Mass changes at Ibrox – overhaul well and truly underway…


In yet another eventful twist, 24 hours later following Graeme Murty’s sacking/resignation (whoever you feel like believing), directors Paul Murray and Barry Scott have followed likewise out the exit door.

For his part, Scott was only at Ibrox for a matter of months, having been appointed last December, but Paul Murray was one of the faces of ‘viva la revolution’ with his place on the board elected in 2015 alongside that of Dave King and John Gilligan.

Murray’s legacy is patchy at best and poor at worst. He was a stabilising hand, arguably, during the regime change of three years ago and was Rangers’ public face for the following months after that EGM, but as time went on Murray disappeared entirely from the front line.

Furthermore he will be ‘best’ remembered for two big decisions which history will likely judge him on.

Firstly Mark Warburton was his appointment. Chairman Dave King obviously gave it his approval but it was Paul Murray who led the selection committee – and while Warburton managed to get Rangers out from the Championship, it was an ultimately poor and short-sighted appointment, as borne out by the Englishman’s failure in the SPL, at Forest and now his unemployment.

The second thing we will all remember was that one of Murray’s first acts was to lavish praise on a certain Scottish red top, by calling it ‘courageous journalism’.

A number of fans, including yours truly, were absolutely appalled by this and it certainly backfired given all the negative press said red top continued to spew out.

Beyond this, we’re not really sure what he actually did behind the scenes.

We long-advocated a new board – well, King aside, the board now is a different one entirely to the one the fans voted in. With Douglas Park and his son, James Blair, King himself and Alastair Johnston among others, it is not the same group of men who wrested control from Llambias and co.

But it does make the same mistakes.

Nevertheless, in 24 hours we have seen three significant names leave Rangers – Murty, Murry and Scott.

It really is all change at Ibrox.


  1. Forgot about that one about the daily rag and especially the Richard and Tim love Jackson.

  2. There is definitely something In the air. You can't tell me someone like gerrard would even consider the job without feeling he has a hope of topping they bastards. And it therefore stands to reason that without serious investment we can't compete 🤔

  3. I wish people would stop with this utter bullshit about daily record. If you don't like it don't read it, but for fuck sake grow up – all papers lie, all papers have a certain amount of bias, many try to brainwash the population to follow the political views of the owners. This isn't new.

    Its sad that blogs such as this are falling for and promoting what is simply a diversion tactic by King to deflect attention away from the mess he has made of the club. Sad because many in the support have fallen for this. Instead of listening to sensible voices pointing out mistakes, these sensible voices are being branded as biased against club or by claims they are from people who aren't proper supporters.

    Murray was chief sensible voice on the board. He is respected for his business achievements beyond the club. He voted against Pedro and was chief voice against giving Murty a longer deal. He has rightly raised concerns over Kings behaviour in relation to the takeover order, fearing reputational damage to club and himself. He also raised strong concerns over the pursuit of gerrard, reportedly aghast that King wanted to appoint a man with such little experience.

    Murray leaving club has left the board to run unopposed, which is not a good thing. It also shows he shares the same concerns as a certain paper.

    • Nice to see you back E-Chef, they should ask one question, if there is investment and money for a war chest of some substance then why risk it on a rookie manager who's only experience is under 18's? GVB would be a much safer bet as an example and the fans would love it, so why someone who has no track record or experience.

    • Well you know!! Mr Murray was in fact an advocate of Murty and believed he should've got the gig full time (before celtic games) Murray hasnt put his money in his pocket unlike the other gentlemen on the board, also Murray is aghast at the Gerrard direction the board want to go in as he wanted to play the long game…. Not sure I, the fans or the board have the patience for that, cheerio Mr Murray and thanks for your input!!

    • The DR have been particularly ‘mischievous’ with their reporting of shambolic Rangers and equally so reporting on our wonderful rivals. Unquestionable and unchallenged in the eastend with conjecture, conspiracy & more than the odd outright lie in the Southside.

      Regarding King and making a mess of our club. That’s outright shite. The mess was there and fine well we all know it. You use have also forgotten the guy put millions in of his own money….and doesn’t take a brown penny out, the polar opposite of what went before. How you draw your conclusions without the foggiest about what goes on is beyond me.

      Same with your assertions on Murray. Sensible voice on the board and respected businessman maybe but he doesn’t outshine Douglas Park, King or any of the others so that doesn’t make sense. I haven’t heard of him fronting up any funds of his own let alone match the millions from the others.

      Could they have gone to make way for new investors ? Nah, that’s probably just another smokescreen from the bastard King eh ?
      Murray leaving the board unnoppsed ? That’s crazy talk. I’m beginning to think you’re actually a tim who works at the daily record….🤔
      Is that you Keith ? 🤣

    • You may have had a point if Murray spoken out against all the incompetence bt he was on the board that presided over it and did nothing .
      No good now saying it wasn't me ! I was against that !
      The club needs mov3 forward it needs new investment if that means Stevie g bring it on we have same chance of success as with anyone else mibe more given the standing he is held in in world football

    • You talk some posh by the way
      Dave king isn’t in any position to make decisions on his own he didn’t own the club the way Murray or white did Mabye you would like them back or even fat mike get a grip

  4. Don't think we can claim "all change" until many of the players have gone, a new manager has been appointed and new investment has been secured.

  5. Ibrox Noise OK U won't say it.
    I will head down that road.
    Have these 2 resigned to make way for 2 new Directors which could hopefully invest in the club?
    King had a Golf event at the end of February with 7 other millionaires, Obviously this might be Hehaw but yours trueley is hoping that it was about investment in the club, with that 2 departing one can only hope that the 2 who are arriving can bring something to the Club.

    Before one of U ask I don't have a fuking clue if it was 2 ball or 4 ball, pairs or bloody 4"s OK!

    • Robbie just hit a whole in one… Investment must be coming in as ST & shirt sales alone won’t fund Stevie G and his player revolution.. Can’t wait till the wknd to hear he’s signed on the dotted line with a 3-4 yr deal…

    • Billy.
      The party included businessmen from Honk Kong & Singapore, havnt a clue who the other lot were, fat cats from SA no doubt!

    • The others in the party were Sleepy, Dozy, Doc, Grumpy and lets not forget Dopey. Only five dwarves, well the other two refused to be associated with a failing business.

  6. why do you keep going on about needing investment?
    We don't need a sugar daddy. What we need is a bit of realism. It will take a few years but it can be done.
    We need to stop all the talk of beating celtic and focus on Rangers.
    Build up the youth academy so start bringing money in by selling home grown talent. We also have to stop bringing in substandard loan players & spending money on older players because they have a well known name.
    We were actually closed to celtic under the last board. We have gone backwards under king & we will keep going that way until we are at administration again.

    • What a load of total crap! Administration? So you reckon that's a step in the right direction?? Bigbaws you are talking totally bawls!

  7. Everyone seems to know what Paul Murray stood for and against, what his opinions were etc. However unless I've missed something he went into hiding after getting his seat on the board after spending 2-3 years of doing regular interviews slagging the old regime.

    Like the rest of the directors, no leadership or communication so won't be missed

  8. I remember people moaning when Murray joined the board. And now he’s left people are still moraning..

  9. when wee fergie says something just no right throughout the club i assumed he meant structure & long term planning. you could feel his dissapoitment. truthly i don't know what to think anymore. I would like king to prove the pain was all wortwhile? my only wish is a secure well managed gers.if i were fortunate to take his place i would do it differently as the fans can all see it bt feel powerless without putting the club at risk.

  10. Tomorrow's Glasgow chip paper hasn't got one positive story on Stevie G joining The Famous. The English media are the exact opposite. Fair Scottish reporting? Not! Hope Mr Gerrard shuts them all up.

  11. Everyone appears to have concluded that with Murray and Scott resigning it's to make way for two new appointments in relation to new investment. What if the resignations are for a more sinister reason? What if they've walked due to way the club is being run by King? What if Gerard says no? I would love the new investment rumours to be true but I just have a horrible feeling. If Gerard does say no then where do we go?

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