to get into our team when everyone is playing well. Gerrard said everyone will get plenty of game time this season. Just got to be patient and enjoy the squad putting in good performances! Lets Go 55!

  6. Personally I think Flanagan was in because Gerrard wanted a more defensive and less attacking option down that side today…our forwards/wingers are flying so that's why Grezda can't get in and I think he's also promised Forrest that Worall will get plenty of game time plus he had a great game on Thursday. I don't personally think there's any problems or agendas concerning any of them.

  7. Flanagan is a better defender than Barisic and that’s why he’s playing. Particularly crucial when up against Rapid and Hearts.
    Katic will be back. He’s being managed correctly.
    Grezda – no idea what’s going on there.

    • Flanagan is not a Better defender than Barisic 😂😂😂

      Fk me, Lee wallace playing as a back-up for Barisic is a better option than Flanagan

  8. A think it just shows good competition in our squad for places which is healthy doing a great job Gerrard

  9. It would be stupid to change anything at the minute having bounced back from under perfoming at livingston to turning over 2 quality sides unless forced, the 3 up top seems to be paying off. there are others who could if needed play like for like roles, we will utilise the squad from NOO TO BAKU!

  10. Could communication be a issue ? Lack of English?
    I like Flanagan he is solid and if he ever gets rb gig tav will have a problem imo ,bt barasic a better player lb imo ,don't blame him entirly for goal at Villa real as he was chasing in field from lb position and Worrall who's area the shot was struck from was nowhere barasic get blamed cos he tried block and failed .
    Katic for me all day long .
    And Grezda unknown ,could fly or die .

  11. Any suggestions on Dorrans also? Last 30 mins against Hearts would have been perfect for him to continue building match fitness.

    Considering our nearly injury free squad, our Hearts bench should have been the strongest looking for years, but we only managed 2 attacking players and 3 spaces were used for the defensive CM position, and still no sign of Dorrans or Rossiter.

    Will be interesting when we have all 8 CM's fit and fighting for 3 places on the field and another 2 on the bench. Can see at least one leaving in Jan if they're all fit by then.

    I've been wondering why Grezda hasn't been getting minutes the last few games. Particularly against Livi.

    Like Barisic a lot and found it strange he didn't make the bench. Think Tav has played every minuted this season, and it seems the only outfield position we're not willing to rotate. Would like to see Flanagan and Barisic get some starts together.

    Like the idea of having Croatio Crew down the left (Katic, Borisic, Grezda) and England Squad down the right (Goldson, Tav, Kent) and see which side fares the best defensively/attacking.

    Last 2 results were perfect though so no complaints, just curiosities. A pity we've got the break now as we were just getting into a new rythym.

  12. A sign of the changed times when we have good players who can't get a place on the bench. That's a really healthy sign, it's a common situation at most top clubs but not something we have been used to at Rangers for a long time.
    The guys who did the business against Rapid deserved to all play again against Hearts, and they did the business again today. Going to be interesting to see if the team changes for the next game, away against Hamilton.

  13. Just a very very healthy competition for places, something we have seriously lacked. I think we have a better squad now than Celtic and the players know they have to be on their game to keep their place.

  14. I have no problems with what Steven Gerrard is doing at all We were superb today WATP My issue is totally different I watched that slash on B B C Sportscene …Is anybody fucking going to play agains any opposition unless the have A Rangers Jersey on…????? It was a joke to watch these so called SPFL Teams capitulate with disgraceful ease against the usual suspects ….You know who they fucking are …It's stinks and shows what they are prepared to do to keep us out at all costs !!!

    • Dinnae fret Bill, Hearts will give them a game and hopefully Hibs, Motherwell and Livingston will give anyone a game on that tumshie field they play on at home.

  15. Grezda is the new Daniel Pro Dan, doubt we will see much of him this season, waste of money if you ask me, and Worrall should not be anywhere near the first team

  16. Gerrard stated Flannigan was in to deal with a certain individual against Rapid, its possible after the performance he kept it the same. I feel for katic hes a good player. I worry the starting 11 might be influenced by clauses in contracts. Were liable to financial penalties if players dont get game time…

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