Less than a week into the window and Scottish football eats its Rangers words. Again…


We always like to have a laugh at the comments here on Ibrox Noise. Not from our regular (and not so regular) Rangers fans who comment, whose views are always valued (even the slightly more antagonistic ones we regretfully can’t publish) – but from the fans of other SPL teams who have been delightedly informing the site for the past seven+ years of two ‘facts’:

One, is the inevitable administration 2 we’ve been hurtling towards. The number of ‘tick tock’ posts we’ve had gleefully telling us the club was about to be liquidated has never failed to make us laugh. It’s been on this path forever and only once we decided to tighten up the credentials for comments did such views reduce in number.

Second, is the more pertinent one about how we just don’t have money, and Dave King has taken us all for mugs.

Now, we are first to put our necks on that chopping board and admit we’ve never been King supporters. We were strongly critical of him and his gang, and we’ve criticised them heavily on many occasions. We are Rangers fans and we want the best for our club, and if we believe the best isn’t happening, we’ll call it, for right or for wrong. If we are wrong, we apologise because that is the correct thing to do. We are well aware Ibrox Noise sources are close to Mr King and he is aware of some of what we have said about him and his regime. Both good and bad.

But, before we meander off to the wrong direction in this piece, we have to defend the board against those accusations about no money.

In this window alone we have spent upwards of £5M and the thing only formally opened five days ago. Furthermore, last summer we spent at least £11M, and in January a further £700,000.

In short, to suggest Rangers have no money is just complete hogwash. It is true we don’t have the numbers of 9IAR. The days of spending £30M in a single window probably haven’t quite returned yet.

But Steven Gerrard took this job on the promise of backing, and few could argue he hasn’t been. Six players have already arrived, including three who cost a pretty penny, and that is the surefire sign fans needed that there are funds, they will be spent, and while the club will live within its means, it isn’t a pauper like its enemies pretend it is.

While we’re not ready to say Rangers are back, because we’re not and the Journey continues, the arrivals this summer indicate the first real intent to take us where we’re supposed to be.

And we especially include the securing of the manager in that.


  1. Like the Souness era – the feelgood factor is back. and how do I know this? because the Scottish media are continually sourcing vitriolic comments from ex celtic stalwarts, who are only too happy to tell all and sundry how celtic will prevail and we will fail. lol

    • Totally agree. It makes me laugh how we are a million miles from Celtic yet last season we scored more goals than the untouchable champions. Simple logic says get a decent back line in with an assured keeper and some talent in the centre (pretty much what Stevie G has done) and we will instantly be challenging Celtic…. oh and I love the media now saying has SG just made his first mistake by potentially selling Holt. If that’s a mistake I hope he makes many more. Keep up the good work Ibrox noise.

  2. The appointment of Stephen Gerrard was a mega masterstroke🏋️‍♂️
    The board and Dave King must be given credit for this📣
    Rangers have and will allways have the funds needed💲

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  3. Enjoyed your piece. I subscribe to a South African magazine. Top of their list of Tax avoiders was DaveKing. He did finally pay taxman back. But I have always been wary. Still anyone who successfully sued Gary Player can’t be too bad. ( yes he won in court as well as lose). And he has put mega money into Rangers. But it’s a journey and hopefully the new share issue will help get us back to top. And if you know Dave , ask him if Sir Kenny Dalglish helped persuade Gerrard to join. They spent a week golfing together in February. Kenny was a Rangers fan but went to Celtic because we made no offer.

  4. But, but Sevcoooo! Ha ha!They are sick Stevie G is here and is the big draw,nobody gives a monkey's tit about their poxy "double treble".Genuinely can't wait for next season.We'll run them close this year at worst,no more cowards and losers beaten before they even take the field against the fhilth.Can't wait lets go!

  5. Always here the rumours about us just small team supporters who in all honesty are jealous or the manky mob making it up first time since uncle Walter came back that I feel we're on the up back too where we always belonged can't wait for the season too start.ps this site is great don't always agree with what you say but know it's from proper blue noses watp

    • Sorry Alan I'm a pedantic bassa.Too=also.Too many etc
      I'm going too for instance. Back TO where we belong. Season TO start.Not trying TO belittle you but TOO many of us don't know TO from TOO.

    • Your on here pulling me up about grammar im dyslexic can struggle with things like that but at least there's always some complete dick pulls me up about it .hope your grandson gets brought up with more manners than his grandad

  6. Great to see Dave King finally getting some credit that he deserves. He has done everything he said he would. He is financing the running of the club, he got shot of sports direct and their dodgy deal, he has funded transfer windows and he is taking the powers at be in Scottish football to task for their treatment of Rangers! Most importantly hes given us our Rangers back, being able to buy our children (future support) the latest merchandise is priceless! Dave King…long live the king! Let's Go!

    • ibroxnoise.co.uk/2018/06/remarkable-stat-shows-what-steven.html

      Sorry to disappoint you 🙂

  7. Really fine piece guys ..The continual drivel coming from duds and those who seek to destroy us are laughable . I for one have never doubted Mr King and the board .They saved us from that garbage ..they said to trust they said it would take time …well here we go …Record Season Book Sales Hummel Deal Sales of Merchandise to be massive …sponsorship discussion on going and as you said already great deals done and in the bank ….Bring it On….They won't know what has hit them all !!!!!

  8. cant wait for the season to start what a team steve is building once again got ur team back an ur name the mighty rangers money being spent when the lads come out on the field hear the roar of the blue nose all around the stadium the fear in the other teams eyes as the mighty rangers prevale once again as heros come on the gers

  9. Good article.

    I’ve been perplexed at the number of bears who have been over the top about their criticism of our board…..only weeks ago and on here. King & the board have certainly backed their managers in the transfer market and I’m not surprised. The man said at the outset the only way to go was investment on the playing side. When repeatedly pressed for a number by the media clowns he once mentioned £30M. From then on in the haters, obsessed and media puppets wouldn’t shut the fuck up about it. Where is it..where is it..your skint, yer skint,
    ….then far too many bears started all that carry on and shame on them. Shambles.

    The club was in the biggest cans of worms financially, commercially, contractually blah blah, we all know the drill. All against the backdrop of hysteria. We’ve been getting kicked about like an empty chip poke. Again only weeks ago.

    The appointment of the new manager & the support in bringing in players and staff has been fantastic. Costing many millions of pounds in total than even the most optimistic of bear would imagined. Throw in a new kit deal / naming rights and full bhoona range for the megastore where the revenue goes to the club. It has taken a fantastic amount of work by the board to get us back into shape off the park. Stadium & ‘Hummel Training Academy’ were neglected and had millions spent on them.

    …and the small mattter of personal millions and threats of custodial sentences by fat mick the dick.

    Out fucking standing.

    Over go you Mr Gerrard.

    • The brutal thing is after all you’ve mentioned above has been said and done by the Board. Two defeats and the haters in our support will be calling for the Boards blood and the Gaffers.

      King may not be perfect in many ways but the truth is he never said he was. I respect the man even though I’ve personally never met him, he and the others stepped up when it mattered the most. He held his ground against Ashley and he’s stood up for Rangers once more against the powers that be.

      Rangers supporters and fans will have to trust the Gaffer & his team and give them time. While the Board continue to work hard behind the scenes without question and build on what’s been done so far…

      One things for sure there is a buzz in the air once more, not since the Souness era has there been such a feeling amongst the legions..

      Onwards & Upwards

  10. SG and co have taken on a huge job and we can see the new look team forming SG will stamp his mark on this team and i for one hope he takes us back to the top,it will not be a easy thing to do to take over and be number one in Scotland,we all need to give SG time we may still have ups and downs next season but let us all stay behind him in the good and bad times that may come,SG is a football legend now let him be it hear as a manager.

  11. On a different topic but nevertheless important, today (thursday), i went to the rangers superstore at ibrox. It is like poundland or worse. Every item is one size ie small, all the old jerseys still for sale and none of the hummel ones which i went for in the first place. The accessories are tacky. Surely someone must go in there and say we need to upgrade this shambles and aim for a higher market to bring in further revenues to the club. Honestly, what a let down !!!

    • Shug.Any Rangers fan knows the new strip hasn't been released yet but you went into the superstore looking for one?
      This is Friday 15th but you went today(Thursday)?So why post this morning at 0927?You are confused and befuddled.Try a shower and a sleep and go back to Kerryfail St.

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