Rangers ramp up squad depth with four key workouts….

Rangers ramp up squad depth with four key workouts….

Four of Rangers’ fringe players were given a significant, and in at least one case, pleasantly unexpected run out at the Hummel Training Centre today in a dress rehearsal for Wednesday’s cup action at Ibrox v Ayr.

As a recent entry described, Jordan Rossiter’s absence from the reserve fixture last Tuesday at St Andrews was an issue of some mild concern, given his apparent recent return to fitness and need of game time, but today the midfield anchor lined up for the reserves against Motherwell’s counterparts in his latest attempt to secure fitness and the ex-Anfield man lasted 45 minutes before being withdrawn for rotation purposes.

He was accompanied by former captain Lee Wallace who continues to build match fitness and may be in contention for a place in the squad come Wednesday, especially in light of first choice LB Borna Barisic’s current injury concerns, and was also flanked by Albanian Eros Grezda who is said to be not quite there yet for Ayr but hopefully will be in the picture come the trip to Toni Macaroni on the 30th.

Last but not least, Umar Sadiq, similarly puzzlingly absent from the reserves’ previous fixture v Utd, was in attendance within the XI and like his three senior squad peers was withdrawn at half time.

It is good to have all four regaining fitness, because as Rangers’ squad continues to gain quality in depth, gaining even more on top of that is exactly the right direction for the club to go in.

NB: we have to admit some disappointment at reaction to an earlier article, or, specifically, the reaction to our mentioning of Jordan Rossiter. Indeed, some of the comments aimed at our scouse friend were borderline hostile, and we find it a little disturbing how a number of fans appeared to resent the very idea of him and were quick to reject him. Hopefully today’s appearance for the reserves is a new beginning for the lad at Ibrox, and his detractors among the support (including ourselves once upon a time) get off his back and the 21-year old becomes a crucial part of the squad.

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  1. It’s not we’re hostle at rossiter, it’s more how people can say he’s as good as jack or better than McCrorie. McCrorie is the age that rossiter was when he joined. But yet cause he came through the youths and not from Liverpool people say he isn’t as good. He’s got more experience than rossiter has, has played more games, is captain of the Scotland under 21. And yet isn’t on 10k a week 😒. I’d rather see McCrorie gets the game time cause there at a similar level and by the time McCrorie is rossiters age will be s far far better player in my opinion

    • You're absolutely correct in much that you say, and while it is all about opinions, Rossiter played alongside his idol at Liverpool and matched him. What little we've seen of him has shown a talent with few limits, while McCrorie simply hasn't impressed yet on that level. How much McCrorie has played isn't really a relevant argument – given Rossiter's absences have been injury related. Had he been fit, and played a lot more, we wouldn't be having this conversation we suspect. But it is of course completely subjective!

    • 100% Spot On Stuart! 👏
      …Also McCrorie can be a Future Rangers Captain

      I am also of the opinion that it is time we Cut Rossiter Loose.

  2. 3 games for Liverpool. And one imcluded being a 79th minute sub, it’s easy to look good when you’ve played so little. I’m sure after McCrories 1st 180 mins people were going nuts.
    Really for me he’s the wrong player at the wrong club and another of the dead wood we need off the wage bill at hanuary

  3. I just hope he stays fit, when he's ready. One more injury, could be all she wrote, for Rossiter. He's one more injury away, from being typecast as "injury-prone."

    • Joe, how many games do you need to miss in 2 years to be cast as injury prone. I think that title was established some time ago.

  4. Getting Fed Up with Being told to give rossiter time/get off his back etc etc

    No I Fkn don't need to give him time :

    1. Hes Had 2 1/2 Years
    2. Hes 21 not 17 (Most players have broken into first team by 21)
    3. 10 games in 2yrs …Not Good Enough

    We need to cut him loose and save ourselves 10k a week!
    …The Boy is a Walking Injury Case, thats if he can Walk at all and isnt Too Injured!

    Cut Him Loose and let Him Find his Path somewhere else.

  5. Also send Sadiq back to Roma.

    Had a feeling from when we Signed him that he wasn't going to cut it.

    We should have Signed Solanke/Abraham on Loan and then maybe Held onto Cummings

  6. Rossiter looks like a lad with a lot of potential. But that's all it is. He hasn't played enough at this level to prove that he can make it. I think this is what the criticism was based on. We are not welcoming back a proven established player.

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