Has Steven Gerrard already made a big decision?


There are increasing levels of change underway at Ibrox. Rangers today announced their backroom staff to little surprise, with the names selected by manager Steven Gerrard already apparent some weeks ago.

However, Stevie Ger gave a big clue a number of days ago that he has also made another decision already, one which is always a source of intrigue with fans.

James Tavernier has been ‘infill’ Rangers captain for some months now, with fans divided over his merits or otherwise for the role. He took over from various other temporary solutions such as Kenny Miller, Bruno Alves and one or two others all as a result of Lee Wallace’s injury then suspension.

But Gerrard has been widely recognised as not only talking to Tavernier directly, but informing him of his importance to the team and his lack of interest in selling him.

A bunch of Premiership teams have been credited with keeping tabs on him, from Swansea, to Burnley, to Everton – and with that calibre after him Tavernier would fetch a significant seven-figure sum.

But with Gerrard’s chat, has he in fact possibly implied Tavernier will be his permanent captain?

New managers often want to make their mark on the team by appointing their own man as the on-pitch leader, and there is still time for that to happen. But with Tav being spoken to by the manager who is seemingly keen to keep him, it may also send a message to the player and us fans that he wants to keep him as the captain too.

Personally we wouldn’t be thrilled with this. Tav is a decent attacker, if not the wisest defender positionally – and it takes more than pointing and shouting to be a leader – you have to command respect from your team mates, and we are not sure Tav commands leadership-level respect.

But if that is to be Gerrard’s call, we’ll go with it.

That all said, of the current squad, who would you guys and gals peg as your captain? Put your ideas in the comments.


  1. Having Tav as captain does have some merit.

    He’s been here 3 years and remarkably one of the longest serving. He is vocal on and off the pitch and was witnessed on tv at the piggery (when Hill scored) talking several players through the game, encouraging, shouting, organising. He is clearly in the mound the gaffer likes given he has spoken to him directly and so early into his tenure as manager. Making him captain would certainly be a huge boost to the lad.

    I’m not sure though if we can make the assumption from a chat that he will be appointed captain.

  2. One interesting stat from last season is that seven different players assumed the title of captain { Miller, Dorrans, Tav, Holt, Wilson, Alves and Wallace }.
    Traditionally, this role was, more often than not, designated to a central defender blessed with physical prowess, strong character and a vocal presence.
    For me, it is apparent that there is no one in the current squad that meets this criteria.
    The Manager should consider this a priority, not simply as a short fix, but for the long term.

  3. To be honest I don’t think anyone we have in the squad is Rangers captain material with the exception of McGregor however I am generally not in favourite of goalkeepers as the captain as they are too removed from the majority of the play. My hope is that Stevie will sign the next captain, a real leader – whoever that might be!

  4. Happy for Tab to be captain…Steven Gerrard will use him as the conduit to inform change/ strategy tactics on the field and to help bond the team off .Good choice with Greggsy controlling the back 4

  5. What happened to all these big names we have been linked with? The names being mentioned now are no better than what weve got. Some of the bull IN were spouting off a few months ago seem to have been forgotten, DK is taking each and everyone of us for a mug, why cant real fans see that?

    • Give the man and the board a chance …we have some money but we have to be realists if you are a proper Rangers person

  6. Captain should come from central defence or midfield and NEVER the goalkeeper. No matter who it is iut affiliation with club NEVER

  7. Seems Alan Hutton is available for free , like to see him brought back with Tav playing in midfield . Hutton could be a good captain .

  8. McGregor is the only man fit for the role although I do agree keepers are a bit too far removed from overall play

  9. Captain I prey has not signed as yet,
    Need a CH who leads possibly Goldson when he arrives.
    Rossiter under Stevies leadership could end up Liverpool captain and he's also like another new signing!!

    • Agree with you about Rossiter. Could be the most influential "new signing" that we get this year if he stays fit. Neither him nor Goldson (if we get him) have the experience yet but lets hope both achieve that level before they leave us for vast sums of money in 3 or 4 years.

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