75% of Rangers fans polled want this man out of Ibrox

75% of Rangers fans polled want this man out of Ibrox

After David Bates’ comments recently re-opened another can of Ibrox worms, we once again found ourselves embroiled in the Graeme Murty debacle.

Indeed, some of the responses to the topic accused us and others of a ‘witch hunt’ against the 43-year old, when the reality is his actions and the furore surrounding how his managerial reign panned out are the subject of contention, and whether they deem him suitable for a position at Ibrox.

In a recent poll, an overwhelming 75% of Rangers fans who responded believe Graeme Murty should no longer be at Ibrox, with just 25% defending his position.

Some have claimed he was a mere patsy for the board, and took all the flak for mistakes the board made, but absolving all actions of a person as under duress and at the whim of the board above him not only feels astonishingly convenient but has absolutely no basis of evidence to support it.

Indeed, most of the board’s incompetence we’ve seen transparently and quite clearly – they have done some good things for sure, but the things they got wrong are fairly obvious.

Acquitting Murty as a patsy seems a little loose, and we must remember he is not a stupid man who would sign up to take the heat off the board. He signed up because he wanted to.

That all said, we really hope there are no more fall out stories involving Murty – as much as we’d rather he wasn’t still on the payroll, he is, and we’d rather not continue to cover him and his time as manager.

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  1. Their is nothing to defend murty should go as well as the cheif executive director as he backed murty up with miller and Wallace and bates .

  2. Not just Murty that should be out more to the point Robertson should be out for the amount of cock ups that he has made and whilst we are on about departures we can add Traynor to that list also what exactly does he do at Rangers

  3. get murty out and the board members who allowed this to happen out and get lee Wallace back in the squad and give keener murty's job

    • Allan… Sssshhhh Do not say that!!! Seemingly in some quarters, King has a pass on these sort of feck ups.So please say SOME board members BEFORE you get told you should be grateful!!!

  4. I don't want Murty, at Ibrox. It's not personal, but I believe, he is far too 'nice.' His judgement has been called into question, too much. His methods, likewise. Any Manager i.m.o. needs a hard edge to them. Gerrard has it. The way that Rangers team, took the piss and gave up, last season was obviously, a blatant lack of fitness. Murty's methods were too lax. Gerrard proved that, at Summer training. So no, he can't be trusted with our precious youth players and young talents. They need a proper old school coaches. It sounds harsh, but I have nothing bad to say about the guy, personally. Just, his methods and judgement. He's not what I think, is best for the club, at this time.

  5. If it were a straight choice between miller or murty i know my position, one has contributed so much to our sucsess while the other has contrbuted f**k all bar two pumpings and almost the exit of two loyal servants. This coincides with him once retorting that the atmosphere at the san giro was second to none!.not one to critsise anyone connected with the club trying their best, there comes a time when u have to call it as u see it. I'd ave taken the hinges the lot after they defeats as would have butcher ferguson and many others.

  6. If you polled Rangers supporters on whether Bates was Rangers class i'd be amazed if under 75% would have said no. So what was Murty guilty of? Failing to offer a contract to a young lad unlikely to make the grade? Get off Murty's back. The guy bled for us when pushed into the manager's chair.

  7. I don't believe for one minute that Murty had the authority to negotiate David Bates or anyone else's contract. That would be way above his pay grade, so someone else would have been responsible for offering or not offering David Bates a new contract. Bates was one of the better players last season in a very poor team, but he is nowhere near the level of central defenders we now have.
    Rather than dwelling on the past, we are in an exciting new phase so lets concentrate on the present and what looks like it could be a good season with vastly improved performances and results to look forward to.

  8. You all seem to have a short memory. Murray has been the only guy to take points in an old firm game.
    He stepped in to be caretaker manager when the board failed to get anyone else. Even when the pressure of the job was clearly getting to him, he stuck with it and seen it through to the end of the season, even after the chairman had put even more pressure on him.
    You all talk about been loyal, but that's how you treat a member of the club who has been more loyal than most.
    You are all an embracement to our club

  9. Murty took the Rangers job last year on the basis that he would return to his youth job once a new manager was in place. It would've been a sad reflection on our club if we had reneged on that deal. We are Glasgow Rangers and I would hope the club would have more class than that.

  10. Dont hear many mentions of our glorious Leader Mr King
    As SO called Chairman where was he in all this
    Again i reiterate every day fans need to get head out of Sand as long as Mr K presides over the Club we are going exactly nowhere
    And dont go al angry Fact is if we want silverware then best signing we can get is a new Chairman

  11. This is totally wrong ,before dof appointed and dk went hands on all board decisions were a fkin shambles .
    Murty was a good soldier and stood to post and for a time seemed to be a good option considering we had no other options ,some seem forget the Mcinnes embarressment .
    Murty was only a one game from cult hero status ,that gets forgotten because the wheels came off after Celtic game at ibrox.
    It then became obvious the man was out his depth .
    Bt this turning on a bear cos a money grabbing ex player says different is shit .

    • Murty is on record as being a Celtic fan, from a Celtic family, and while Rangers manager calling Parkhead ‘second to none’. No one is turning on a ‘Bear’.

    • Disgraceful response. Our manager is a catholic – does that mean you don't class him as one of us. Drag yourselves into the 21st century.

    • Harry, your immediate turn to religious affiliations is deeply troubling. We simply said a Celtic fan isn’t one of us. To then raise Catholicism in this argument is both unrelated and borderline Godwin-esque.

  12. A Celtic fan from a Celtic family is a well know euphemism for religion. There have been umpteen instances of coming from a Rangers family (Dalgleish) or a Celtic family (Johnston) rendering the phrase meaningless. If you didn't rate Murty because of his ability say so, but don't hide behind phrases that pander to the lowest views of some of our support.

    • Euphemism to you, perhaps, not us. We are talking about football only. It’s you, not us, bringing religion into this repeatedly. We’re not interested in it. If that’s not clear enough to you then it’s best we end this disagreement here.

  13. Murty needs to go!
    Need an Example …His Comments after Playing Celtic

    How about Another?
    …..The Miller/Wallace Saga

    Ok Ok, One More
    …Letting Wilson and Bares fo and then Lying about it.

    The man is a Snake! Get Rid!

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