Rangers linked with shock move for ex-player


Bizarre rumours online have
claimed Steven Gerrard is interested in signing former Rangers forward Kyle
Lafferty, with a very exact sum of £450,000 being touted as the bid.
The Hearts striker was keen on a
return to Ibrox, but naturally our old management wasn’t interested and the Ulster
international ended up at Tynecastle on a free along with fellow ex-Rangers
team mate Steven Naismith.
Now it is being claimed from some
sources that Mark Allen is seeking to rectify the previous error and bring the
30 year old striker back to Govan at a cost of around half a million.
Lafferty showed last season why
Rangers made such a mistake rejecting him, as he banged in a number of goals
for his new side including one pearling free kick at Murrayfield when Rangers
While Rangers are also close to a
loan deal for Roma’s Umar Sadiq, another good quality forward with an eye for
goal and a knowledge of what Rangers are all about would not be unwelcome.
We’d take Lafferty back.


  1. As a footballer, yes I would take him.
    As a TB(Traitorous B*stard) no I wouldn't.
    Not convinced he has a lot of sell on value either, to be honest

  2. I hope to god it is just rumours, the guy might have scored a couple of goals but he is gash, l couldn't care less if he is one of us just like Naismith…… simply not good enough to wear the blue again

  3. Get him signed as he knows the club inside/out and has done the damage against Them/others on many occasions, a no brainer for me but no doubt some bears will not want him back but the past is the past and we need to move forward and smash the rest of Scottish football once and for all…..watp Helicopter 2005

  4. Id Take Him Back in a Heartbeat
    Love Him as a Player

    He Has Publicly announced that He Regrets Leaving and was Given Bad Advice so he isnt really a TB in the Same Light as Naismith

    Also after scoring 15+ this Season for Hearts
    …Is He Really any Worse than Herrera? …No!

    MA …Get it Done!

    Strikeforce Next Season –

    McBurnie (Agreement for January)
    Sadiq/Solanke …Loan

    • You and I must be the only ones who rate Lafferty, I have always said he is a player we should have kept. He can play in any of the front 3 positions, scores goals and makes assists too.He was sometimes foolish for us at times, but always gave 100%.
      For those who thought of
      Lafferty as a traitor, he fell out with Davie Weir in the Pittodrie dressing room and was being shifted because of it and it’s worth noting he left Rangers for a fee, not because of any other reason.

    • Alan
      I was unaware that we got a fee when he left. Why, if he considered himself free of contract?
      From Wikipedia "In June 2012, Lafferty lodged an objection against his contract being transferred from Rangers to the new company set up by Charles Green. PFA Scotland had previously commented that players were entitled to become free agents if they objected to the transfer.
      Lafferty raised a constructive dismissal claim against Rangers."

  5. Every single purchase we make should be subject to one criteria – is this player good enough to beat Celtic to the SPL title? Unfortunately in Lafferty's case the answer is no. As a back up he might be useful but why would he join us to sit on the bench? This is a non-starter.

    • No danger ffs hes scored against the scum ffs other than windass what other strike of ours do we currently have thats scored against them? Dont say miller hes ofc so doesn't count!

  6. I thought we were better than this now🔥
    I dont want any new diddy league players🐎

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  7. Speaking as an Ulster man i can say hands down he's the worst centre forward our wee country has ever produced, id take will grigg hell i'd even take josh magennis before i played that useless shower of shite. Keep him away from the gers.

  8. Robrob, good point. Does he have a get out clause?
    Stevo, I agree, he would have potential as backup on the bench, but apart from my dislike, as Fulham asks, does a 30yr old want to come sit on the bench? He wants to play, has little time left. Also, where would that leave Hardie, who may or may not be the next Lafferty but needs a chance to find out?
    I am with Benidorm on this, we need better.

  9. Dont need him, not saying hes not a good player but would he be a mainstay in the team? Its a no from me. Last season others wanted us to resign SN look how he turned out for Hearts, not the best! We need to stop being linked with ex players who are 30+, unless top class like AMcG then dont need them, flip side is we cant run with all young players.
    I think SG and MA have it sorted with a good mix of youth and experience and I look forward to the new season.

  10. I agree with BenidormLoyal…. we have (or should have) moved on from trying to get ex players who simply aren’t good enough to take us back where we aim to be.

    SG has started his tenure, albeit pre season only, in a positive manner. Lafferty doesnt have the attributes to take us to the next level. There are much better options I’m sure.

  11. Have people actually forgot what he was like last time around.
    A heartless waist of space who only performed in the last couple of months before his contract ran out.I cannot stand him and it's not for deserting the sinking ship in 2012.This guy was one of the worst pound for pound signings we made and I would be distraught if this shitebag of a footballer was welcomed back into my club!

  12. Why go backwards.
    He's not anything other than average in a really poor league.
    I agree it would be a slap on Hardies face if he were brought in ahead of a current Bear who's worked his ass off similar to McGregor did for the chance to break into the team instead of jumping ship ala Master Bates

  13. Ross McCormack would be a much better option. Villa need to sell due to financial problems. If the player would be reasonable about wages he could be our marquee signing. Scored almost a goal a game when on loan at Melbourne, only 31 years old so still years ahead of him…

    McCormack and Sadiq up front next season would terrify defences…

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