Thursday, 14 June 2018

Less than a week into the window and Scottish football eats its Rangers words. Again...

We always like to have a laugh at the comments here on Ibrox Noise. Not from our regular (and not so regular) Rangers fans who comment, whose views are always valued (even the slightly more antagonistic ones we regretfully can’t publish) – but from the fans of other SPL teams who have been delightedly informing the site for the past seven+ years of two ‘facts’:

One, is the inevitable administration 2 we’ve been hurtling towards. The number of ‘tick tock’ posts we’ve had gleefully telling us the club was about to be liquidated has never failed to make us laugh. It’s been on this path forever and only once we decided to tighten up the credentials for comments did such views reduce in number.

Second, is the more pertinent one about how we just don’t have money, and Dave King has taken us all for mugs.

Now, we are first to put our necks on that chopping board and admit we’ve never been King supporters. We were strongly critical of him and his gang, and we’ve criticised them heavily on many occasions. We are Rangers fans and we want the best for our club, and if we believe the best isn’t happening, we’ll call it, for right or for wrong. If we are wrong, we apologise because that is the correct thing to do. We are well aware Ibrox Noise sources are close to Mr King and he is aware of some of what we have said about him and his regime. Both good and bad.

But, before we meander off to the wrong direction in this piece, we have to defend the board against those accusations about no money.

In this window alone we have spent upwards of £5M and the thing only formally opened five days ago. Furthermore, last summer we spent at least £11M, and in January a further £700,000.

In short, to suggest Rangers have no money is just complete hogwash. It is true we don’t have the numbers of 9IAR. The days of spending £30M in a single window probably haven’t quite returned yet.

But Steven Gerrard took this job on the promise of backing, and few could argue he hasn’t been. Six players have already arrived, including three who cost a pretty penny, and that is the surefire sign fans needed that there are funds, they will be spent, and while the club will live within its means, it isn’t a pauper like its enemies pretend it is.

While we’re not ready to say Rangers are back, because we’re not and the Journey continues, the arrivals this summer indicate the first real intent to take us where we’re supposed to be.

And we especially include the securing of the manager in that.

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