£6M bid tabled for key Rangers man – reports


Reports from Turkey claim championship runners up Fenerbahce have been beaten formally for Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos, with a £6M bid being touted as made by an apparently unknown Chinese side.

The striker, who has rarely made any secret of his desire to leave for England, has a mixed reputation with Rangers fans, with most rating his ability but a great number of doubts about his attitude, both on and off the pitch, and £6M for him would represent an excellent profit on an £800,000 capture from HJK.

It is also money Steven Gerrard could  put to better use on two or indeed three decent attacking options to replace him.

This morning Morelos’ agent claimed there was no interest in his player, which is certainly an odd comment to make because there absolutely is, but these latest developments do suggest a hard bid has either been made or is being prepared.

Incidentally the same media told us Martin Skrtel had chosen Rangers, but then agreement couldn’t be met with the salary. Turkish media seems surprisingly reliable – nevertheless we’ll watch with interest if this saga comes to anything.


  1. I admire his stubborn belief in himself and is always available for the next chance,but,on the negative side is the unavoidable fact that he requires 3 maybe 4 chances to every goal he converts,then factor in his body language and many will not choose to admit it,but on a number of occasions we saw balls played up to him bouncing all over the place due to a poor first touch,and although I would not jump at the first offer made to us,I would be inclined to move him on and invest in a target man type along with a lively sniffer type player off a big man,and I think we can trust the new management team to spend our money wisely.

  2. I would be tempted to keep Morelos till the January window when he could be worth more and it might also give Steven Gerrard time to have decent look at the lad , we all know his failings !! But here are times when he shows qualities that cannot be coached … Lets see how it plays … In addition I don't think the lad from Peterborough is worth 5 Million … wonder who Steve Evans follows !!!!!!!

  3. I’d sell him, if the quoted amount is correct I think SG and co could better spend that money on possibly 2 decent forwards. His attitude does let him down and he can be quite stroppy when he loses the ball. As mentioned above too his shots to goal ratio is poor and I feel the money could provide us with proven and better players.

  4. Do not sell for less than £8m. A strikers job is to score goals. Morelos has a similar scoring rate to the guy celtic are about to pay 8-10m to PSG for. We've had better players than Morelos play up front for us in the peak of their careers who have failed to score more than Morelos. For £6m we're just going to get another promising young player from a lower league that we're hoping pays off. At least with Morelos we know he can handle the league and with a summer break and better players around him he can get into the 20s easy

  5. This bull again. Who are the Chinese club? No one in their right mind would offer 6milion for him. Think of the glaring misses last season, he has a habit of going on long runs without scoring & doesn't seem to know the offside rule.
    Only one paper reporting this, this daily record, the paper who said Craig whyte was a billionaire

  6. Id Hold on to Him and See How he Does under SGs Management 😃👌

    Plus if he gets another 15-20 goals next season we will be screaming at least £10mill for him 👍

    And plus hes a better Long Term Option and getting Money for Him in the Future than Skrtel 😂

  7. Like the last time if you can get £6 or £8 million then sell him,am not sure if he is as good as the Chinese club think he is,am not sure if it was big money first time around but why hold on to him if he is not in SG plans.

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