Exodus: five players who could leave Rangers in January


With January business starting in earnest, with a number of incomings already touted with moves towards Govan, attention equally turns to the surplus, the ‘under threats’, the players who may well see themselves leaving Ibrox come early next year.

Ibrox Noise takes you through a who’s who of the most likely candidates to find themselves unneeded in the near future.

Umar Sadiq:

Extremely obvious one this, Sadiq has been an unmitigated disaster in Scotland and sadly ranks up there with the Dalcios, Bernards, and Jeffers on the failures list. Extremely disappointing given the potential and the CV he had, but we’d be stunned if this loan isn’t cut short in January. Or even earlier.

Gareth McAuley:

Hasn’t been able to secure fitness – miles off being ready to play by recent reports and after the experience we had spending the best part of a year trying to get John Eustace fit (remember that? And he wasn’t even our player) we can ill afford this kind of nonsense again. We wouldn’t be stunned if he was freed or sent out on loan in January. Although who’d take a broken-down 38-year old on loan?!

Eros Grezda:

We don’t know how this one is playing out, he’s managing to feature for his country but Gerrard doesn’t seem interested in getting him in his club squad. Grezda needs football, and you don’t sign an international to sit on the bench. Whether he’s fit enough, not blending in, who knows, but we’d not be shocked to see him out on loan come January.

Jordan Rossiter:

With speculation about Dundee’s Glen Kamara and the possible return of Greg Docherty looming at the heart of midfield, Rossiter’s injury issues have become a blight on the club. Everyone knows how much this site loves the lad, but if he can’t get fit, and he clearly can’t (or stay it) then it’s best for everyone that we go our separate ways. It’s not like we lack players there.

Lee Wallace:

It’s the worst-kept secret in the world that Wallace’s time at Ibrox nears an end. A clutch of clubs are interested, including Josh Windass’ new stomping ground Wigan. We would be staggered if Wallace remains a Rangers player by February.

Some of these are much likelier than others, and we await with interest to see what January has in store.


  1. Who would take Rossiter on loan? Or are you suggesting paying up his contract, so he can move on and suddenly come into fitness and form and make us look stupid?
    Keep him until contract runs out, see if he comes good. Costs us nothing.

    • Niko does ring a bell, but not sure I get the connnection.

      We would have to pay up Rossiter's contract to get him to leave whether he plays or not, as he is under contract, so if we keep him and he doesn't regain fitness, no money lost as the moneyt is spent anyway.

      But if we pay up his contract and he regains fitness and plays for someone else, we may wonder why we let him go. He has quality.

      Also, while there is no guarantee if will make it back, Rossiter is 21 and a half, so plenty of running left in his legs. If Niko's legs had not gone when he arrived, they had after his injury. He just couldn't make up for that loss. Jordan can.

  2. Agree with Scots.

    Rossiter always plays well and shows no sign of shirking or coming up lame during a match – remember that absolutely disgraceful assault by HIV's Scott Allen? It always seems to be a reaction after the game. Nobody would take him on loan so let's see if we can fix him.
    Like every other bluenose, I would love to see him prove us all wrong.

    • McAulay too old. When will we learn. A bad injury at that age takes longer to recover from and once the injury clears it requires weeks of game time to get him back up to speed. Game time he just won't get. Remember Davy Weir was outstanding for us until he picked an injury from which he never quite recovered momentum.

  3. I would also favour keeping Rossiter until his contract expires. He is certainly talented, so IF we could get him fit then he could be a real asset.
    Sadiq and Wallace look good bets to go. I will be very surprised if we don't finally see Grezda in the next week or two, given he has finally been deemed fit enough to play for Albania (after being sent home from the previous squad). So hopefully he will start to see some action at Rangers, although he has tough opposition with the form of Kent and Candeias.
    McAuley… I read somewhere yesterday that he is fit to face Hamilton, but who knows.

    • We do suspect there's been slight misunderstanding of our intentions. We wish Rossiter to stay, but this article isn't opinion – it's conjecture based on our information about who is likely to leave.

    • Fair enough, if it is just about probablity. I just don't get it because we will save no money, so there is no benefit and a potential loss (if he recovers). SG must be able to see that and wouldn't want to look silly by releasing a boy touted as the next Gerrard

    • Agree. If we can't cut a deal to get rid of Rossiter and save money then we'd be as well holding on to him having waited this long.
      PS: I'm not convinced he is the player most seem to think he is. Feels like someone who gets better the longer he doesn't play. He is young lad with some potential. No more than that for me.

  4. Dont see how grezda is likely to leave, he was signed with the understanding he was recovering from injury he now needs to find match sharpness. He's a NEW signing why would he leave lol.

  5. Grezda really??? no chance of him leaving he being trying to recover from injury and get fit he had no pre season ffs give the man a chance

  6. Sadiq –
    Knew this one was a Mistake from Day1,
    Should Have Signed Cummings Permanent and Signed Solanke on Loan
    …Think we should this Time around.

    McAuley –
    …Keep Him, Give him a Chance ffs.

    Grezda –
    Keep but maybe put out on Loan 🤔

    Rossiter –
    …Sell, Release, Whatever it takes to get Rid. The Boy will NEVER be fit enough for Long Enough.
    He is a Walking Injury and Im Sick of People Defending Him.
    Yes he is Ex Liverpool, Yes He Has Huge Potential
    …But Potential means Fk All if you cant stay Injury-Free

    Wallace –
    …Only one word is Necessary for our Captain…
    The Man Deserves to Stay, He Deserves another Shot, Deserves to stay and Fight Barisic for the LB Slot

    • Wilkins
      Why nonsense? I don't agree with all of Stevo's opinions, but if I don't, I can do so without being disrespectful and by explaining why I disagree with him.
      You have failed on both counts, merely suggesting he knows more about it than you and has a bit more class

    • Ok Then Wilkins
      …'If I Haven't Got a Clue'…Teach Me

      Thanks SWH 👍 …what are your opinions on the above Mate? 😃🔴⚪⭕

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