“Selfish, petulant and wasteful” – is it time for Rangers to cash in?


If reaction online among our fellow supporters is anything to go by, Rangers fans really have started to lose patience with Alfredo Morelos.

It all started, of course, with the nonsense in January, and his comments last autumn about wanting to move to an English side. It wasn’t helped by his statement on signing a new deal which had no mention of long-term commitment to Rangers.

In short, it feels like the guy has been looking for his big move away for a long time, and despite his goal haul last season, he has been living on the goodwill of being the SPL’s top scorer ever since.

And we cannot take that away from him – he was the top hitman in the SPL last time around, and we have long praised his team work ethic deeper in midfield, his hold up play, his hard work dragging defenders out of their comfort zone and the number of fouls he would win.

Unfortunately, the Alfredo Morelos we’ve seen in both pre-season and this season’s UEL looks exactly like the one he was last pre-season when he first joined, and looked a dud.

Clumsy, slow, selfish, petulant, wasteful, and with a frankly poor attitude, we are staggered on two fronts:

One, that he has gone off the rails this badly – with constant lack of apparent thought into much of anything that he does, and the subsequent apathy this comes across as, and Two, where he continues to be selected.

Sure, he is our only main striker currently available (Sadiq didn’t travel and we don’t want Rudden wrecked) and that probably forced Stevie’s hand a bit, but equally it sends out a signal that Gerrard has preached against – being selected if not hungry, not aggressive, and lacking desire.

Sadly Morelos is making Gerrard look a hypocrite, because this guy is currently adding very little to Rangers’ game or attack.

There was little coincidence two of the three selections from your Ibrox Noise team yesterday didn’t even feature him in the XI, because like most fans, most of us are fed up with his current ‘contribution’.

We really hope we have better options available in attack soon, because Alfredo Morelos, on current form, is more of a liability than an asset.


  1. SG's failure to see what the REST of us see, in Morelos, may be his first serious mistake. I don't think he's good enough for the English premiership, as he is. He's a wage-thief and is going to cost us, if SG doesn't get RID of the BURDEN of Morelos and Windass, who just aren't team players and for different reasons, are not 'fit' to wear the jersey.

  2. One thing I have thought is glaringly obvious is that Morelos is not a lone striker. Rangers formations seem to go without two playing upfront. I think it is a big ask for a 21/22 year old Morelos to be up front on his own. Get someone along side him and I think we will see a different player. If McCoist had played as a lone striker without feeding off Hately would he jave scored as many goals? A big ask for a player who is not playing in a formation he enjoys, he cuts a lonely and frustrated picture. I feel for him maybe big Sadiq upfront with him will be worth the try before cutting him loose. Windass for me is worse and is never a winger.

  3. 100% correct. He was shocking:even worse than last week – and that's saying something. Sadiq will surely be an improvement but we need two other strikers. Rudden will get his opportunity, every now and then, from the bench, but he's not a starter. Old news I know…. but Cummings would have proved a valuable striker option. BTW, has the international clearance came through yet for our 2 recent signings? Clearly, we need them on the park ASAP!

  4. I think you answer your own question.
    Alternatives were to throw an 18 year old Rudden to the lions – could he cope with the abuse Morelos is getting?
    Or play Sadiq who we haven't seen in a Rangers jersey because he is not fit yet.
    I would rather have started Hardie last night, myself

    But as for cashing in, how? Who would pay good money for him based on last two games? If we don't get good money for him, and we need good money to get a replacement, then we have to find more money from somewhere. We don't have access to a bottomless pit. But I suspect the directors are going to have to dig deeper into their pockets now and find something

    • Rudder would absolutely not get the abuse Morelos gets. Morelos gets abuse for being petulant, greedy AND in effective in putting the ball in the net. Aye, maybe Zak Rudden wouldn't score, but he'd run his heart out for the team and supporters would appreciate that… It's not a regular option to through him in though. We need a Solanke.

  5. Moreles has been woeful and wasteful over the two legs but to suggest Gerrard is a hypocrite for picking him is absolute nonsense. As you say he was the only viable option so how can anyone be a hypocrite for playing him.Sadiq will probably start the next game at Moreles's expense if he is anything near full fitness and don;t be surprised if Gerrard has brought in another striker by then. You may well be right – it could be time to sell Moreles and maybe as with last season he needs a boot up the jacksay but lets not get hysterical about things with only two competitive games played when we are actually still in the close season

  6. Maybe I was watching a different game, yes he never back tracks but was linking up and usually was all alone. The most selfish player in the team is windas by a mile. While murphey needs to be more selfish and not always looking for a pass

    • I think you were watching a different game and a different Morelos. Linking up play? He couldn't control a ball to link up anything. Did you see his pathetic attempt to score from a header at the back post when a header across goal was the obvious move. Then he should've played in Middleton down the left but tried a ridiculous curling shot that went 20 yards over the bar.
      I wouldn't give up on him yet but I think he needs to change his attitude soon and probably taken out of the team and given some serious individual work done on him. In the meantime if someone offers £3m bite their hand off and buy someone that will play for the team and perform more consistently.

    • No chance. I agree with Rob you must have been watching a different game. He's garbage. The fact he isn't playing well (and hasn't for some time) doesn't really both me, its the throwing the hands up when he doesn't get the ball, it's the throwing the hands up when he does get the ball then blaming teammates for a non inch perfect pass. It's the 3 vs 3 last night where he could've played in Middleton and shot from 25+ yards. He's abysmal yeah, but it's his attitude that really f*cks me off.

  7. After watching last night's game..Morelos is pure mince.At this point I'm embarrassed that he is our no1 striker.tav candy an windass were average at best and no different from last year..the positives were at the back although they haven't been tested by any real quality yet.I thought Jack after a poor start looked very composed and would have him in the middle with Artfield with Ross on the bench.
    Middleton left and Murphy right with 2 strikers up front(maybe the Roma boy will have something..worried about Flannagan on the left(he got skinned by a 16 year old).
    Just Don't think we have enough to beat the rest never mind the lot across the road.
    Anyway got tickets for the st mirren game so Johannesburg to Glasgow here I come to support the greatest football team on earth..RTID

  8. Agree 100%
    No change from end of last season
    He needs to sort his shit out and quick
    He cant continue with this bull week in week out
    Ile give him a month max,no change get rid💪

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  9. I've been supportive of Morelos up till now but last night's display was unacceptable. He needs to be dropped now. Maybe a spell on the bench will waken his ideas up, but right now we'd be better playing with 10 men. Windass wasn't much better.

  10. For being here a year I don't think he can speak much English and hes like a fooking petulant child who's allways throwing his toys out the pram……No Surrender…

  11. While I do think Morelos has been wasteful and downright shocking on front of goal but having said that we should at least try and partner him with sadiq to see if maybe it can kickstand a goal spree. Because him playing as the lone striker can be frustrating the lad.

  12. Some of you people are pathetic,just forget about last season when he was our top scorer eh,it's quite obvious he has lost his confidence in front of goal,but that will come back,for me it's the system that we are playing,what happens if sadiq comes in and the same thing happens,do you start turning on him as well,we have a new coach and he has already shut the door at the back,and he will sort out the other parts of the pitch too,some of you guy's want to get a life.

  13. He's a rough diamond low on confidence and maybe playing up with Sadiq as a pair (drop Windass) will help bring him on.

    If there is no quick improvement then maybe a season long loan to Turkey would be a good thing. If he did start banging them in over there his value would rocket again. At the momemt we'd struggle to get more than 2m for him

  14. the 1.5 million from Fenerbahce looks good just now, pity they will probably have hanged their mind.

  15. 1. Sell Morelos
    2. Sell Windass
    3. Sell Tavernier

    Sort out the forward line SG!
    Sort it out like uve sorted out the back 😀👍⚽

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