Does THIS photo drop huge hint about Rangers star’s future?


There have been tonnes of stories over the past month about which players Steven Gerrard was interested in keeping and which ones were surplus, but one story about ‘Dubai’ stood out.

While it was only hearsay that the new manager had spoken to James Tavernier and Josh Windass in the holiday destination about wanting to keep them both as part of his new Rangers era, this picture, while in upon itself not the Gospel, suggests Gerrard is very interested in young Windass and the ex-Accrington man could well indeed be a huge part of the manager’s thinking.

Young Windass has divided a lot of fans over the years, and many couldn’t drive him out of Govan fast enough, but when the lad is on his game he’s borderline unstoppable and scores like it’s going out of fashion.

If Gerrard’s body language towards Windass at training is anything to go by, he sees the attacking midfielder as a pivotal part of his jigsaw.

It’s a curious one – Windass has annoyed and delighted fans in equal measure – no manager seemed to be able to get the best out of him, and he was very much in and out of Mark Warburton’s team through injury and form, while Pedro Caixinha and Graeme Murty both saw him as a vital and integral part of their teams.

All of which drove supporters mad – what on earth did these three see in the 24-year old that we could apparently not?

That purple patch over late January to early March was Windass at his best, and gave a clue as to what he can offer – and Gerrard may well see that as attainable again.

Either way, unless a colossal offer comes in, it is unlikely Josh Windass is going anywhere.


  1. – Windass is only 24 so still has time to improve further
    – Windass was a far better player last season than the season before
    – Windass scores a lot of goals, a sought after quality
    – He has size and pace and scares defences
    – He is worth a lot of money if he goes and a lot of money/goals/points if he stays

    Against all this
    – Disappeared against Celtic after scoring early doors
    – Not for the first time
    – Annoyed some fans by mocking them for attacking him

    Personally, I would let him go for good money. If he scores as many goals again this season, could go for £5M+. But keep him if we don't get offered good money. If he continues to go missing against Celtic, stop playing him and keep him for wee teams. But don't give him away, he is a valuable asset with the potential to be a great player for years.
    Fingers crossed SG can inject some backbone and make him the player he is capable of being.

    • Agree. 17 goals last season for a Mid is a cracking return, It's hard to criticise him for going missing against celtic as he plays further up the park. Really need DM or CM to get a hold of the game before the attacking players can be fairly criticised.

    • ScotsWhaeHae.
      He is either a good player or a bad player.
      Personally me being a Celtic fan would love our manager to take him and improve him.
      Any midfielder that scores the amount of goals he does and can be improved by an experienced manager is worth a punt at say £2M.
      Let us be fair here.Celtic buying him could help both clubs improve the relationship that is unfortunately widening.
      Look at all the positives.
      1.Finally we can buy and sell players to each other.
      2.You can get rid of a player that obviously doesn't seem to fit with half your fans.
      3.We can give your club a much needed cash boost(maybe you can employ a seamstress to sew the holes in Stevies new trackie top.
      4.We can maybe start to put behind us some of the petty and sometimes dangerous rivalry.
      5.It could be the beginning of a new mature attiude between the clubs.I mean even things like my reply could be posted!!

    • Gav E, To be honest, I see him as a second striker, in the hole behind Morelos, so while it is still a great return, I would be comparing his goals target to other forwards. Like you, I think the players behind him need to get a grip on the game. We were the top scoring side, but 7th best defence, so Windass is not the problem.

      James McG, Happy to welcome a sensible Celtic fan onto this site although I find it a little strange; I don't want to read about Celtic so don't visit any of your sites. Still, each to their own. I have no issue with Rangers and Celtic swapping/selling/buying players, but as the two main rivals for the title, neither would really want to potentially strengthen the other. Its not like England where there are 6 teams scrapping. As for Windass not fitting some of our fans, I think it is a small group and most people are happy for SG to make the call. If he plays him every game for a total of 3 goals next season, that opinion might change of course:-)
      I don't think we will ever get rid of the rivalry and I wouldn't want to. As long as we can keep it within limits of singing and chanting rather than fists and bottles – I remember the 70s! And as you can see, your reply has been posted, read and replied to:-)

  2. Consistency is the only thing josh lacks. Man of the match in one game and hiding the next game. Might have been the set up last year here's hoping he can be a gers great. Def has the talent to W.A.T.P

  3. "Unstoppable"???. Apart from a few flashes, and goals against lowly opposition, he was a waste of a jersey. Would punt for anything we could get.

  4. Listen fellas, I've heard this before. The "oh, but he's only young" excuse. Of course players can/need to improve, but this season is about catching up with Celtic FC. In my own opinion, we don't have the time, to be waiting for players to mature. We need goals in the back of the net, NOW. While I think players do, need time to develop. I think it would be far better, to have players/strikers who are goal hungry NOW and are consistent, in scoring. That is the best, for Rangers FC in my opinion. We need experienced players, more than "on the job" learners. Just saying. Windass can be great, when he's not being all about himself and never passing to players, in better scoring positions. He's not a team player, for me.

    • Hes not a striker.still scored 17 goals some return from a midfielder.dnt really get your post he done everything u said.with quality teachers like gerrard and mcalister cld become a great player.last chance thou

    • Hes not a striker.still scored 17 goals some return from a midfielder.dnt really get your post he done everything u said.with quality teachers like gerrard and mcalister cld become a great player.last chance thou

  5. Nice to see a Celtic fan post something good about Rangers. Bodes well for the future. I have many Celtic friends and they all tell me the league is no good without a strong Rangers team

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