Are Rangers set to make a big change at the top?

Are Rangers set to make a big change at the top?

Well-known executive networking site Barnaby Stewart has mysteriously added a candidacy of ‘Managing Director’ at ‘one of the largest professional sports clubs in Scotland’, leading to speculation Rangers’ managing director Stewart Robertson is on the verge of an exit from the Ibrox boardroom.

It would be no real shock – in truth Rangers’ effective CEO of recent years has had a great number of failures on his watch, not least that of describing Pedro Caixinha as the ‘outstanding candidate’ but allegedly being the main driving force behind the Portuguese’s appointment.

From the shirt debacle (more on that later) to the absolute disaster of Miller and Wallace-gate, while it would be unfair to hold Robertson responsible for everything that has gone a bit awry the past few years, he is the captain and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the ship that is Rangers, so anything under his watch is his lot, both good and bad.

If this advert on Barnaby is related to Rangers, it is a sure sign the Robertson era is coming to an end. Of course, it probably isn’t and we all wasted our time ‘getting excited’.

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  1. Not before time. That calamitous fud has cost the club a fortune financially and more important precious time. The utter embarrassment and shame in the way Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace have been treated also lies at his door… get him oot asap … he certainly won't be missed.

  2. I sincerely hope that you are correct and we are in the Market for a new CEO. To say Robertson is incompetent is a gross understatement! He is totally out of his depth and was even out of his depth when at Motherwell! From what I can see he has spent most of his time at Rangers marketing himself to push for higher office at THE SFA where he might be better suited as an Administrator. We need a quality CEO, someone with a background in Business and ideally with an understanding of teh Sports Market and overseas Brand development!

  3. I.N. should dave king bring martin bain back? he was wrongly removed under the whyte regime, by all accounts he was party to maccabi winning the domestc treble and behind the biggest tv deal in isreal. how much sucsess did we have during his 15 years? could it be a great fit with gerrard and his ambitions for the club? could bain be the man to sort the debacle over kits?

    • Scooby

      Why in gods name would we want anyone who was involved in the running of the Club when we went into administration !! and this i tried to warn them BS Doesnt wash with me
      Anyone on the board at that time should never darken the doors of Ibrox ever again and i include MR KING in that as well
      Its about time some supporters started getting their heads back in the real world
      Former Board members and Players who left at the drop of a hat (u know who they are) should be treated with disdain at the very least
      I sometimes despair about my fellow Gers fans

    • wisen up! that was the plan all along to eradicate the debt despite warnings from senior board you seriously beleive our chairman was duped into selling an institution he had put 20 years into to a fraudster without proper checks. not to mention the fact the said DK stood to lose £20m and he would just accept it, c'mon. the said mr.bain gave 15 years loyal service along with DM and others where they guided us to our most dominant periods of success. It's cetainly no lauging matter, but funny and strange how the real suspected culprits and bnefactors of our meltdown have escaped prison while becoming wealthy. In short for me anyway real gers men became causulties in the pawn.

  4. Whilst Robertson is indeed a lump a wid. Why is he to blame for the shirt fiasco?Was King not in charge of renegotiating the contract with Ashley?

  5. Agreed to a point however Murty would be the man who complained in the first instance about Wallace and Miller, so it was mis managed on the way up. Given that Robertson had the wool pulled over his eyes regarding Pedro, then that alone shows incompetence. One must remember though if we did not have Warburton and Pedro , then we probably never would have Gerrard.

  6. It better not, be that shitehouse, Dave Murray. The man who over-stretched and ruined us. That would be just too hard, to swallow. I've heard rumours, the numpty is hovering about, trying to kiss-up and get his nose, wedged in there, again. What do other bears, think on this issue? Would you let the man who started the rot, back in the door? Could he ever be trusted? I'd be interested, to hear what you think.

    • yes!he could, i once stated on the day we beat celtic 5-1 the day DM gives up we could be in trouble. while i did'nt expect under the circumstances i was correct. I'm not n here to champion or defend murray or bain, but i will respect the success they delivered, the ambition at taking on europes elite and their years of service. They chased the DREAM, shit happens. The so called richest club in scotland fail to sow ambition despite 60m fag coupons in lawells safe. ask our enemy's fans about ambition over bank balances. In short, yes these guys could help gerrard match his ambitions and restore NATURAL ORDER if nly to stop 3 IAR, I for one will not complain as will thousands of others.

    • sure there is, the plan was always to come back once hmrc and other uncertainties had been rectified. watch this space? embrace it, no debt , titles intact win/win. were on our way! 55.

    • Jim, I'd take Murray back in a minute if he's goin' to invest, he knows he owes us. But in all honesty imo he had no choice … his business wooda went down the swannie, those ebts, though legal at the time, and the zealots in hmrc were always out to sink us. It's amateur hour just now with the likes of Robertson running things so to that end I'd welcome Bain back as well to ensure professionalism in the day to day running of the club. I'd also get Trainor tae fk cause he's been a complete shambles and embarrassment since the day he started. There should be a carpet ban on all players going on social media as most of the s***e coming out of our club has been un fn believable.

  7. If Murray is indeed hovering about then I can only imagine it is out of guilt and he maybe feels the need to make reparation. If he wants to hand the club a load of cash then I'd bite his hand off. Many of my best memories came when Murray was in charge. His mistake was getting out of Rangers and handing it over to Whyte. At the time the club had a very manageable debt and it was the bank that forced his hand(and I'm sure there is a story in there somewhere as to why and who was behind it).

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