Should Steven Gerrard swallow pride over 22-year old?


With Greg Docherty impressing significantly at Shrewsbury (no surprise there) it only makes a mockery of the call to send him out on loan in the first place.

Steven Gerrard knows more about football than you and we have had hot dinners, but even the most knowledgeable make mistakes. And letting Docherty go was a mistake.

Now, I know, I know, you’re already to jump down my throat with ‘it was excellent management because he knew he wouldn’t be playing’ and that Gerrard got this one bang on, because we are now seeing Docherty at his best and playing most matches, which is the point of a loan.

And we see that point.

We do.

But… it’s also the problem, the ‘fallacy’ we alluded to.

Any halfwit could tell Greg Docherty is a player, and a very good one at that. That until he was forced to pair with Graham Dorrans last season, he was absolutely outstanding and a fans’ favourite. Somehow, he took a lot of the brunt of criticism as Murty’s era truly collapsed around us, and went from a complete hero to a total zero in the views of many.

So, the point we’re trying to make is that rather than praise Gerrard for getting this one right, it’s evident to us the mistake was not trusting in Docherty to already deliver for Rangers, given he previously had.

In short, Docherty was already good enough to play for Rangers, and frankly everyone knows that – the experience and age question is absolute b*ll*cks given no one complained about those attributes when he joined and bestrode the SPL like a colossus in our shirt at an (obviously) younger age than the one when he ended up out on loan. And similarly no one wants Ryan Kent out of the team or Ovie Ejaria or Alfredo Morelos or Lassana Coulibaly on the basis of their age or lack of experience.

So, to be blunt – we’re a little fed up of some fans justifying an outright error by spinning it as a fine piece of management instead. It’s a complete illogical fallacy and the error lies firmly with Gerrard for signing Coulibaly on loan (not that he’s done badly, far from it) rather than using our own player who was already good enough.

Rather than us benefitting from Docherty’s qualities, fitness, and strength (how many matches have Coulibaly, Rossiter and Jack missed through injury this season?) Shrewsbury have. And we’ve spent six months developing Angers’ player rather than selecting the one we paid for.

Docherty would have been better off staying right where he was rather than a six-month waste of his time in England.

The only thing Docherty’s loan has proven is Gerrard was wrong to send him out in the first place.


  1. I agree he should never been loaned out but he has ,won't belong before he is back in the new year. As i have stated on here before i never get to the games anymore but i watch Blackburn Rovers with my Grandson so i am lucky to see players who have been an interest to Rangers, but there is one player Rovers have on loan at the moment from Southampton called Harrison Reed only young but this kid will go to better things,if Ibroxnoise has any contacts to the scouts at Ibrox please pass this kids name onto them to have a look i am sure they will be impressed.

  2. I'm sorry that I agreed at the time that the loan was good idea. It has only strenthgened my opinions that this lad could be a Rangers great I'm serious ….He has stepped up to the mark and showed his desire to succeed I Welcome him and Jason Cummings back asap

  3. Love to have Greg back but im not sure that it was entirely the wrong decision to send him out on loan. Other than the ever injured Rossiter and Dorrans, the other central midfielders have appeared in more than half of all the games available, which considering we all know Gerrards love of rotation is fairly impressive. Also, the loans of Coulibaly and Ovie may lead to a permanent transfers and I doubt many bears would be up in arms if either of those were indeed to happen. I also think, maybe naively, that Gerrard had expected to be able to use the crocked duo more frequently than hes been allowed to which would have probably left Docherty with little playing time. Hindsight is 20/20 and we could have benefited from him these last months. However, I believe its been beneficial as he has played games, probably more than he would have done here and we'll be getting a confident player when he returns to the club he loves soon enough.

  4. Can he play on Wednesday night? 🙄 Seriously though, Docherty is a good player and has so much potential to be a great player for rangers but let's not build him up to be something he's not, he's not gazza! Is he really any better than what we have right now? Debatable! He will benefit from playing and performing well in a tough league and I look forward to getting an improved Docherty back in a Rangers top in January or next season.

    • Tough league? It's shrewsbury in league 1. That's were Dundee players go when they leave the SPFL.
      Would it not have made more sense to either keep him or loan him to an SPFL team

    • Where did the Dundee players go?? It is a tough league, not saying it's high quality but it it's probably a harder league than the spl. I would have preferred him to be in the English championship but at least he's playing every week, got to be a good experience.

  5. I am not convinced he would have played anything like as many games. I don't know who he would replace. Coulibaly? Maybe, but it is not long since everybody, including I think IN, were going on about how good he was. he has now gone off the boil. Maybe Docherty would have. I don't have 20-20 foresight, so don't know what would have happened if he had stayed. I think the SPL is at a higher level than League One though. Happy to let this play out and have him come back next season

  6. Rossiter, Coulibaly and Jack are better allround footballers and have played at a better level week in week out. What you now see is Docherty striving to that level and consistency.

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