Tuesday, 11 September 2018

54% of Rangers fans polled have made a decision on Alfredo Morelos

Following some more mixed fortunes in the colourful career of Alfredo Morelos, Ibrox Noise took to the polls to ask our readers where they stood on him.

And much like everything else about the 22-year old Colombian, supporters were extremely split about Morelos, on the question of whether he would be able to iron out the kinks in his game and realise the potential he has to become the complete striker.

His international team mate and Coffee Men legend Radamel Falcao said:

“Alfredo is going to be a star for us. You look at his attitude and commitment, he’s ready to get to the top. I like his work rate and he’s willing to learn. Playing for his country at such a young age and it’s clear he'll be a regular for years to come.”

But respondents to the poll were less convinced, and asked whether they backed Morelos to iron those glitches in his game out, only 54% were certain he would, with the remaining 46% believing he is the way he is.

It wasn’t the overwhelming positive response we had perhaps anticipated, and it seems a year after signing the former HJK hitman, Rangers fans grow more and more divided over Morelos’ prospects.

It’s up to him to mature and develop and get rid of the negatives which dog his performances now and again. Whether he can is up to him.


  1. Some are being a tad ott. Let’s not forget what Miller was like earlyer in his carrear. He would def have missed that one and then scored one he shouldn’t have...

  2. As I said, before the season started. We don't have 'time' to wait till Alfredo matures and hones, his final strike. He misses, as much as he scores. I think that's pretty fair, to say. Team, must come before player, at this point in time. Blind loyalty is ok. But it does NOT, close the gap on our rivals in the East end. Goals-in-net is the only thing I truly care about atm. Too many supporters, get too attached to the players. While 'winners' know that what's best for the team, must come first. Lafferty CAN do a job for us, when we're up against it and has done. Alfredo can, 50% of the time. Those be the facts, as I see them, as we stand. I personally, would sell on Alfredo, for as high an amount as possible and punt it all, on one top quality striker. Goals, are what we 'need' most.

    1. no need for me to add to that joe, other than to point out the points dropped last season due to not killing teams off in tight games despite numerous chances. we could have potentially won it last year despite our defence. i firmly beleive solanke and davis added would bring it home. sell morelos and fund it, clubs move on as (they) will without dembellend.

    2. Good idea. Never thought of that combo.

  3. I think Morelos will Come Good and get us 25+ a Season

    I think once he has Broken his Celtic Duck that will be him ...😁💪

    But if it doesnt happen then we should Sell up and get a couple of New Forwards to go with Laff while giving Hardie & Rudden a Chance!!


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