Does Steven Gerrard speak like a Rangers manager?


There are many things we can say about Rangers manager Steven Gerrard’s playing career, but we have obviously had our hands tied in what we were able to say about him as a manager.

But one thing has stood out, towering above all the rest regarding our manager that has been stark from the word go, and only reinforced itself when he gave an exclusive interview to official club channel Rangers TV.

Steven Gerrard speaks like a Rangers manager.

For the first time since Walter Smith, we have a man at the helm who actually speaks with the dignity, class, grace, determination but calm that it takes to be manager of this colossal institution.

Since Smith hung up his tactics board a succession of feeble managers ill-equipped for the task have swept through Govan;

Ally McCoist did us a turn under trying circumstances, and any grudges we had about certain aspects of his management faded away long ago, but a Rangers boss he was not.

Stuart McCall was a decent wee stand in, but didn’t have the steel to be permanent manager.

Mark Warburton was a pompous fool who underestimated the task and approached it with arrogance, while Pedro Caixinha was exactly the same in a different way.

Lastly Graeme Murty was just a joke who seemed more interested in praising Brendan Rodgers and Celtic than doing his job.

So us Rangers fans have certainly suffered these past seven years with insufficient managers, and therefore are no strangers to what it doesn’t take to be manager.

Sure, as Gerrard says himself, he has to walk the walk and the talking is over, but that 15 minute club interview was some of the most reassuring minutes a Rangers manager has spoken in the past near-decade.

It wasn’t what he said, it was the class with which he uttered it – he didn’t just say the ‘right’ things, he said the ‘Rangers’ things, a standard of poise and delivery with thought, method and consideration that fits what what is expected of Rangers.

It was extremely Walter-esque, and reports are Uncle Walter was at the Hummel Training Centre on Wednesday for a chat with Stevie and he could only have picked up great things from the Grand Master.

And if his media displays are anything to go by, we finally have a Rangers manager who talks like one – who knows what the expectations are, what the demands of him are, what the players must deliver – and that makes a great change from the absolute garbage our ex-bosses came out with.

Naturally we are yet to see if this translates to performances and results, but in every other sense, not only is he box office, but Steven Gerrard is already proving himself a true Rangers manager.

Hopefully it results in a true Rangers too.


  1. Agree excellent poise and in control of what he says and is trying to put across as you reminiscent of Wattie. I see the SPFL have done all in their power to try and trip us in the fixtures …again …Still the only way to shut them all up is to win the league #LETSGO

  2. Gerrard doesn’t need to make a name for himself or feel the need to get involved in diplomacy or even try to convince anyone with his knowledge of the game either for that matter.

    He’s a guy who always let his football do the talking on the pitch. As long as he rounds his troops to have the same mentality that’s all that matters.

  3. I agree, I haven't heard him talking about fanciful systems and "playing the right way" or any of that jazz. All the guys that speak like that seem to end up failing here. He's not coming in with the big ego chat either, none of this "going for 55" nonsense. Do the talking on the park

  4. Actually he reminded me a wee bit of Greame Souness when he first came to Rangers. Cool, calm and collected. Greame also said that he wouldn't mind getting beat by Celtic 4 times, as long as he won the league. He admittedly later said that was wrong.
    Gerrard said the same as Souness, have to build from the back and that is just fine with me!
    We are playing the sheep at sheepland in our opening game..Bring it on!!

  5. From what I understand too, though….. Like Walter Smith, he also does not miss and hit the wall in the dressing room or training ground either. He will also step out of the dignity, class role etc and attack if needs be too, just as WS did on quite a few occasions, just look at some of the "off film" interviews involving WS when he was asked stupid questions etc— for example……

  6. Total class,no fucking about,its time to walk the walk!

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  7. He said he would not be obsessed by celtic, that is a good start…build from the back which has begun and lets go get Rangers winning at home first.

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