Rangers sell incredible numbers for Bury; reports


Unsubstantiated rumours this lunchtime
claim Rangers have sold a truly incredible 38,000 tickets already for Steven
Gerrard’s maiden bow at Ibrox as Rangers manager against Bury on Friday.
The visit of the Shakers to Govan
will represent the first time Gerrard has managed in front of our home fans,
and if these reports are accurate, he’s set to do so in front of a potentially
sold out Ibrox stadium.
It goes without saying that this
would be pretty incredible for a friendly, and it continues to back up the incredible
support this club enjoys – 44,000 season tickets sold on the back of Gerrard’s appointment
shows the unreal optimism and good feeling the appointment has led to.
Obviously we are yet to see just
how the performance on the pitch matches up, pun not intended, but the will is
certainly there, the backing sure is, and at least 38,000 fans will reportedly
eagerly watch from the stands on Friday as the Gerrard era at Ibrox gets
underway in earnest.
We can’t actually wait.


  1. As a reminder. We are playing a League 2 team. English 4th division. Im expecting a rout. Anything less than 7-0 or thereabouts and the alarm bells are ringing.

    • Well it should be ringing the now because the standard of that league is pretty high and easily on a par with spfl bottom six clubs

    • I think this is a bit harsh. There's no way Bury will get 7 – not with our new defensive signings.

    • Don't talk such utter rubbish. We`ll win but to say 7-0 is the least we should expect, defies logic. Get a grip mate!!!

    • 7 – 0 against anyone is stupid talk.

      I do believe you speak in jest tho.

      We have only 1 striker, we have not played together before and we're playing a team that has been together for many a season.

      Back to your drawing board

  2. This is amazing but doesn't surprise me with our supporters. Wish i could go but on holiday.

  3. Good numbers if it is indeed accurate and no reason to think otherwise. Like previous poster says we do need to be patient. This will be a good starting point on Friday and SG can run the rule over the new signings.

  4. I’d be surprised and disappointed in equal measure if the place isn’t full.

    The Bury Manager expresses his shock and delight when he was told by SG we had sold 25000….he and his players will be in for a wee shock come Friday.

  5. I would be disappointed if there wasn’t a full house. New manager,New players and new era. If we can’t fill the stadium there is something wrong.

  6. If Gerrard has not been completely bitten by the bug yet, he will be a changed man come Friday night…The forces of Nature can hardly compare with the sight and sound of Ibrox Stadium when filled to capacity.
    The result is unimportant.
    The occasion is.

  7. I hope the fans getting to go make it an absolute cauldron as we show our intent for the season…

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