The Scottish press & Jason Cummings


With the Scottish press falling all over themselves to report Nottingham Forest’s Jason Cummings’ adventures with TVs, once again we find ourselves witnessing the media north of the border using our club for attention.

As much as we wanted otherwise here at Ibrox Noise, Jason Cummings is no longer a Rangers player – he is currently on loan at Peterborough United, and doing very well there thank you very much, but if the lad chooses to go on a rampage through his own home and break stuff, that’s not only up to him, but it’s absolutely nothing to do with Rangers.

The headlines ‘former Rangers striker’ – barely any mention of Hibs, or his direct employers Nottingham or indeed his present location at Posh. No, the Scottish press once again dropped the simple word ‘Rangers’ into the headline to turn a story which has nothing to do with us into something which will give aforementioned outlets traffic.

We find the continual use of our name and our brand for borderline nefarious purposes to be a tad ignominious. The media up here are hardly warm towards our club, yet use us for their own gain and exploit our size, stature and audience to enhance their own – it gets tiring seeing it happen again and again.

In Rangers’ defence, we did ban the BBC’s Chris McLaughlin, ditto the Record’s Keith Jackson (alas, ex-director Paul Murray’s 2015 dreadful description of his paper’s coverage of us remains a stain on the club’s recent history) and we can’t completely complain about the club not taking action against those who use or hurt us.

But we would like to see something done about this kind of exploitation of our club.

As a footnote, we honestly don’t care what Cummings did – in his own house he can frankly dance the fandango in his underwear or throw his own faecal matter at his Dali or Magritte originals for all we care, what a man does (legally) in his own house is up to him. And those being outraged at his friend for filming it are making a lot of assumptions without knowing the facts. And if they want to post this behaviour for the world to see, that’s up to the pair of them too.

But using this ‘story’ to get your paper/group attention by dropping his Rangers past into it takes it into territory we’re not fond of.


  1. As regards to the media,that will never change anytime soon and yes its his flat and his goods that he is destroying? But he is causing anti social behaviour and if someone lives next door or next to his flat then he could be causing distress to another person and then there's the smashed window,what if someone was walking along or on the other side of the window and got hit with broken glass and got injured, it wouldn't be funny then and that's to the clown that we can here laughing in the background and just for the record I have to deal with ASB in my job on a daily/weekly basis and its not nice…watp helicopter 2005

    • Hi Dave, yes, that's a different issue. It affects his neighbours perhaps, and the likes of yourself, but without being too cold, that's not strictly our problem or our concern with regards this article. Article 11 and tomorrow's vote is our concern among others where ASB is yours! We all have different concerns in our lines of business. Cheers!

  2. Fannies hes fuck all to do with us,just the same old fake news toilet paper shite

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  3. gutter press we get it in nottingham, they cant get old of any good news so they stoop to rubbish,,,come on forest and come on you gers (my 2rd team since jim baxter days )

  4. If i were in charge of our club, i would be banging their door down, looking for an explanation on the basis of ur point. legally speaking what can we do?

  5. I don't think Jason would have agreed to have a mate, film him smash house up, for publicity. So although I don't know the 'facts.' I'm 'assuming' his mate is a bit of a top-hat. Sue me, I.N. Being a wideo, there.

  6. FFS 😩

    1. It aint our Business and it aint nothing to do with the Club

    2. His Mate sounds like a Bit of an Ass-Hat like why would JC want Filmed smashing up his Flat?

    3. Gutted we didnt sign Cummings

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